The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: About Him And Her

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Lu Huaiyu walked into the shop and his gaze fell onto the girl who was standing in the middle of the shop.

The receptionist welcomed him with a flattering smile. “Second Master Lu…”

The moment Lu Huaiyu looked at that receptionist, his eyes turned cold.

The receptionist’s heart skipped a beat and what she was about to say were all stuck in her throat.

Lu Huaiyu moved his long legs and walked towards the girl she saw.

Ning Li looked up at him in his seductive eyes.

He lifted a brow and smiled. “You’re early.”

He thought that as a high school senior’s schedule would be packed and as such, Ning Li might want to sleep a little longer on a Saturday morning.

He had planned to call her a little later but she was already in the shop.

The receptionist’s smile froze on her face.

She shifted her eyes between Lu Huaiyu and Ning Li before she stopped at Ning Li and her eyes widened.

The girl with the T-shirt and jeans was the girl that Second Master Lu mentioned that he would be accompanying for dress-shopping?

Judging from her clothes, both the T-shirt and jeans combined was not even 300 RMB, and she looked like a high-schooler!

However, Second Master Lu seemed exceptionally caring toward her.

Since when did Yunzhou welcome another upper-class socialite?

As anxiety rose in the receptionist’s heart, she nervously bent over and apologized.

“I’m sorry, miss. I didn’t know you were the one we were waiting for. I apologize for my rude behavior earlier.”

Ning Li looked at Lu Huaiyu and said, “I don’t class today, so I thought I’d come earlier.”

Lu Huaiyu nodded.

Today was Old Master Cheng’s birthday dinner, and judging from the Ye Family’s attitude, he did not think they would care about Ning Li, so he thought of bringing her shopping for a proper dress.

It turned out that because he did not tell her earlier, the girl was mistreated.

“Saw anything that caught your eyes?”

Ning Li shook her head.

The receptionist remained bent over.

Since both Lu Huaiyu and Ning Li did not talk to her, she dared not straighten herself. She had only been in that position for a while, yet she was already sweating.

Lu Huaiyu nodded.

“Let’s go to the next shop then.”

Ning Li thought the same and was about to walk out of the shop.

However, Lu Huaiyu reached out to her shoulder and grabbed her black bag off her back.

His movement felt natural and smooth.

Ning Li wanted to tell him that she had nothing in the bag, but when she saw his handsome side profile that looked as if he did not mind, she swallowed her words.

Cheng Xiangxiang was stunned by Lu Huaiyu’s action.

She had seen Lu Huaiyu before.

Her impression of him was a proud and somewhat lazy young master who came from the capital.

Since when did he care so much about someone? It was not just anyone, but Ning Li!

Right before the two of them left, Cheng Xiangxiang called out to him, “Second Master Lu!”

Only then did Lu Huaiyu turn around as though he had finally noticed Cheng Xiangxiang and her friend.

He looked incredibly handsome with his deep-set eyes, which looked like she was staring at the deepest part of the sea. It felt like she could easily fall for him, especially with his sharp eyes, keen gaze, and his blue blood presence, which made him unrivaled.

Cheng Xiangxiang and her friend were so stunned that they blushed unconsciously.

At the very next moment, Lu Huaiyu shifted his attention from them and looked at the receptionist.

“It seems like the owner of your shop misunderstood my message.”

The receptionist’s face turned pale.

A notice was sent from HQ last night at 8:00 p.m., telling all the shops in the mall that Second Master Lu would be visiting today with a girl for dress-shopping.

All shops were told to stop all walk-in sales and serve only Second Master Lu and his friend.

Everyone talked and gossiped about it for a while. They had no idea which lady was fortunate enough to win over Second Master Lu’s favor.

All the shop owners were nervous and eager to welcome Second Master Lu. They brought out all their best dresses for him and his friend to browse, hoping that they could win this competition and ultimately the lady friend’s favor.

As someone in the service industry, the receptionist should know who to appeal to but she screwed up without even knowing it.

Not only did he show Ning Li a poor attitude and showed no intentions of serving her, but she also allowed Cheng Xiangxiang and her friend inside the shop.

Even though Cheng Xiangxiang and her friend were just browsing and the receptionist said they were not doing walk-in sales for the day, Second Master Lu was angry with the uninvited presence and poor service.

The receptionist explained nervously, “It’s not like that Second Master Lu, I…”

“Worker No.1573, I don’t wish to see her in HG after 12:00 p.m. today. HG doesn’t need someone with poor service and attitude.”

Lu Huaiyu was talking through the phone and it scared the receptionist even more.

HG was a part of the Lu Family’s property. Just Lu Huaiyu’s words alone were enough to cease her career and ruin her future.

No luxury brand retail shops would want her now.

“And tell Feng Yao to hold a training session for everyone in management today at 3:00 p.m. If something like this happens again, he can kiss that bonus away this year.”

Feng Yao was the general manager of HG.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Huaiyu signaled Ning Li with a slight move of his chin. “Let’s go. I’ll bring you to the next place.”

Everyone else in the shop, other than Ning Li, was invisible to him.

As the door closed, the atmosphere in the grand and luxurious retail shop plunged to awkwardness and the three ladies were left alone in silence.

The receptionist’s eyes were red and she looked dispirited.

The girl beside Cheng Xiangxiang whispered, “Xiangxiang, I thought you said your brother is close with Second Master Lu, but it seems like he’s not that… close with you?”

It was not just that, but Cheng Xiangxiang felt like a stranger in front of Lu Huaiyu.

Embarrassed, Cheng Xiangxiang said, “He’s my brother’s friend, okay! Do you know every one of your brother’s friends? I guess not!”

The girl puckered her lips in silence.

Lu Huaiyu was not just anyone, and if Cheng Xiangxiang could get closer to him, she would not end up embarrassed.

Lu Huaiyu was simply out of Cheng Xiangxiang’s league.

Cheng Xiangxiang felt terrible.

Judging from what she heard earlier, Lu Huaiyu had booked the entire second floor for Ning Li just to get her a dress.

What was going on?

She strode out of the shop and looked at the two of them, walking further away. Then, she took her phone out and called someone.

“Hello? Lil Ci? I have something to ask you.”

The second floor of the mall was usually lively on a Saturday, but because of Lu Huaiyu, it was quiet.

However, wherever Lu Huaiyu and Ning Li went, the shop owners and receptionists welcomed them passionately.

Lu Huaiyu brought Ning Li to the biggest retail shop on the second floor.

Ning Li saw the eye-catching logo at the front.


‘Great. This is the most expensive shop here.’

She sighed and followed Lu Huaiyu inside.

The shop owner was a woman in her thirties. She looked beautiful with her delicate makeup on and felt kind. She also had a unique presence to her.

She welcomed them with a smile and served them herself.

“Second Master Lu, welcome. These are our newest collections. I believe they will fit Ms. Ning Li perfectly, especially this piece. Why don’t you give it a try, Ms. Ning Li?”

It was an off-the-shoulder, soft-gray tulle dress with a minimalistic design. The innermost lining of the dress had countless sequins that were sewn by hand, and with several layers of tulle, the dress resembled the mysterious starry sky.

Lu Huaiyu sized up the dress.

The receptionist of the shop brought over some coffee and pastries.

“Second Master Lu, Ms. Ning.”

Ning Li looked at the coffee and pastries, then shook her head. “He doesn’t drink this type of coffee.”

At the same time, Lu Huaiyu said, “The cutting won’t fit on her. It has to be trimmed a bit.”

The soft voice of the girl and the magnetic voice of the man blended into one.

When their voices subsided, the shop turned quiet.

Lu Huaiyu raised a brow and turned around.

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