The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1426 - Rebuild, Shrek Academy!

Chapter 1426: Rebuild, Shrek Academy!

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The Dove Faction hoped for peaceful development, and they detested war and invasion. Meanwhile, the independent faction from Shrek Academy would naturally choose to be on their side without the slightest reservation at this time.

Yet even as such, Mo Lan dared not mention matter as important as rebuilding Shrek to anyone before this day. Everything was carried out secretly. Other than herself, no one knew the purpose behind the preparation of this batch of supplies.

She had begun to embark on the path to deliver the supplies as soon as she received word.

The journey along the way was not peaceful. She had already received a dozen calls on her soul communicator. The distance between Heaven Dou City and Shrek City’s former address was the shortest, so the Dove Faction would certainly be inquiring as to the specific situation upon receiving the news.

Mo Lan expressed her support for Shrek’s rebuilding without the slightest hesitation. This was also something that the vast majority of people in the Dove Faction had hoped for. She had not mentioned the support offered to Shrek in the form of supplies. She would discuss that later when everything had settled down.

Meanwhile, Shrek’s reconstruction works had already begun.

The Shrek Academy students had made adequate preparations and received their task assignments earlier. Each of them was driven as one by one they leaped into the pit in order to begin the set-up process.

Many of the supplies had already been prepared. A stream of soul devices had been procured from their soul storage tools, and they began the installation process.

Of course, such a large number of soul devices could not possibly have been supplied by the Federation. There was no doubt that these soul devices were from the Tang Sect.

Yali flew over to the side of ‘Yun Ming’. “I hope everything that follows goes smoothly.”

‘Yun Ming’ smiled. “Our operation was covert and we left no trace behind. I’ve mobilized all our resources from every side. Even if the Spirit Pagoda wished to attack us out of desperation, they can’t possibly complete it within a short period of time. Moreover, they don’t have the audacity to act so blatantly. What a waste that we don’t have the Almighty Space-time Shuttle. It would make the process much smoother.”

Yali darted him a look. “Is that you or still him?”

“Mother, it’s me,” said Tang Wulin softly.

The other day, Tang Wulin told Yali about his plan when she inquired about which identity he wished to assume when he appeared.

This was because the Tang Sect was declared a treasonous organization by the Federation, so it was obviously inconvenient for him to assume the identity of their Sect Master. Therefore, he would need another identity.

They were already capable of using the Almighty Space-time Shuttle to exchange for Yun Ming’s soul upon their return. This was the deal made between them and the Holy Spirit Cult. The Almighty Space-time Shuttle was extremely important for the Holy Spirit Cult. The agreement was completed privately. The Holy Spirit Cult had even attempted to draw the Tang Sect to their side. One could only imagine the result of that incident when the Holy Spirit Cult attempted to convince the Amorous Douluo.

Whatever the case, the Atlas Douluo’s soul was finally in their hands, but the soul they have received was incomplete. It could only carry out simple communication under certain specific conditions. They found that the Atlas Douluo’s soul could enter a deep sleep by attaching itself to the Atlas Divine Spear. He would awaken every once in a while when time passed.

Yali had no idea when Yun Ming would awaken and that was why she asked the question earlier.

Under Yun Ming’s personal guidance, Tang Wulin’s disguise technique could be described as almost flawless. He could even imitate Yun Ming’s voice, mannerisms and aura, to the point that even Yali found it hard to distinguish between them. After all, her spiritual cultivation base was still lower than Tang Wulin’s.

In the case of rebuilding Shrek, what could be more effective than the Atlas Douluo’s public appeal? Moreover, there was no way to test the authenticity of the Atlas Douluo’s identity, besides a trial by combat. Tang Wulin was not the only one from Shrek Academy as there were also the Holy Spirit Douluo and the Light Dark Douluo. It was not that easy for someone to sound out Tang Wulin.

In addition to the element of surprise, the task of rebuilding Shrek Academy had begun in a manner that no one expected.

The architect had been hired from Heaven Dou City earlier, and he had already made the blueprints. There were to be three main academic buildings built to replace those from the original Shrek Academy. It was only due to the change in the Sea God Lake that some minor alterations were made to the plan.

At the same time, the most important task now was to set up a radiation shield.

A Title Douluo was capable of suppressing the destruction aura within a certain range for a short period of time by relying on his or her cultivation base, but it would not last long. It was only through the protection of a soul circuit that one would remain unaffected by the Sea God Lake.

