The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: I Want To Meet Her

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Lu Huaiyu was initially taking a nap. However, when he heard someone calling him, he opened his eyes which flickered with coldness.

Cheng Xiyue chucked while watching from beside.

“What brings you here, Miss Superstar?”

Upon hearing the name, Ning Li immediately knew who the lady was.

It was Xu Yini, the Young Lady of the Xu family from the capital.

As the Xu family’s only daughter, Xu Yini was spoiled rotten.

Xu Yini looked innocent and gorgeous, and she came from a wealthy family too. When she came back from studying abroad at 20 years old, she chose not to inherit her family business and instead, went into the entertainment industry.

Last summer, Xu Yini starred in her first-ever teen movie, My Second Love Letter, and it immediately went viral once the movie premiered. It was the highest-grossing film at the box office.

Just like that, Xu Yini became the nation’s first lover overnight.

No wonder Cheng Xiyue teased her.

Xu Yini winked cheekily at them.

“What’s the matter, Brother Xiyue? You don’t want me to be here?”

Then, Cheng Xiyue got out of his car and raised his hands to make a surrendering gesture.

“I dare not do so. I heard that you’re swamped with work and don’t even have time to sleep. That’s why I asked you. If you fall sick from exhaustion, Uncle Xu would be heartbroken, for sure.”

Coincidently, Lu Huaiyu got out of the car as well.

Xu Yini shifted her gaze to Lu Huaiyu, and her eyes lit up.

She pressed her lips together into a smile.

“It’s not as bad as you say. Anyhow, it’s Old Master Cheng’s 60th birthday. I need to be here, right?”

The Xu family, Lu family, and Cheng family were family friends. However, Old Master Cheng had been enjoying his life in Yunzhou these past few years, and since he rarely returned to the capital, his interaction with the Xu family had lessened.

Cheng Xiyue glanced at Lu Huaiyu, who was standing beside him.

Young Lady Xu was clearly here because of Lu Huaiyu.

Xu Yini slightly walked up to Lu Huaiyu.

“Huaiyu, long time no see.”

She had brought forward finishing her studies and returning to the capital because she feared that Lu Huaiyu would fancy the ladies in the capital. Who would have thought that Lu Huaiyu would come to Yunzhou?

Xu Yini was tied up with work recently, yet she forcefully rejected 2 advertisements to be here today, just so that she could meet Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu nodded and returned to his usual unfriendly and cold behavior.

“Send my regards to Uncle Xu.”

Xu Yini bit her lips.

Xu Yini had sacrificed so much to be there just for Lu Huaiyu to reply with one sentence. He did not even ask how she was doing.

“Huaiyu, I––”

Just as she was about to speak again, she saw Lu Huaiyu walk to the backseat and open the door.

Xu Yini was stunned.

There was somebody else in Cheng Xiyue’s car?

A young lady got out of the car.

The lady looked like she was only about 17 or 18 years old. She was dressed simply with a ponytail, and she was carrying a black backpack. She seemed like a high schooler.

However, her appearance could not hide her beauty.

She could attract countless attention just by standing there.

Xu Yini stopped and looked at Lu Huaiyu to see a rare hint of patience between his eyes.

Lu Huaiyu took the initiative to open a door for someone?

A strong feeling of crisis arose in Xu Yini’s heart.

A glint flashed across her eyes as she asked with a smile, “Who’s this?”

Cheng Xiyue lifted his chin and answered her, “Let me introduce you. This is Little Ning Li, and this is Xu Yini. Ning Li, you should recognize her, right?”

Ning Li glanced at Xu Yini before her.

The well-tailored white mermaid skirt outlined her curves perfectly. With her waist-length silky smooth dark hair down and light make-up on her face, she looked innocent yet seductive, which made her look remarkable.

“Hi, Miss Xu.”

Xu Yini was even more surprised.

She had known Cheng Xiyue for many years, so she understood his behavior.

However, Cheng Xiyue rarely expressed such intimacy, even if the lady was her cousin, Cheng Xiangxiang.

Who was this Ning Li? Where did she come from?

Since Xu Yini came from an eminent family in the capital, she had no idea about the situation in Yunzhou.

