The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: What She Liked

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His tap was soft yet firm, and it was quick.

His cedar fragrance lingered at her nose.

Ning Li felt that Lu Huaiyu’s words were a little inappropriate but she could not pinpoint what.

Wen Qi looked at the two of them and said, “Second Master, Ms. Ning, are you going to take this dress?”

Lu Huaiyu looked at Ning Li.

Ning Li nodded.

Wen Qi then said, “We also have a pair of heels and a bag that goes together with the dress, do you want to take a look?”

Since Ning Li had decided to take the dress, it would be better for her to take a whole set.

So, she followed Wen Qi and browsed through all the recommendations.

After selecting everything, Ning Li went back into the dressing room and changed into her T-shirt and jeans.

Since the dress had to be altered, Ning Li returned to the VIP waiting section.

Before she could sit down, Lu Huaiyu stood up and waved at her.

“Give me a hand.”

Ning Li was confused, but she went over anyway.

“What’s wrong, Second Brother?”

Lu Huaiyu moved his long and slender legs and brought Ning Li to another section.

Seeing this next section that was lined up with rows of suits and formal shirts, Ning Li fell silent for a second.

She was sure Lu Huaiyu had a ton of suits and shirts for a formal dinner back at his house.

“Pick one.”

Lu Huaiyu signed by moving his chin.

Ning Li looked at where his eyes were on and realized he wanted to pick a tie.

He definitely did not lack ties, but since he wanted her to choose one, she did as she was told.

Ning Li asked for the color and design of his suit and shirt before she eventually chose a black tie.

Lu Huaiyu seemed to suit black a lot.

He took it and then slightly lifted his chin to tie the tie on himself.

The contour of his jawline from the side was perfect, and as he lifted his head, his sexy Adam’s apple was also showing.

His slender fingers moved around his neck, and the initially loose collar was now zipped tight by the black tie.

The laziness in him faded, and his deep, seductive eyes made him look somewhat more restrained.

Ning Li took two steps back.

Lu Huaiyu had his back to her but she could see him through the giant mirror in front of him. Every detail on his face was perfectly reflected in the mirror.

She had to give it to Lu Huaiyu for being such a gifted model. On top of his God-favored looks, his unique presence outshone everything around him.

He had what it took to attract countless socialites and ladies from the capital to court after him.

Lu Huaiyu lifted his eyes and caught the girl sizing him up through the mirror.

Suddenly, they locked eyes in the mirror, and he lifted his lips into a grin.

“How do I look?”

Ning Li was stunned for a moment before she nodded honestly.

“It looks good on you.”

Lu Huaiyu turned around and leaned forward toward her a little.

This time, they locked eyes face to face with the distance between them shortened in a split second.

As the two of them breathed, Ning Li could feel the endless warmth from his body and even see a tiny reflection of herself in his deep eyes.

The feeling of being squeezed in a tight space enveloped her again, and she could not help but hold her breath.

Deep down, she was not just an innocent 17-year-old, and with Lu Huaiyu’s posture, the temptation was lethal.

Lu Huaiyu’s lips then curled into a deep smile as she softly flicked her forehead.

“You have a good eye.”

She did not know whether he was referring to her choice of the tie or something else.

He straightened his body, hooked his finger on the tie, and pulled it off his collar.

He then gave the tie to Wen Qi and said, “Put them together.”

“Will do, Second Master.”

Wen Qi told the receptionists to pack the selected items separately.

“Second Master Lu, the total is 628,000 RMB.”

Compared to a custom-made dress, a ready-made dress was a much lower price.

However, G&S’s price would never let someone ‘down’.

Just as Ning Li was about to pay for it, Lu Huaiyu stopped her.

He gave Wen Qi his card and stuffed Ning Li’s card back into her purse.

Ning Li still insisted on paying.

“Second Brother, this is mine. I should pay for it myself.”

Ning Li wondered why Lu Huaiyu wanted to pay for her dress.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her and then lowered his face to hers, where he teased her with a smile.

“I took a kid out shopping and if the kid had to pay with her pocket money, I’d become an after-meal joke if word got out.”

Ning Li was stunned.

Wen Qi watched from the side and had the urge to laugh.

She started to wonder if Ms. Ning and Second Master Lu were really close, or was it all just a show?

Ning Li thought Lu Huaiyu’s words were quite reasonable.

Besides, it would not be appropriate to argue with him in front of strangers.

“Then… Thank you, Second Brother.”

Deep down, Ning Li sighed.

She was already in his debt and now with the dress, she owed him even more. She ought to repay his favor if she had the chance.

When Lu Huaiyu spoke next, his tone was even deeper, and the warmth of his breath burned as it brushed past her ears.

“Keep your pocket money for candies.”

Ning Li was speechless.

Lu Huaiyu was really treating her like a little girl.

She looked up at him. “I haven’t had a candy in years.”

Lu Huaiyu smiled and decided to play along. “Okay okay, I’ll buy you candies later.”

Ning Li was at a loss for words.

However, Lu Huaiyu did not think there was anything wrong with what he said. He then looked at his watch and realized that it was already 11:00 a.m.

“Send everything to the Ye Family except for my tie.”

Wen Qi smiled and nodded.

Ning Li originally planned to return home after buying her dress, but judging from Lu Huaiyu’s order…

He looked into her eyes and said, “Let’s have lunch and I’ll send you home.”

Ning Li followed Lu Huaiyu along to a Japanese restaurant that was on the top floor of the mall.

As a member-only establishment, the restaurant was decorated with elegant designs which gave it a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

The two of them got into the VIP room.

Lu Huaiyu passed the menu to Ning Li.

“You can order whatever you fancy.”

Just then, the phone he had put on the table buzzed.

He had a glance at the message and it was from Cheng Xiyue.

[I’ve just finished my meeting. Are you still in HG with Little Ning Li?]

[Old Qin said you’re at his restaurant for lunch. Which room are you in? Send me the location and I’ll drop by.]

Lu Huaiyu then replied.

[You can come two hours later. It’s full and there’s no seat for you.]

Having just grabbed his car keys, Cheng Xiyue was stunned.

[Lu Huaiyu, you better not push it! You’re still using my member card!]

Lu Huaiyu replied calmly.

[Yeah, but the land is mine.]

Cheng Xiyue was speechless.

It was said that Cheng Xiyue slammed the door on his way out of the meeting room and it shocked all the workers in the company.

It was also said that Cheng Xiyue had called Old Master Cheng, proposing to buy out HG, but he got scolded by the old man instead.

It somehow became a little gossip among the workers.

“Tsk tsk. It’s not even the birthday dinner yet and the grandchildren are already fighting for his wealth. The rich just want to get richer and richer!”

Ning Li was clueless about the many things that had happened within that half a day.

She ordered a few dishes based on her preference and then passed the menu back.

“Second Brother, I’ve ordered a few things. Take a look and see what else you’d like to add on.”

Lu Huaiyu raised a brow at her choices.

Fugu sashimi.

He did not take raw stuff yet she ordered it.

“I heard you worked in a cafe before,” he suddenly asked.

Ning Li’s heart skipped a beat.


“Do you know how to make coffee?”

“…A little.”

Lu Huaiyu stared at her for a while, and Ning Li’s heart beat faster.

Just when she thought Lu Huaiyu would ask her about the coffee, what he said next defied her expectation.

“What’s your favorite?”

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