The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: New Classmate

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Zhou Fei’s words silenced the entire corridor.

Sun Quan frowned. He took the paper and his furrowed brows were slowly replaced by slight surprise.

There were a total of 12 classes in Yunzhou Second Senior High School’s third year for science and the class with the best results was none other than Rocket class.

The students in Rocket class were considered the seeds for the best tertiary education institute in the country. The school spent a lot of effort in raising them, hence the monthly individual mockup tests.

The mockup tests were all prepared by the teachers of Yunzhou Second Senior High School, and the difficulty level was as expected.

The paper in Sun Quan’s hand was the last mockup test given to the recently graduated third-year seniors. It was a general science paper.

Sun Quan remembered how difficult the test paper was. Even the best of the best in Rocket class only got a total score of 291.

The boy eventually became the top scorer in the general college entrance exams in Yunzhou.

He sized up Ning Li doubtfully before looking at the paper again.

The paper was neatly written and the words were tidy.

“Are you sure she scored full marks?” Sun Quan asked.

Zhou Fei clicked his tongue and answered in disdain, “You don’t believe me?”

The young teacher had just finished his game and wanted to mark Ning Li’s paper.

Since Ning Li only used an hour and a half for the paper, Zhou Fei thought she only chose the questions she knew to answer.

Then, when he looked at the paper, he was shocked because it was the wrong paper.

Soon, he realized that the paper was fully answered. Ning Li had answered every question on the paper.

Zhou Fei checked the paper back and forth twice, and the most shocking thing he realized was that she scored perfectly. Not a single mistake was found!

Right when he got excited that the school was finally welcoming a super genius student, he ran out of the office and heard Sun Quan refusing to accept her.

It was lousy timing for a lousy joke.

“Mr. Sun, think about it. She’s really smart. Are you sure you don’t want to take her in?”

Sun Quan found himself in a difficult situation. His grip on the paper got tighter.

The mockup test was prepared internally by the teachers of Yunzhou Second Senior High School. Not even the third-year students of this semester had done or seen it before, let alone a transfer student.

This was to say that there was no way she had cheated. She aced the mockup test on her own!

If Sun Quan really rejected her transfer, it would be a huge loss for the school.

However, what just happened could not be undone or ignored. It was clear that she had threatened a fellow student, hence it was a problem.

Moreover, Sun Quan had already made his rejection clear.

Zhou Fei noticed the look on Sun Quan’s face. He knew the teacher was wavering because of the paper.

He added, “It’s normal for a child to be in a rebellious stage. They tend to get impulsive at times, it’s totally common. It’ll be fine as long as we guide her properly!”

He believed Ning Li would never start a fight with a fellow student without a reason.

At the thought of it, Zhou Fei turned around to Ning Li.

“Ning Li, tell me what happened.”

Ning Li responded with a calm look. She curled her lips into a soft grin, as though she was going to mock him.

“They said my father is a murderer and are worried that I’ll become one.”

Silence. The atmosphere fell into a dead silence again.

Zhou Fei’s smile faded a bit as he looked at the other students.

There were surveillance cameras installed in the corridor. The truth would be easily unveiled if they pulled up the footage as they would realize that Ning Li was not lying.

The other boys and girls lowered their heads out of guilt.

Sun Quan finally realized the situation and his own impulsive mistake.

After some thinking, he said, “You guys started this first, but Ning Li, you reacted a little too strongly.

“I won’t give you guys a demerit this time because all of you are already third-year students, but everyone here is punished to write a 1,500-word essay about your mistake today. Hand it over to me tomorrow morning.”

Then, he sent the students back to the class and apologized to Su Yuan.

“Mrs. Ye, I’m really sorry for what happened. We’ll pay more attention to our education methods. I assure you this will not happen again.

“Speaking of Ning Li, why didn’t you tell me about your daughter before this? Her results are off the charts.”

As a matter of fact, it was news to Su Yuan as well. The Ye family had told her that Ning Li had poor academic results and wanted her to pay more attention to her education.

