The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1687 - Too Sinful

Chapter 1687: Too Sinful

But she noticed it for a long time, and she also noticed that Shana and Howard really could not help but keep glancing over at Lu Man from time to time. Although she couldn’t be sure if they were really looking at Lu Man, if she thought about it, besides Lu Man, they probably would not look at anybody else.

“Could it be that they want to win against Lu Man so much that it affected their usual performance because they were so bothered by it?” someone boldly suggested.

Everybody: “…”

If that was true, that would really be too sinful.

She’d forced those two capable teen idols to such an extent out of the blue.

Leaving aside Howard’s character, his acting skills were really quite good.

Although Shana was cold and aloof, she ultimately did not offend anyone. In terms of acting, it was needless to say that she was considered quite good among the new generation of Hollywood celebrities.

Yet just because of Lu Man, they suddenly fell short of their usual performance.

What an injustice, don’t you think so?

“I think they could have been too affected by Lu Man. Lu Man performed too well in the previous show and won unanimous praise from the judges. Even those two people from Broadway praised Lu Man to the heavens. Shana and Howard had always looked down on us. Although Shana never said it out loud before, her attitude quite said it all. How could the two of them allow themselves to lose to Lu Man? So they want to perform even better on stage, but they ended up losing touch with their most natural performance.”

“This was Lu Man creating pressure on them. The more they minded it, the worse they performed.”

People around already started analyzing the situation, and they actually hit the nail on the head.

“Say, you guys. In this case, will Lu Man leave a trauma on them?” someone asked out of curiosity.

“I don’t think so…” someone else replied doubtfully.

“Think about it. It’s fine if they looked down on us so much previously. Now that they’ve seen Lu Man standing in the limelight, they did not want to lose anymore. Yet the more they did not want to lose, the more they minded it, and the worse they performed. Just looking at their current condition now, it won’t be strange if they lost this competition.” That person then said, “But why would they lose the competition? It’s still because they cared too much about Lu Man.”

“Whatever the reason for them not being able to win against Lu Man this time, it will be a fact that they lost. They came in with high spirits and brimming with confidence. Yet in the end, they will leave dejected and depressed. And they’ll have lost to the people they had looked down on all along. If you were in their shoes, won’t this be such a big blow?”


“And a trauma?”

“Actually yeah.”

“That’s for sure. If not, why would they be so concerned about Lu Man? Actually, now that they’re acting worse than usual on stage and keep staring at Lu Man, it shows that they are already traumatized.”

“What a sin. They came all the way here and suffered such a huge trauma from Lu Man. Initially, if Lu Man had performed well and they also performed well, it would still be fine. At most, their skills would just be on par, and it might even motivate their will to win. Given their arrogance and condescending attitude, they’d only feel that it’s unacceptable for them to be on par with Lu Man, but at least they won’t have a mental breakdown. But looking at the situation now, it seems like they’re in for an ugly loss. If they can’t step out of this traumatic defeat, then things would be really interesting.”

“Sad, damn sad. In this case, Lu Man really sinned big this time around! The two of them were originally Hollywood’s rising new stars. Yet after coming here, Lu Man just made a handicap of them with one competition. What an injustice indeed.”

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