The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Huaiyu?

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Ning Li grabbed her cup and took a sip of tea.

Lu Huaiyu raised a curious brow.

Mocha tasted sweet but bitter at the same time, so he did not expect the girl to like such a mature flavor.

Ning Li glanced at him before quickly moving her eyes away.

Mocha was not actually her favorite. Instead, she liked espresso more, which was also Lu Huaiyu’s favorite.

However, that was not something she could reveal at this time.

“What color do you like?”

It only took Ning Li a second to answer. “Blue.”

“Your favorite subject?”


“Favourite food?”

“Sichuan cuisine.”

“Who do you like?”

Ning Li turned silent.

She put her cup down and asked, “Second Brother, are you doing a background check on me?”

She was fine with the questions until the last one.

Lu Huaiyu chuckled. “So, you don’t have a person you like?”

“Of course not. Besides, you told me to not fall in love at my age, didn’t you?”

Lu Huaiyu raised his hands and rubbed his temples with a grin.

He looked happy but helpless at the same time.

He said, “If you have any questions that you’d like to ask me, ask away. I’ll answer them.”

Ning Li shook her head. “I don’t have any questions.”

It was just lunch. Why the barrage of questions?

Lu Huaiyu squinted his eyes.

Knock. Knock.

There were a few knocks on the door before the waiter came in and served the food.

Lu Huaiyu paused the topic for the time being.

It was Ning Li’s first time having a meal with Lu Huaiyu alone.

He had a unique presence to him that made him seem cold and distant like he was an unreachable mountain peak.

However, the Lu Huaiyu now was laid back and relaxed.

His sharp gaze and keen eyes were gone, and what replaced it was patience and kindness.

If those folks from the capital were here and saw Lu Huaiyu in his current state, their jaws would fall on the floor.

“The papers I bought for you the other day, have started doing them?”

Lu Huaiyu picked up a piece of tuna sushi with his chopstick and asked.

Ning Li was quiet for a moment before she answered, “I’ve… done some of them.”

“How is it? Is it difficult?”

“It’s alright, I guess.”

“You can come to me if you have any problems.”

It might have been years since Lu Huaiyu did any high-school mockup tests, but he believed he should be able to help the girl with some questions.

Ning Li reminded him, “Second Brother, we have teachers at school.”

Even if she ran into some problems, she could ask the teachers at school. Why would she trouble Lu Huaiyu instead?

The man’s time was gold, especially the time he spent in Yunzhou for rehabilitation. It would be best if he was not disturbed.

With that in mind, she hesitated slightly before asking, “And… Second Brother, you won’t be in Yunzhou for long right?”

She remembered that in her past life, Lu Huaiyu was only in Yunzhou for less than a year.

After a quick calculation, she assumed he should be back at the capital before the new year.

“It’s not yet decided.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at her and did a mental calculation of the time.

“I still have some matters to deal with here. I can leave when I’m done, so maybe after or before the new year.”

Ning Li frowned.

‘That long? Is it because of his condition? Is it not getting better?’

She wanted to ask these questions but realized not many knew about him rehabilitating in Yunzhou.

It would be inappropriate for her to ask.

Lu Huaiyu looked at the girl and captured every emotion on her face. He could not help but chuckle.

“You’re going back to the Ye Family in the afternoon?”

Ning Li nodded.

“Great, I’ll drive you.”

Two hours later, Ning Li saw a grudgeful-looking Cheng Xiyue.

Seeing that he was in a bad mood, Ning Li quickly recalled her past memories for a hint.

In her past life, Old Master Cheng’s birthday dinner was a success and everything went smoothly.

If such, then what caused Cheng Xiyue’s bad mood?

Cheng Xiyue saw Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu walking towards him together but he did not want to say a word.

It was until Ning Li got into the car did he ask begrudgingly, “Little Ning Li, how was lunch? Is the Japanese cuisine up to your expectations?”

Ning Li nodded. “It was not bad.”

Her words made his mood worse.

“Was… it full?”

A quick thought later, Ning Li said, “Not at all.”

Cheng Xiyue’s urge to buyout HG grew stronger after he heard the answer.

He glared at Lu Huaiyu but before he could say a word, Lu Huaiyu’s phone rang.

Lu Huaiyu took a glance at the phone and hung up.

When Cheng Xiyue caught a glimpse at the caller ID and knew it was Dr. Gu, his bad mood faded slightly.

If Dr. Gu was calling at this hour, it must be about Lu Huaiyu’s condition.

However, Ning Li was in the backseat.

Lu Huaiyu leaned back on the passenger seat with his usual coolness, as though the phone call was not important.

Cheng Xiyue, on the other hand, dared not ignore the fact that Dr. Gu called.

A quick thought later, he said, “Little Ning Li, I suddenly thought of something that I must settle at home. It’s quite urgent…”

Ning Li was surprised. “It’s fine. I’ll go back on my own—”

“Since you’re coming to our mansion for the birthday dinner, why don’t you come with me?”

Cheng Xiyue made an impromptu decision.

Ning Li believed it was a little inappropriate but Lu Huaiyu said, “Sure. I’ll tell the guys to deliver her things to Chengs’ residence instead.”

Ye Family.

Ye Ci was sitting in her room, staring blankly at her phone on the table. Her mind was in a mess.

Cheng Xiangxiang had just given her a call to ask if she knew about Lu Huaiyu accompanying Ning Li dress-shopping at HG.

Of course she had no idea!

She was not at all interested when Ning Li left in the morning. She assumed Ning Li would not be able to buy anything decent given her background.

She was sure Ning Li would come back crawling to her, asking for a decent dress to wear.

However, she did not expect Ning Li to go shopping with Lu Huaiyu!

Judging from Cheng Xiangxiang’s tone, Lu Huaiyu even bought out the entire floor for her!

Ye Ci thought about it and realized that Lu Huaiyu showed extra care to Ning Li.

If they were not close, why would he do so much for her?

“Lil Ci, are you done?”

Su Yuan’s voice came from the door.

Ye Ci took a deep breath to compose herself before she got up to answer the door.

Su Yuan came in and saw several dresses laid out on her bed. Curious, she asked, “You haven’t decided yet?”

Old Master Cheng’s birthday dinner would be grand and all of Yunzhou’s upper-class folks would be there, so they could not afford to make any mistakes.

She had chosen the dress and the accessories for Ye Ci long before this just so her daughter could surprise everyone.

It was almost time for dinner and Ye Ci was still in her casual clothes.

Ye Ci forced a smile. “I was thinking since Sister Ning Li isn’t back yet, so I should wait…”

Su Yuan reacted strangely to Ye Ci’s words.

“Cheng Xiyue called and said Ye Ci had already left for Chengs’ residence. He told us to not worry about her.”

Ye Ci was pissed but she still forced a smile.

“I’m glad. I didn’t know Brother Xiyue cared so much about Sister Ning Li.”

Su Yuan found it irritating.

It was Ning Li’s first appearance at such an occasion as a part of the Ye Family, yet she went ahead with Cheng Xiyue. How could she humiliate her family like that?

“Whatever. I don’t care.”

Ning Li arrived at the Chengs’ residence.

Cheng Xiyue had just parked the car on the porch, and before Ning Li could get down, she saw a graceful woman walking towards them.

She walked to the car and bent over slightly to knock on the car window.

Ning Li could only see half of her made-up beautiful face through the window.

A sweet and gentle voice rang out.


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