The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1672 - Harming Others Does No Good to Yourself

Chapter 1672: Harming Others Does No Good to Yourself

When the lights came on again, the backdrop on stage had already been set up.

DFA’s students performed pretty well. It was clear that they really put in a lot of effort during this period.

But they still had many areas to improve on.

The judges gave pertinent critiques as well.

“The performance is still too choppy. Although I don’t understand Chinese and can’t understand many of the subtleties in your language, I can simply judge your acting skills based on your expressions, actions, and the pauses in between your lines. For these aspects, there are still things that are lacking,” Robert said, commenting on the students from Donghua Film Academy.

“For instance, when you ran over just now, your facial expression relaxed a little. You are going to send off your lover whom you might never ever meet again. Don’t think that just because you ran very fast, the audience cannot see your facial expression clearly. If you think a performance is just a performance, that it’s just acting, and carry such an attitude, you will never be able to improve and present a good production. You aren’t just simply performing, you have to integrate yourself into it. You may be standing on a stage right now, but the moment you stand up on stage, the stage becomes your world, and you are your character. Never forget this. The audience doesn’t want to see the character you play, but that character itself.”

After that, it was the performance by Donghua Academy of Drama.

Donghua Academy of Drama’s performance was about the same standard as that of Donghua Film Academy.

Xu Jiashan said, “There was a scene just now when Student Yu here did not face the audience from start to end. This is a stage—there are no multi-directional cameras provided for you guys—so it won’t be able to toggle between different angles like when you’re filming dramas. You guys can only find your own positions. You have to let the audience see you guys, or else, no matter how well you’ve portrayed the emotions or how exciting your performance is, it’s useless if the audience can’t see it. To put it plainly, your whole performance is based on teamwork. This isn’t just about a single person among you guys, so the student acting along with that person must take note as well. The moment you notice such a situation, don’t focus solely on wanting to show your face so that the audience can see you clearly, thinking that it’s for the best if the audience can’t see her. You have to bring her along with you. When she is talking, you have to give her the spotlight. In situations like these, don’t just steal the spotlight.”

After seeing the performance of the previous two schools, it was clear that their chances of winning were near zero.

Xu Jiashan pointed out all the petty little schemes concealed on stage with just a few words.

DAD’s Principal was fuming with rage.

This was about teamwork. If they won, everyone would win. If they lost, everyone would lose.

What’s the point of plotting such schemes in such situations?!

Harming others does no good to yourself!

Actually, this principal understood very well that the student might probably be thinking, since the team was bound to lose the team competition anyway, he might as well enhance his own performance so as to make the others pale in comparison to him. This might even leave a deep impression on the judges.

After all, the judges today were no average people.

The organizers had kept the judges’ list a secret until the very end. Only today did the students participating in the competition know who the judges were.

That student probably only thought of such an idea right before going up on stage. His reaction was pretty fast, though.

Alas, he was too smart for his own good.

Did he really think the judges below could not see through his schemes?

In this way, he actually left a worse impression on the judges.

This was especially so for Xu Jiashan as a director. He really disliked those who acted in a manner that put their own interests above that of the team, and above that of the production as well.

Needless to say, for the two other actors from Broadway… did he think they would bring him over to Broadway?

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