Of course, Shrek Academy could not be rebuilt somewhere else. It could only be built in this place, by the shore of the Sea God Lake.

It appeared as if the situation had been calm and quiet. In reality, Tang Wulin had already consulted with the Tang Sect and the leadership from Shrek Academy on multiple occasions to tidy up the entire plan before finalizing it.

Shrek Academy’s students were setting up a protective shield at the moment.

Upon Tang Wulin’s return, he went to examine the Life Seed at once. The Life Seed was not growing very well, as it’s progress was extremely slow due to the effect of the destruction aura. Among the supplies Tang Wulin had procured from the Star Luo Empire was a type of crystal filled with life force. Even though it had an effect on the Life Seed, it was inadequate. After all, the growth of the Life Seed required a massive amount of life force.

The Life Seed had been neutralizing the destruction energy for over a year, reducing the destruction energy inside the Sea God Lake by fifty percent.

Even so, this was already its limit. Unless it could acquire even more life force, the situation would worsen. Moreover, there was even the possibility that the Life Seed would wither if this persisted for too long.

Tang Wulin had asked the Life Seed if it could grow somewhere else, but the answer was negative. The Life Seed told him that there was always a way and that the destruction energy was also a form of energy. When its life force had exceeded the destruction energy, it was capable of nourishing itself with the destruction energy. Such a massive amount of energy would allow it to reach its peak state within the shortest amount of time.

Thus, after careful consideration, Tang Wulin made the decision to pay a visit to the Great Star Dou Forest personally when the rebuilding process of Shrek Academy had reached a certain level. He would take a look at the core region in search for the traces of life crystals.

Given the level his abilities had reached, he was feeling rather confident in himself. Moreover, he had his companions by his side, so it seemed like his safety would not be a big issue.

He spread his spiritual power into the distance. Tang Wulin could sense a place that was very far away through the usage of his Spirit Domain spiritual power. He was capable of projecting his voice earlier not only by depending on his own power but also Yun Ming’s. Yun Ming would take part personally for something as important as rebuilding Shrek no matter how tired he was. The spiritual power in Yun Ming’s soul combined with Tang Wulin’s power in order to produce the shocking effect.

Tang Wulin could even feel that the surrounding area had been spied on by someone else at least dozens of times. However, these people dared not make a move rashly upon seeing Tang Wulin. It was apparent that the Atlas Douluo’s identity was having quite an effect at that moment. At least, it confused all the spies enough that they could not confirm if the Atlas Douluo had truly been resurrected.

Even the Holy Spirit Cult was feeling confused by this issue. This was because they had just returned Yun Ming’s soul very recently, and Shrek Academy had the greatest recovery-type soul master on the continent, the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali, who had recently advanced to Limit Douluo rank. At least, the Holy Spirit Cult took the time to consider if Yali utilized Yun Ming’s soul to resurrect him. Even though the possibility was minute, there had never been a recovery-type Limit Douluo since ancient times. Given that, who could make an accurate assessment of this matter?

Had it not been something as critical to their future plans as the Almighty Space-time Shuttle, the Holy Spirit Cult would never have given Yun Ming’s soul in exchange.

The people from below were intensely preparing to set everything up. The uniform of Shrek Academy had once again made an appearance and over a thousand people walked out from Sea God Lake. However, those were not all Shrek Academy’s students as most of them were the Tang Sect’s disciples and accomplished architects. They were brought here specially to help rebuild Shrek Academy.

The plan established by Tang Wulin with Shrek Academy and the higher-ranking personnel of the Tang Sect prioritized speed. They would work as fast as possible to complete the academy’s foundation so they could install the enormous table with ‘Shrek’ written on it first and catch everybody else off guard. Even if the foundation laid was extremely weak, this would at least be a clarion call. They wished to let the entire continent know that Shrek Academy still existed and was about to be rebuilt.

Tang Wulin accurately predicted that no one else would be capable of stopping Shrek from being rebuilt at this point. In fact, he had even shown the site to Ying Ying and Yaping intentionally just so they could spread the information as soon as possible. The Dove Faction would spare no effort in working together with them. All the secrecy from earlier was done away with. With the leadership of Mo Lan, the news had already been spread via the power of the media controlled by the Dove Faction. They wished to shock the entire continent with this announcement.

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