The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1673 - You're Quite Protective of Her

Chapter 1673: You’re Quite Protective of Her

How deep were their ties?

Why would they possibly put in so much effort for a student they saw only once?

It was not like his acting was super outstanding to make people feel that it would be a pity to miss out on him.

DAD’s principal was utterly embarrassed by this student and did not know where to show his face anymore.

Next, the host invited the students from the NDA up on stage.

When it was time for the National Drama Academy to perform, the situation finally improved, but there were still points that were unsatisfactory.

“We can tell that everyone here put in a lot of effort for the performance,” Hayer said politely. “You guys still have a big room for improvement. Don’t feel dejected or give up.”

Donghua Academy of Drama and Donghua Film Academy’s principals shook their heads with sullen expressions. They glanced at Principal Zhang and Principal Liu.

Both of them expected such a performance standard from NDA, so they could only say at this moment, “It’s not bad already.”

Principal Zhang smiled woefully. The two principals turned to Principal Liu and said, “Old Liu, you’re the only ones left. The rest depends on you guys. You really have to stand up for us!”

“Yeah.” The principal of Donghua Academy of Drama said, “At least your school has Lu Man. You guys definitely have to win to live up to your name of being the ‘Chinese Arts Championships’ champion.”

Principal Liu felt uncomfortable hearing those words. “Does one capable person mean that the whole team is capable? When I let Lu Man participate, all the leaders and teachers in our school have already said that it would be good as long as she did her best. We cannot pin the responsibility for winning on her alone. Just like what the judges said just now, this is about teamwork. If she’s the only capable one but the others can’t match up, it would be no use as well. If you guys lost and didn’t perform well, you can’t push all the pressure onto us just because of that.”

“You’re quite protective of her, huh,” Principal Zhang retorted sourly.

“I will have to protect any student in our school,” Principal Liu said bluntly. “If you think that Lu Man alone can prop up a whole team, then you can ask Lu Man to go over and help you guys out when there’s such a thing again next time. Let’s see if you can win then?”

Principal Liu’s words shut the other two principals up completely. They did not say anything more.

They too knew very well that no matter how capable Lu Man was, she would not be able to carry a whole team of people.

Wasn’t there a saying?

Don’t fear a god-like enemy, fear a pig-like teammate.

If that’s inflicted on you, no divine god can help.

Over at the exchange team, they saw that the students that have already performed had returned to their seats at the participants’ seating area.

Howard glanced at them scornfully and said to Luzern, “Just look at the standards of these people. What do you have to worry about? Even if I only perform with one-tenth of my usual standard, I can easily crush them.”

Luzern’s expression remained dark and he did not speak. He really disliked Howard’s attitude, but after watching the previous three performances, even if Luzern treated the competition very seriously at the start, worried that some mishap would happen such that they would be outperformed by these students, he too could calm down now and had to admit that Howard was right.

Those three performances added together would still be no match for their exchange team.

They could win even with their eyes closed.

But Luzern said, “Enough. The competition hasn’t ended yet. Nothing is set in stone. The NFA hasn’t gone up on stage yet. Don’t be too relaxed.”

Howard pursed his lips, still not thinking highly of it.

The seats of the various schools were arranged quite closely together, so they could all hear Howard’s words clearly.

They all stared at Howard angrily.

This person, he was too condescending!

Aside from touring the NFA, the exchange team from New York had naturally gone to the other three schools as well.

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