The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1427 - Yun Ming Is Still Alive?

Chapter 1427: Yun Ming Is Still Alive?

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Shrek’s reconstruction signified that there was a certain level of change was bound to happen in the entire continent. The great catastrophe earlier had left behind too much sorrow and agony. Shrek’s rebuilding would now first affect the families of all its students that had gone missing for such a long period of time.

Just like Yaping, every single family member of the students of Shrek Academy encountered the pain of losing dear kin. Learning that the family member was still alive would certainly be a surprise for these people.

Shrek Academy’s teachers used their lives to protect the students so that they could live. This was the most important propaganda seized by the Dove Faction in order to produce an extremely impressive effect on the revival and reconstruction of Shrek.

Tang Wulin’s eyes were gradually moistened as he looked at the Tang Sect’s disciples and Shrek Academy’s students bustling about on the ground below. He thought about how they distanced themselves in extreme sorrow when Shrek was destroyed as they headed to all sorts of army corps in order to preserve the academy’s tinder.

At this moment, Shrek had finally begun its reconstruction. Even though the path before him was certainly filled with incomparable toughness, he would certainly embark on it. Moreover, he would do everything in his power to protect the academy so that it would not be harmed anymore. Just like how the teachers previously protected the students.

Those familiar faces emerged on his mind. He remembered the Silver Moon Douluo Elder Cai’s sternness, his grand teacher Scarlet Dragon Douluo and his teacher Blazing Dragon Douluo’s earnest hope and prayer for himself. Those familiar teachers and seniors were already gone. However, the students lived and they preserved Shrek’s tinder. They had all personally witnessed how the teachers protected them with their lives at the time.

For years, could these students not miss their families? Could they not miss their relatives? Of course, not. However, not even one of Shrek Academy’s students left in a rush. In order to not divulge Shrek’s secret, they suppressed their yearning for their family members and clenched their teeth to push through.

This was because they had an idea in their minds all this while. They understood that their lives were given by Shrek and they would have died in the great catastrophe earlier had it not been for their teachers’ sacrifices.

There were so many Title Douluos amongst the teachers. If they intended to leave, their survival rate would be very high too. Yet, none of the teachers did so. They spared no effort in buying time for the students and burned their lives in order to preserve the tinders for Shrek.

As a result, the same spirit of self-sacrifice was deeply ingrained into the hearts of these students. There was but an idea in the depth of their hearts, their lives had already belonged to Shrek since the beginning of that great catastrophe. Shrek’s glory was their glory, while Shrek’s survival was their survival.

Thus, everyone abided discipline. Regardless of their temperament and no matter how much they missed their relatives, they persisted. The purpose was to wait for the arrival of this very day! They could finally once again see the light of day. Shrek was also finally seeing the light of day again.

The news about Shrek’s reconstruction had spread through the entire Douluo Federation like wildfire within the short period of an hour. The emergence of this news had even covered over the news about the federal fleet’s fall back.

In Spirit Pagoda’s headquarters.



Qiangu Dongfeng dropped and shattered his beloved mug. He was at a loss for words due to the shock.

‘Yun Ming is still alive?’

“How is that possible? How could he possibly still be alive?’

He could not believe that this news at all.

It could be said that Qiangu Dongfeng was of the same generation as Atlas Douluo. Both of them had almost risen to fame during the same era. However, he was feeling a form of deep oppression precisely because he was of the same generation as Atlas Douluo. From the beginning to the end, there was no way he could catch up to the Atlas Douluo’s footsteps, no matter how much effort he put into his cultivation. Even after his successful ascension to Limit Douluo, he was still very well aware of the huge disparity between Yun Ming and himself.

Yun Ming had fallen during the great catastrophe. It was a great relief for the powerhouses beyond their time like them. It felt like a huge mountain had been removed from the top of their heads.

