The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: You Are Still So Young

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The lady shop owner, Wen Qi, smiled.

“It seems like Second Master Lu and Ms. Ning are close enough to understand each other well.”

She had heard rumors about Ning Li’s identity.

Even though she did not know how Lu Huaiyu had gotten so close to the step-daughter of the Ye Family, the way Ning Li was able to change the lazy and frivolous Lu Huaiyu into someone caring showed how important she was to him.

The moment the words escaped Ning Li’s mouth, she realized that something was wrong.

For a moment there, she even felt Lu Huaiyu’s sharp gaze on her, so sharp that he could see through her.

Fortunately, Lu Huaiyu quickly shifted his attention away.

“Send this dress for alteration.”

The shop usually would not accept the customer’s request for alteration on a high-end luxury dress, but Lu Huaiyu was not just any customer.

Wen Qi smiled. “Let me take it from here.”

She had been in the luxury brand business for many years now, so she, too, had outstanding sewing skills.

“Ms. Ning, this way please.”

Ning Li followed Wen Qi to the dressing room.

Lu Huaiyu then sat on the couch at the corner.

The receptionist swapped the coffee for a cup of tea for him before she walked away nervously.

The other receptionists of the shop then got together and started to communicate through their curious gaze.

‘It has been some time since Second Master Lu came to Yunzhou but even Mr. Feng couldn’t get a meeting with him. Who’s this Ning Li girl that has changed Second Master Lu into a different person?’

‘Don’t talk to me about the girl. I’m just bedazzled by Second Master Lu’s looks!’

‘Speaking of looks, Ms. Ning Li is really beautiful too! Even the T-shirt and jeans didn’t dampen her beauty! I wonder how she’ll look like in our dress?’

‘Say, are you guys not curious why Second Master Lu knows Ms. Ning’s waist measurement that accurately?’

‘Watson! Bravo! You’ve solved the case!’

Feng Yao, the general manager, led several other executives into the retail shop once they heard Lu Huaiyu stopped by.

They had known since yesterday that Lu Huaiyu wanted to select a dress for a lady friend, so they ordered their workers to be mindful during his visit.

Who knew it would go wrong at the very first shop!

Feng Yao felt bitter at the situation.

When Feng Yao and the other executives arrived at the shop and saw Lu Huaiyu waiting quietly at the corner, they were surprised.

They had never seen Lu Huaiyu waiting for someone, and it made them wonder who the lady in the dressing room must be.

One of their workers just had to be rude to her.

“Second master.”

Feng Yao walked up to Lu Huaiyu and called him after taking a deep breath.

“I apologize for our mistake. I hope you can forgive us.”

Lu Huaiyu simply looked at them.

When Feng Yao noticed that Lu Huaiyu was not mad, he thought it was strange.

Lu Huaiyu was well-known for his hot-temper and his harsh methods of doing business.

Feng Yao thought Lu Huaiyu would never forgive someone who made such a huge mistake, but now it seemed like the Second Master was in a good mood.

“No more next time.”

Lu Huaiyu sounded succinct, calm, and not angry at all.

Feng Yao was overwhelmed by the mercy.

“Yes sir! We will enforce our management from now on! Thank you, Second Master! Thank you—”

Then, Feng Yao remembered it was Lu Huaiyu’s lady friend whom the receptionist had treated poorly, hence he looked around for the lady.

After working in the company for so many years, he knew Lu Huaiyu would never let this slip if the lady remained offended.

However, she was nowhere to be found.

A slight pause later, he carefully asked, “Second Master, I wonder where’s your lady friend—”


The curtains of the dressing room were pulled.

Lu Huaiyu looked at the dressing room as though he had sensed something.

Under the shop’s glamorous lighting stood a tall and slender figure.

Her soft and straight hair fell over her shoulder like the waterfall, and it had a layer of soft glow.

Her skin was as fair as porcelain and her eyes were as clear as crystal.

Her slender neck and distinct collarbone glowed as well.

The minimalistic design complimented the girl’s slender figure as if she was a blooming flower, youthful but unaware of how alluring she was.

The dreamy, soft gray tulle dress was spread open and together with the sequins, the dress looked like the milky way. It was soft yet dazzling, as though all lights were on her.

She was the brightest star in the milky way.

The shop fell into instant silence.

Her beauty was the kind that could only be admired and not disturbed.

Wen Qi could not help but sigh.

She had already witnessed Ning Li’s beauty inside the dressing room, so she reacted to it better than the others.

She praised softly, “The dress really suits Ms. Ning well.”

The dress was already beautiful by itself, but it looked even more stunning on her.

Ning Li looked at Lu Huaiyu and said, “How do I look, Second Brother?”

She believed the dress suited her well too.

Lu Huaiyu did not answer. Instead, all he did was stare at her deeply.

Even Feng Yao and the other executives were stunned and impressed.

For a moment there, a realization popped up in Feng Yao’s mind. ‘No wonder Lu Huaiyu paid so much attention to her. She’s beautiful!!’

He praised Ning Li as well., “Ms. Ning, you look great in the dress!”

Lu Huaiyu suddenly looked at the man. “Is HG closed or what? Why are you guys standing here?”

Feng Yao and the other executives trembled in shock when they heard Lu Huaiyu.

‘Wait, isn’t he accompanying Ms. Ning to try on the dress? He was fine a moment ago, what caused the sudden change?’

Feng Yao quicked said, “Uh, if there’s nothing else, we’ll be leaving. Please enjoy yourselves, Ms. Ning, Second Master.”

Lu Huaiyu glanced at them and everyone left in a hurry.

Even after they left, the executives had no idea what just happened.

“Uh, Mr. Feng, we don’t see Second Master Lu a lot here. If it’s possible, please tell us more about him so that we won’t offend him without knowing.”

They had heard rumors that the Second Master was hard to deal with, and after experiencing it first-hand today, they knew it to be true.

All they did was stand there, but somehow, they had made the Second Master mad.

Feng Yao was at a loss for words as well.

 He, too, had no idea what happened, but he knew one thing.

“Forget about the others. Remember, from now on, we must take good care of Ms. Ning.”

One of the executives was surprised.

“I heard she’s the stepdaughter of the Ye Family who had just come to Yunzhou not long ago. Who would’ve thought she was this close to the second master? Does it mean the Ye Family is trying to win his favor?”

Feng Yao waved his hands after a quick thought.

“Have you ever seen him so caring of someone?”

The other shook their heads.

“Good, then you guys know what you should do and how you should talk to the lady. Be mindful of your actions from now on.”

Lu Huaiyu stood up and walked to Ning Li.

Ning Li felt an unusual heat from his gaze as if his eyes were blistering hot, and it burned her.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her and said, “When’s your birthday?”

Surprised, Ning Li said, “26th June.”

Lu Huaiyu paused slightly. He seemed moved.

Ning Li asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled and tapped her head, mumbling, “You are still so young.”

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