The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Need Help? Sure

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A short silence later, the classroom was filled with continuous applause.

However, quite a number of students subtly looked at Ye Ci.

Ye Ci had just said that Ning Li would be transferred to the 12th class. However, she now appeared in their class and became their new classmate.

Zhou Fei looked at Ning Li. “Come here, Ning Li. Introduce yourself to the class.”

Ning Li said with a calm voice, “I’m Ning Li.”

Zhou Fei was rendered speechless by the cold reaction.

‘She’s really not much of a talker, is she?’

However, when he thought of the girl’s complicated background, he somehow sympathized with her. It felt normal for her to have such a temper.

He looked around the class and pointed at an empty seat in the corner.

“You can take a seat there.”

“Oh, where’s the class monitor?”

A young man from the back row looked up when he heard Zhou Fei calling for him.

He was wearing the school uniform with the zipper pulled to the top. He was handsome and had frameless glasses atop his tall nose. However, the pair of eyes behind the glasses felt cold and distant.

Zhou Fei signaled at the young man by moving his chin.

“Can you please get Ning Li a new set of learning materials later? Thank you.

“Ning Li, since you’re new, you can ask Pei Song anything that you don’t understand.”

Ning Li nodded and headed to the corner seat.

“So I suppose anyone can simply transfer to our class now,” Chen Xiangxiang said softly with an unhappy look.

Zhou Fei knocked on the lecture table with his finger and silenced Chen Xiangxiang.

Zhou Fei was still very young. It had only been a year since he started teaching in Yunzhou Second Senior High School, but he had a high reputation among the students.

One of the reasons for his high reputation was his beautiful resume. He got a doctorate in physics from Xijing University at the age of 21.

It was said that the principal of the school spent quite the effort to convince him to teach in Yunzhou Second Senior High School.

Besides, he seemed to have come from an influential background.

Chen Xiangxiang and the other students might not know a lot about Zhou Fei’s background, but they were able to tell something was different based on the principal’s courteous attitude toward him.

Zhou Fei smiled and said, “I invigilated Ning Li’s entrance exam myself. There wasn’t any problem. Though, if anyone faces any problems academically, you can ask Ning Li for advice.”

The moment his words fell, the atmosphere in the class turned strange.

Ask Ning Li for advice?!

A bumpkin from a small town who knew nothing except picking a fight with people? What kind of advice could she possibly give?

Ning Li pulled her chair, stuffed her bag into the drawer of the desk, and sat down.

She looked like a quiet and nice girl, nothing like the rumors of her almost pushing a girl off the rail.

The only thing strange about her was the cold look on her face. It made her seem distant.

Zhou Fei started the class.

“Take out the paper we did last time.”

Sounds of paper rustling filled the classroom instantly.

Ning Li lay down on the table and started sleeping.

Her actions rendered everyone else surprised and speechless.

She was so full of herself! More importantly, Zhou Fei allowed her to act as she wished!

In Zhou Fei’s class, as long as the students understood what he said, the students were allowed to do whatever they wanted.

Ye Ci took a glance at Ning Li before she looked at the paper in her hand. Her eyes looked a little dull.

She really did not expect Ning Li to be in the same class as her in First Class.

‘What made Mr. Sun agree to the transfer? And what does Mr. Zhou mean? I thought she had always been bad at studies?’

Lin Zhouyang finally crawled up from the ground and got back to his seat, but before that, he was kicked off his seat from behind.

Ren Qian, the guy behind Lin Zhouyang, scolded him softly, “You bastard, what’s wrong with you? She’s the one you called a freak with superpowers? Are you blind?!”

Lin Zhouyang felt nothing but grievances.

“I didn’t say… She was so far away. How would I know…”

He did not finish his sentence, but everyone knew what he was about to say next.

Even if Ning Li was a bully, she would be a beautiful bully!

“I think the titles ‘bully’ and ‘most beautiful girl of Yunzhou Second Senior High School’ belong to a single person from now on.”

Lin Zhouyang signaled Ren Qian with a nervous gaze while he talked nonsense.

He was trying to say, ‘Don’t you see Ye Ci beside you?!’

Ren Qian then did a zipping gesture on his lips.

Ye Ci was also beautiful but rather lackluster when compared to Ning Li.

Ye Ci tightened her grip on her pen.

She noticed how the boys were looking at Ning Li. The astonishment in their eyes was obvious.

Chen Xiangxiang’s hatred for Ning Li grew when she heard it.

“What’s wrong with the boys?!”

Ye Ci smiled and pointed at her paper.

“Just forget about it. It’s better for you to be worried about how to maintain your scores in the next test. Think of what your mother will say to you.”

Chen Xiangxiang was deeply irritated.

Her cousin, Chen Xiyue, had been her role model since young. Even though he had graduated, he was known as the best of the best in terms of academic scores.

Her mother would compare her to her cousin from time to time, but Chen Xiangxiang always paled in comparison.

The bell rang and class was over. Ning Li finally woke up.

She lowered her head and looked at her phone. She saw two messages.

[The thing you asked me to check, I found something. The seat belt on the passenger seat had been tinkered with. The suspect has been found and I’ve kept the proof for you.]

[2200 tonight, Xiaosong Hill. Coming?]

Ning Li stared at Xiaosong Hill for a moment.

[Thank you. I’ll be there.]

Someone then came to her side. She turned her phone’s brightness down and looked up.

Pei Song was standing beside her desk.

“Follow me. We’ll get you the books.”

Ning Li got up and followed Pei Song to get her books.

Lincheng and Yunzhou were not far from each other, so both places used the same teaching materials.

However, she found bringing books to school to be a hassle, so she had decided not to bring them.

She never wrote anything on the books anyway, so it would be the same for her to use new books here.

The two of them turned heads wherever they walked. A lot of students looked at them with a strange gaze.

It had only been a morning but the news of Ning Li getting into a fight and getting into First Class had spread like wildfire in Yunzhou Second Senior High School.

Ning Li turned a blind eye at all the attention because it was what she was going for.

Even though she did not want to make a move, it would save her a lot of trouble.

After Pei Song helped her with the new books, the two returned to the classroom.

Ning Li nodded at him and said, “Thank you.”

Pei Song watched her put all the books neatly together. She looked like she wanted to continue sleeping.

His handsome face did not show a hint of emotion, but he did respond. “You’re welcome.”

The quietness did not last for long.

Just before Ning Li wanted to close her eyes, Ye Ci walked over.

“Big Sister Ning Li, you got into First Class? Why didn’t I hear about it before? If you had told me earlier, I would’ve taken good care of you,” said Ye Ci warmly.

The other students stuck their ears out and wanted to find out more.

‘What’s wrong with Ning Li?’

‘She knew Ye Ci is in First Class. Since she’s joining this class, why didn’t she tell Ye Ci?’

‘She just had to make this awkward.’

Ning Li did not even look at Ye Ci. She said, “I don’t know. Mr. Sun made the arrangement.”

The smile on Ye Ci’s face almost faded, but she managed to hold it.

“It’s fine. It’s more convenient now that we’re in the same class. It’s your first day here. Just come to me if you have any problems.”

Ning Li thought about it before she raised a brow.

“Now that you mentioned it, I do need your help on something.”

She gave Ye Ci a sheet of white paper.

“A 1,500-word essay about what I did wrong. Can you help me to write it? Mr. Sun wants it tomorrow. Thank you.”

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