‘You call that poor academic results?’ Su Yuan forced an awkward smile on her face.

The word ‘murderer’ had raised a wall in Su Yuan’s heart, but Ning Li’s outstanding performance gave her mixed feelings.

She thought Ning Li’s grades had always been average since she was in Lincheng. What made her ace the papers in Yunzhou Second Senior High School?

“Maybe… she got smarter in her third year? Anyway, I’m sorry for the trouble she caused today. I’ll talk to her when we get back.”

Zhou Fei raised a brow at Su Yuan’s answer.

He questioned Su Yuan’s responsibility as a parent. The other students started this first, yet Su Yuan sounded like she was trying to put the blame on Ning Li.

On top of that, Ning Li was already a third-year high school student and her mother did not even know how good her grades were?

Sun Quan chatted with Su Yuan a little more before he told Ning Li to report to the first class.

Right when Ning Li wanted to leave, Zhou Fei caught up to her.

“My class is coming up. I’ll bring you there.”

Ning Li paused and remembered that it was her first day in Yunzhou Second Senior High School. She would not know where the first class of the third year was.

She nodded and said, “Thank you, Mr. Zhou.”

The third year first class.

A student ran into the class anxiously.

“Sh*t! A fight broke out at the teacher’s office!”

The rather quiet classroom fell into clamor all of a sudden.

“Who had the balls to start a fight in front of the teacher’s office? That guy must be trying to get himself demerited.”

Lin Zhouyang, the student who came back in a rush, got to his seat for a drink to calm himself down.

“I heard it was a transfer student. I just came back from the basketball court and saw the transfer student pushing someone against the rail. The student almost fell from the fourth floor!”

Transfer student. It had been two weeks since the third year’s semester started and there was only one transfer student—Ning Li from the Ye family.

A lot of the students turned their attention to Ye Ci.

Chen Xiangxiang raised her voice and said, “Little Ci, that girl started a fight?!”

Ye Ci took a book out of her drawer and opened it. She paused for a moment when she heard it, then shook her head. “I don’t know.”

“I suppose so. I mean she was raised in that kind of a family. How do you expect her to have manners? I bet she always got herself into fights. Where does she think this place is that she can simply start a fight? Lincheng?”

The news about Ning Li’s arrival had spread like wildfire a few days ago, and it was the hottest topic at the time because of her background.

Someone started to voice out their dissatisfaction.

“If she’s so good at fighting, is she some kind of freak with superpowers?”

A lot of the students laughed upon hearing that.

Lin Zhouyang shook his head. “I didn’t have a clear look, but judging from the situation, she’s more or less one.”

Ye Ci subtly frowned sourly when Ning Li’s face flashed in her mind.

Chen Xiangxiang leaned back on the chair.

“No matter what she is, she’s a freak and it’s dangerous to be around her. Little Ci, which class is she going to again?”

Ye Ci started to read the book on her table. She said softly, “12th class, I think.”

The 12th class was the class with the poorest scores.

“How dare she transfer to Yunzhou Second Senior High School with a score like that? If it was not for Uncle Ye, she might not even be able to set foot through the gates.”

Chen Xiangxiang looked down on people like Ning Li. People like Ning Li would think that with the Ye family behind her, she could do whatever she wanted.

“Since she caused such a scene on her first day, Mr. Sun would never accept her actions. I think she might not even get accepted.”

The moment Chen Xiangxiang’s voice fell, the bell rang.

Zhou Fei stepped into class following the chime.

Behind him was a slender and tall figure.

When her clean and beautiful looks appeared, the class was instantly silenced.

Lin Zhouyang’s eyes almost popped out of his eye sockets as he fell off the chair.

“Holy sh*t!”

Zhou Fei clapped his hands and said with a smile, “Well, well, it seems like everyone is looking forward to welcoming the new transfer student.

“Come here, Ning Li. Say hello to everyone.”

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