The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1686 - Did She See Wrongly?

Chapter 1686: Did She See Wrongly?

“There’s no need to think about it in detail. Just thinking roughly about it, we can already come up with many so-called teen idols who became famous at a young age, only to have their fame fade into oblivion afterward. Their celebrity-making factory is impressive, but they’re especially fast with regeneration and renewal as well. If you did not have a specialty that could make the audience remember you and didn’t try to think of ways to expand your own acting paths, there are not many years left to carry on with the teen idol image. You will be replaced by even cuter and more popular teen idols later on.”

“So, even though Shana does look very impressive now, whether she can maintain this standard still depends on the choices she’ll make in the future.” Lu Man gently massaged the skincare products on her face as she said, “These choices sound easy to make, but not everyone is courageous enough to take that step. That’s because even if they made a choice, it does not guarantee success. The pressure they will be subjected to in the process is way too great. So whether I can still meet her again in the future, that’s still hard to say.”

Lu Man only talked about Shana’s development, but not her own. It was obvious that she was confident that she would definitely stand on the international stage and advance her career very well.

But no one doubted or was surprised by this.

After all, Lu Man had the backing of the Han Family. Getting to that stage was something that had already been set in stone.

If there was any artiste that could make it to the top, be it male or female, the one with the most likelihood of doing so might really just be Lu Man.

“Quickly pack your things. Let’s go and see how the exchange team is performing,” Lu Man reminded them.

“Oh, right!” Zheng Yuan quickly picked up her pace as she said, “Almost forgot about the important matters.”

Lu Man was done packing and was waiting for Zheng Yuan.

Zheng Yuan was done in a jiffy and quickly picked up her makeup bag, then walked back to the participants’ seating area with Lu Man.

The performance by the exchange team had just started not too long ago.

Zheng Yuan felt that it was off the more she watched. “Say‚Ķ given their standards, how did they have the shamelessness to look down on us so much?”

Zheng Yuan couldn’t be blamed for saying that.

The performance by the exchange team this time was really not that good.

“What kind of acting is that from Howard?” Someone had already started cursing. “With that shitty acting of his, he still dares to be so arrogant to us? His acting is even worse than the normal students who did not get through the school’s selection!”

“I watched the films that Howard acted in before,” Zheng Yuan said in a low voice to Lu Man. “It’s a totally different level compared to now. By right, he shouldn’t be performing at such a standard. This is way too bad. It’s even worse than mine.”

“It’s his mentality that had collapsed. If his mentality is not right, his performance will surely be affected.” Lu Man understood it.

He first had his future acting career affected by Han Zhuoling, and then suffered another blow from the National Film Academy’s super-good performance.

Howard totally could not concentrate now.

“Did you notice? Even Shana is out of it. Her acting is so unnatural, it feels a little excessive and aggressive,” Zheng Yuan said.

Thanks to Teacher Yao and Teacher Hong’s usual teaching style, they fully understood their own shortcomings.

At the same time, it also trained them to have eagle-sharp eyes, so they were able to spot very quickly which aspect of the other party’s acting was off.

Although they might not necessarily act very well themselves, at least they could tell at once where the flaws were.

That was Teacher Yao and Teacher Hong’s goal. Even if they were not able to immediately correct their own flaws, at least they would know what their flaws were and could try their best to correct those flaws.

“Why do I feel like Shana and Howard are both stealing glances furtively at Lu Man?” Xu Ziyi was not very sure about this and felt that maybe she saw wrongly?

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