Almost every person of his rank had this feeling including the Boundless Sea Douluo. If there was no Yun Ming, then there was no one standing on the pinnacle of this world anymore.

Even someone as arrogant as the Underworld King Douluo Ha Luosa had never truly challenged Yun Ming before because they were all well aware of Yun Ming’s achievements.

Fortunately, he died in a battle during the catastrophe such that even his soul was stripped away by the Holy Spirit Cult. Yet, who would have thought that he would live again? If Atlas Douluo was truly still alive, then who could stir up Shrek?

Qiangu Dongfeng’s breathing sounded rushed as he waved his huge hand. “You should go first.”

The person before him was precisely the Title Douluo who was frightened out of his wits at Shrek Academy.

“Yes, yes.”

Qiangu Dongfeng attempted to calm himself with great effort.

He pressed a button located on his table. A layer of the most advanced isolation shield in the continent’s technology rose in the surroundings of his room. It was capable of isolating every sound and vibration.

He procured a soul communicator from a hidden drawer underneath the table and dialed a series of long numbers.

“Why are you calling me at this time?” A hoarse voice was heard on the other end of the communicator.

“You owe me an explanation. Why is Yun Ming still alive?” Qiangu Dongfeng asked in a deep voice as he suppressed his rage.

“What?” The voice on the other end turned high pitch in a split second.

“That’s impossible. It’s impossible for him to still be alive. He’s already dead. It’s me who killed him with my hands. I left behind no bones nor corpse and even his soul was stripped away by us. Even the injuries I suffered in order to kill him have yet to recover.”

“Ghost Emperor, I don’t want to hear about that now. I’m only calling to inform you that he is still alive. Moreover, there is a large number of Shrek Academy’s people that appeared other than him. At least, both he and the Holy Spirit Douluo are still alive. How are you going to explain yourself?”

The voice on the other end calmed down. “I am aware that Yali is still alive for it was Yun Ming that fought all he could to protect her. I was severely injured in that very battle. A total of seven Title Douluo had fallen from my side in order to complement my power and the Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition’s explosive force so that we could kill Yun Ming. It’s impossible for Yun Ming to still be alive. We are all of Limit Douluo-rank so we are naturally aware of the situation that would result in a Limit Douluo’s death.”

“So you’re telling me that the person at Shrek Academy is actually a fraud? What about his soul then? Is it still in your hands? I want to see it with my own eyes.”

The voice on the other end of the communicator quieted down.

“Huh?” A gush of ominous premonition arose in Qiangu Dongfeng’s heart.

Ghost Emperor’s voice turned deep. “Qiangu, there’s something that I must inform you. Yun Ming’s soul is no longer there. I didn’t tell you earlier because we thought that his soul couldn’t possibly do anything else. His soul was torn into pieces by my Nine Ghost Soul-chaser Nail. Only his remnant soul remained. Moreover, there were some extremely severe internal injuries too. You should know that it’s impossible even for Yali to have the ability to heal the soul’s abilities. She can only watch helplessly as his soul gradually disperse off.”

“What are you saying?” Qiangu Dongfeng’s rage was instantly heightened to the highest. “You returned Yun Ming’s soul to them? Why? Tell me why?”

Ghost Emperor spoke coldly, “A mistake resulted in our Almighty Space-time Shuttle being taken away by the Tang Sect. Tell me, how did that happen?”

Qiangu Dongfeng felt dispirited upon listening to the words ‘Almighty Space-time Shuttle’. “You…”

Ghost Emperor said, “I think that there’s no need for you to be agitated. Yun Ming can’t possibly be resurrected. You should know the extent of power my Nine Ghost Soul-chase Nail has. I’m truly capable of killing Yun Ming by relying on it. Had it not been for the Darkness Phoenix’s profuse request to not have a complete outburst of my force in his soul, his soul would have been scattered and dispersed. He can never possibly be resurrected. Even a God can’t have that ability. This is certainly a false show put up by Shrek Academy.”

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