The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1671 - Not a Single Fan

Chapter 1671: Not a Single Fan

At this moment, amongst the audience, each person’s fans had their own seating area.

Everyone brought along some items to show their support.

Some of them raised banners, and some brought lighted flashboards with their idols’ names. It was a bustling sight.

Xu Ningxian led the fan club consisting of members that were increasing and maturing day by day, occupying many seats.

Before the competition officially started, they cheered in unison, “My Man! My Man! My Man!”

Fans of other people were displeased the moment they heard it. They could not fall short, so their fan club presidents also rallied their fans and quickly started cheering as well.

Within moments, the venue had become bustling and lively.

As if they were singing folk songs.

“My Man is strong, My Man is cool, My Man is invincible!”

The moment Fu Kaiqi’s fans heard that, they immediately cheered, “Lovely Qi! Lovely Qi! We love you!”

Over on that side, Li Zeyu’s fans refused to be outdone and cheered, “Dear fans, let us all cheer out loud!”

Hence, cheers erupted once more. “Zeyu, you are our ocean of stars[1]!”

The cheers from the fans grew louder with each wave.

Whenever another camp’s cheers overpowered one’s own, one’s camp would immediately have to buck up and cheer even louder.

No one in the venue was cheering to support the people from the exchange team.

They might like them, but they were ultimately not their bias.

The people on the exchange team felt for the first time that they were actually so unpopular here. They did not have a single fan!

Finally, the lights in the hall dimmed down, leaving only the lights on the stage.

The host went up on stage and introduced the exchange competition, as well as the guests and judges.

There were quite a lot of people who were curious as to who the judges would be for this competition to be made as fair as possible.

They did not expect that they actually invited the famous theater director Xu Jiashan and the famous theater actress Tan Xiaoyun.

In current times, when the theater industry was not doing very well, Director Xu Jiashan’s plays were always full house and tickets would be sold out at pre-sales stage. It was impossible to wait until the official sales’ opening.

And as long as there was a play directed by Xu Jiashan, there would definitely be the country’s top actors playing one of the roles in it.

These actors were all quite hard to invite, be it for plays or films.

As long as they acted in it, it would be a guarantee of its reputation.

It was the same with Tan Xiaoyun. She had always been working with Xu Jiashan. Over time, her acting skills also received recognition.

The other two judges were invited over from Broadway by the exchange team.

“Famous Broadway actor, Robert Spicen; famous Broadway actor, Hayer Clement,” the host introduced in a grand manner.

Most of the people at the event had not been to Broadway to watch a performance there personally, and they did not know why they were so famous.

But since they were so famous, the actors that came from there would surely be capable, even if they were not internationally famous.

The audience who bought their tickets to watch did not expect the judges to be so amazing this time.

It’s true that both sides took fairness and professionalism into consideration.

But they were still worried that if all the judges were locals, there would be bias in judgment.

And the judges they found all had an impeccable reputation.

The audience at the scene all felt that they’d earned a good deal. They could actually watch these god-like celebrities from such a close distance.

After introducing the judges, the host announced the first group to perform on stage. It was the team of students from Donghua Film Academy.

The host introduced Donghua Film Academy in both languages, citing the accolades the school had received over the years.

Afterward, the host went down the stage, and the lights went off for a while.

[1] Chinese Internet slang for “ambitious goal”

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