The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Why Is A Cute Girl Like You Running Around At Night

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Ye Ci’s smile froze for a moment.

Ning Li wanted her to write an apology essay?!


“Mhmm?” Ning Li raised a brow.

“I thought you said you’ll help me with everything? Is writing an essay too troublesome for you?”

The class went quiet, so quiet that everyone would be able to hear a needle dropping to the floor.

It was then a hand stretched over and took the paper away.

Lin Zhouyang said with an attentive smile, “Oh, would you look at that? I’m familiar with writing an essay, so let me do it! Let me do it!”

Ye Ci had always been a role model student. She had never written an apology essay before.

“Yeah, Ye Ci’s hands are made for painting. She’s not suitable for writing apology essays, am I right?” Ren Qian giggled as he watched from the side.

Lin Zhouyang had liked Ye Ci for two years now, but she never even spared a glance at him. Despite the countless defeats, he never gave up and got even more determined.

Ye Ci tightened her lips.

“Thank you, but this essay is a little…”

Lin Zhouyang was taken aback. “It’s nothing, it’s a piece of cake!”

Based on Lin Zhouyang’s reaction, it seemed like he would write anything for Ye Ci.

Ning Li lazily looked away.

She had never noticed the contempt and hate behind that smiley face in her past life, and she wondered why.

Both Ye Ci and Ye Cheng viewed Ning Li as an outsider, an invader trying to ruin their home. It was just that Ye Cheng was younger and did not know how to conceal his feelings.

“Is there anything else?” Ning Li looked rather agitated with Ye Ci beside her.

Even a blind man knew that she disliked Ye Ci’s company.

Ye Ci’s face flushed and she forced herself to shake her head. She turned around and returned to her seat.

She lowered her head when she got back and looked rather moody. Grievances covered her face, as though she had been treated unfairly.

The other students looked at each other, wondering what really happened.

To them, the ‘sisters’ were not as close as they thought.

Cheng Xiangxiang got angry when Ye Ci was treated poorly.

“Little Ci, you’re simply letting that girl treat you like that!?”

Ye Ci held her hand and forced a smile on her face.

“Big Sister Ning Li is new here. She’s still trying to adapt.”

Cheng Xiangxiang rolled her eyes at her.

“What’s with the attitude?! She’s living under your roof as an outsider but is behaving like she’s the owner of the house instead!”

Cheng Xiangxiang was loud, so everyone in the class heard her.

A lot of the students turned around to Ning Li, but she only propped her chin on her hand and did not look embarrassed at all. Instead, she slightly grinned while looking at Cheng Xiangxiang.

“What’s wrong? Did I eat from your bowl?”

Cheng Xiangxiang was silent after that.

“It’s the Ye family’s matter. Who are you to interfere?”

Ning Li might be an outsider to the Ye family, but she had a complicated relationship with Su Yuan.

Cheng Xiangxiang was a nobody.

She wanted to argue back, but when she met those clear but cold eyes, she somehow felt awkward and scared. As such, she shut her mouth instead.

A moment later, she got to Ye Ci and said while feeling aggrieved, “Look at her, she’s full of herself! You have to be careful of her! Don’t you get too close to her!”

Ye Ci slightly frowned.

“I don’t know what I did wrong, but Big Sister Ning Li seems to hate me…”

Ever since Ning Li arrived at their door, she had tried her best to be welcoming but…

Ning Li looked outside the window. The sun in September was dazzling.

Her attitude toward Ye Ci was nothing. It was not even the appetizer to what she wanted to do to the family.

She ought to take back what they owed her, including interest.

A day flew by in the blink of an eye.

Apart from those who came because of Ning Li’s ‘notoriety’ and looked at her through the window, Ning Li had a rather peaceful day.

6:00 p.m. in the evening, Ye Ci was brought away by the driver.

The final round of the competition was around the corner, so she would spare a couple of hours a day to practice and prepare at the exhibition master’s place.

Ning Li studied by herself until 9:00 p.m. at night before leaving.

She had told the driver of the Ye family that she would go back by herself. Everyone in the family felt a weight being lifted.

As the colorful lights lit up, Ning Li followed the leaving crowd and walked out of the school.

Then, a loud engine roar and the screams of girls caught her attention.

She looked at the noise and tried to find out what happened.

A distance away, a big black heavy bike had stopped in front of the school’s entrance.

The young man on the bike was slim but had a big black jacket on him.

He had short silver-gray hair and brown eyes that looked sharp. He was emanating a wild and manly aura.

His presence made him stand out from the girls and boys in uniforms.

He put his long legs on the ground and started to look around. Then, he fixed his gaze on someone. He grinned and whistled loudly.

All the girls and boys turned around, curious and surprised to know who he was calling to.

The one he whistled at was… Ning Li?!

Ning Li walked over with a blank look.

“Why are you here? Didn’t I say I’ll go there later?”

Ji Shu smiled and looked at her. “You said you’re coming, so how can I not fetch you myself, am I right?”

Ning Li sized him up from top to bottom. “Even so, you don’t have to…”

Ji Shu knew what she wanted to say and did not mind. He gave her a helmet and said, “Hop on, I’ll drive you there.”

Meanwhile, in a bookstore opposite the street, Lu Huaiyu was standing in front of a shelf filled with supplement books for third-years in high school.

He was talking on the phone while browsing the books.

“Mhmm, just got into third year this year. Scores… Average, I guess. A little weak in Physics.

“Mockup Tests Compilation is over.

“30 volumes of Yungang Scrolls? This one? Isn’t it a little difficult?”

He was browsing carefully and driving Zhou Fei mad.

“Second Master Lu, what are you doing? You didn’t even pay attention to picking books when you were in high school. Oh wait, you didn’t even select books at all!”

Lu Huaiyu was not moved.

“This, this, and this. That’s it.”

Zhou Fei clenched his teeth and said, “Enough!”

Lu Huaiyu was getting on Zhou Fei’s nerves.

“She should be studying by herself at night. I’ll send the books to her. Talk to you later.”

Zhou Fei was shocked. “Huh?! Studying by herself? Hold on, a student in my school?! You!”

Lu Huaiyu did not care what Zhou Fei said. He hung up the phone and paid for the books.

The cashier looked at him and asked with a polite smile, “Sir, are you buying revision books for your children?”

He looked like a nobleman in his early 20s, so the possible reasons for him to buy these books were either for his brother, sister, or nephews and nieces.

Lu Huaiyu thought for a moment before he answered with a smile.


The cashier tied the books together and said with an impressed tone, “You’re really kind.”

If she had a handsome man sending her books during her high school days, she would have gotten into Xijing University.

Lu Huaiyu took the bag of books and walked out.

He looked up and slightly squinted his peach blossom eyes.

Ning Li looked at the helmet handed to her, quickly frowning.

In her past life, Ji Shu knew she got into trouble and was killed on the way to her in a traffic accident.

He was the only son of the Ji family, and after his death, his parents were devastated. It was followed by the fall of their family’s business.

The Ye family took the opportunity and devoured the Ji family’s business together with the other families.

The Ji family was forced out of the scene after that.

Ning Li had drowned herself in guilt and self-blame for a long time. She could barely sleep at night.

“Get a car instead,” she said.

Ji Shu was a little startled, but before he could say a word, a lazy and cold voice sounded beside them.

“Why is a girl like you running around at night instead of doing her homework at home?”

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