The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1688 - Merciless Mockery

Chapter 1688: Merciless Mockery

Lu Man: “…”

Zheng Yuan snickered at the side. Why did listening to what they said sound so interesting?

Lu Man said in embarrassment, “How could it be that exaggerated. Winning or losing is very common.”

“Usually, when we lose to Lu Man, we would really feel unhappy. But now that we see the exchange team people also losing to Lu Man, why does it feel so good?” someone said with a laugh.

“Yeah. This is the first time I realize how good it feels to see Lu Man fighting it out with other people.”

Lu Man: “…”

The principals naturally also saw the abnormal condition of Shana and Howard.

“Could it really be because of Lu Man?” Donghua Academy of Drama’s principal asked out of curiosity.

Everybody: “…”

Principal Liu laughed awkwardly. “Haha.”

However, they, along with the various school leaders among them, could not help but turn to look at the teacher-in-charge of the exchange team.

Luzern: “…”

Although he could not understand what they were saying, Luzern could also sense that it was related to Lu Man.

What a sin!

Luzern could not help but look at Lu Man.

They came here and ruined two of their school’s students. Who would believe them if word got out?

People who knew would say that they merely came over on exchange.

People who did not know would think that the standards here were so high that their team was sent to deal with the Big Boss of the scene but ended up going back crippled from the experience.

The performance on stage was really too terrible to watch.

Before they knew it, the performance ended.

Old Mrs. Han tsked and said, “This performance isn’t all that good.”

Principal Liu was overjoyed deep down. As long as the hearts of the judges were not so biased, their school looked set to win.

His heart seemed to have been on an elevator during this period.

At the start, it was in the lowest level, thinking that they would lose for sure. He did not have much hope either, as long as they did not lose too badly.

Yet when he discovered that Deng Xu came, he knew they definitely would not lose too badly and might even be the best-performing among the four schools.

He’d achieved his original goal.

Yet today, when he watched the performance and realized that the performance was really quite good, winning seemed like a plausible idea, and so his heart was elevated up a little bit more.

And now, seeing the mess of the performance by the exchange team, Principal Liu seemed to have envisioned the scene where the National Film Academy’s school flag would be displayed on their school’s honor wall, and he almost sputtered out laughing.

Now, when he saw that victory was near, his heart had been elevated to the highest level.

The exchange team’s performance ended. The whole team stood in a single row, all with an ugly expression on their faces, waiting for the judges to give their comments.

They themselves knew that their performance this time was a mess.

Xu Jiashan shook his head and smiled awkwardly before he said, “This time, why don’t we let Robert and Hayer speak first?”

After all, they were guests. Although the other party’s performance today wasn’t so good, if Xu Jiashan said that out loud, there was a real concern that people might say he was purposely finding fault with them.

So he might as well let Robert and Hayer speak first.

Based on their previous commentaries, both of them were quite impartial in their judgments.

Even if they spared a thought for the pride of the exchange team, they would not go so far as to be biased.

Robert nodded politely, but when he turned to the exchange team, his face fell instantly.

“For your performance this time, I’m very disappointed,” Robert said bluntly.

The faces of the students from the exchange team reddened as they stood on stage.

They performed badly—it could even be said that they had performed terribly.

They felt as if they had been stripped naked at that moment, standing in front of everyone and receiving their merciless mockery.

“I don’t know what you guys were performing. Especially Shana and Howard. I watched both of your films before. You both acted quite well in them, but your performance just now, it totally doesn’t match with your capabilities in the films.”

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