Nevertheless, Ning Li’s name sounded familiar to her…

“Ning Li…”

Suddenly, Xu Yini’s expression shifted.

Was she the main character in the school violence that caused a stir on the internet a few days ago?


“They’ve already sent your stuff to the guest room. Let me bring you there.”

Lu Huaiyu interrupted her.

The Chengs’ residence was a standalone villa, and because they had plenty of guests today as well, it would be best for Lu Huaiyu to accompany Ning Li.

Ning Li glanced at Lu Huaiyu.

Cheng Xiyue said that he had something urgent to attend to after Lu Huaiyu hung up his call. Hence, Ning Li figured that Cheng Xiyue’s reason to return home was just an excuse. The real reason they came back was because of Lu Huaiyu.

“Thank you, Second Brother.”

After that, Lu Huaiyu brought Ning Li into the villa.

The smile on Xu Yini’s face stiffened as she watched the two of them leave.

From the very beginning, Lu Huaiyu had never looked Xu Yini in the eye before.

Besides, just now––

“Did she call Huaiyu… Second Brother?”

Cheng Xiyue simply smiled.

“Little Ning Li is just 17 years old. Of course, she has to call him brother, right?”

However, Xu Yini kept quiet.

That was not what she meant at all.

“That Ning Li, she’s a Second High student?”

Cheng Xiyue raised his brows and looked at Xu Yini.

“That’s right.”

Only then did Xu Yini breathe a sigh of relief.

Indeed, she was the girl.

Xu Yini had nothing to worry about then.

By any measure, Lu Huaiyu would not fancy a girl who was from a humble family and had such a temper.

Ning Li tailed behind Lu Huaiyu as they walked to the guest room on the third floor.

There was still some time left before the banquet started, so not many guests were there yet.

Along the way, the two of them did not bump into a lot of people.

When they entered the guest room, Lu Huaiyu’s phone buzzed again.

Once again, he rejected the call.

Ning Li turned to look at him. “Second Brother, you should go if it’s urgent. I can handle it from here.”

Upon realizing that Ning Li was relatively calm and was not at all nervous even though she was here for the first time, he was a little relieved.

“You should get some rest first. Come to me if there’s anything.”

“I will.”

After that, Lu Huaiyu took a glance at his watch.

“The banquet is starting at 6:00 p.m. I’ll come and get you later.”

Ning Li wanted to tell him that since she was there already, he did not need to come and get her. However, when their eyes met, Ning Li could not help but nod at Lu Huaiyu.

Only then did Lu Huaiyu leave her.

Gu Tinglan was waiting for someone in the living room on the second floor.

When the door was pushed open, he put down the book and lifted his head to look.

Walking in the room was Lu Huaiyu.

Gu Tinglan observed Lu Huaiyu’s expression. Once he had confirmed that Lu Huaiyu’s condition was better than he expected, he relaxed a little.

“Second Master Lu, is there something urgent?”

Lu Huaiyu acknowledged him with an ‘mm’.

“Something very urgent.”

Gu Tinglan was very curious.

Lu Huaiyu had not slept, yet his mental condition seemed stable.

It was quite unusual.

When Gu Tinglan recalled the news that came from HG, he leaned forward and asked him with a smile, “Second Master Lu, did you bring the young lady here? Is there any chance that I can meet her later?”

He really wanted to know what kind of person could have such a massive impact on Lu Huaiyu’s illness.

Lu Huaiyu lifted his eyes and stared at him.

For some reason, Gu Tinglan felt as if his gaze carried a warning.

However, Lu Huaiyu then shut his eyes.

“We’ll see.”

Ning Li went to the bedside. Just as she was about to arrange her dress, she realized that a box had fallen to the ground.

It was Lu Huaiyu’s tie, which was sent together with her stuff.

Ning Li pondered for a moment before she picked it up, thinking that she would pass it to Lu Huaiyu.

The moment after she pushed open the door and just before she could step out of the room, Ning Li heard voices of people mocking her from outside her room. “She’s just a burden that no one wants. Does she really think that she’s a Young Lady from a distinguished family?!”

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