The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1428 - Here Comes the Troublemaker

Chapter 1428: Here Comes the Troublemaker

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Qiangu Dongfeng angrily said, “Then what’s up with those Shrek Academy students? Do you know how great of a price we paid to get our hands on the godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions? Why didn’t you cut the weeds and eliminate the roots?”

Ghost Emperor coldly replied, “That’s because there was an error in the information you gave us. Shrek must’ve had a shelter somewhere, and it’s in a place that we’ve never noticed since the very beginning. Because of Shrek City’s destruction back then, there was a large number of dead souls rising up into the heavens. We had no way of telling if all Shrek Academy students were included. However, we can at least be sure that there were more than fifteen Title Douluos whose souls have left their bodies and were harvested by us. There shouldn’t be many of Shrek’s high-ranking officials that survived. They’re only a bunch of students, why do you care so much about them? We can easily kill them off.”

“Bullsh*t. What do you take Shrek for? Its unseen influence on the continent is even greater than ours. Who knows how many elites originated from Shrek? Now that they’re rebuilding, they will have a huge following once they succeed. It won’t be easy to deal with them.”

Ghost Emperor drily asked, “Then what do you want to do?”

Qiangu Dongfeng’s emotions were gradually calming down. After all, he was one of the formidable people in this generation. “I’ll personally investigate the truth about Shrek. Make your preparations. I want you guys to completely destroy the rebuilt Shrek Academy, no matter the cost. I don’t care how many of them are still alive, kill them all and don’t let there be any survivors. We cannot allow Shrek to get back on its feet.”

“Hehe, why do I have to listen to you?” Ghost Emperor drily asked.

“You… Don’t forget about our partnership agreement,” Qiangu Dongfeng fiercely said.

“Agreement? What about the war? Where is the war you promised? Where are the million year souls? Where are they? Your Spirit Pagoda can’t even handle a young, newly appointed Sect Master of the Tang Sect. That’s what led to our plan being foiled and postponed our project by a great deal. You have the gall to talk to me about an agreement?”

Qiangu Dongfeng retorted. “Do you think I wanted that to happen? Who knew that Tang Sect would make such a move? But they’re a treasonous organization now. Soon, I’ll urge the parliament to relaunch the war. This time, the Boundless Sea Douluo was the supreme commander of the armies and we couldn’t control him. Next time, I’ll try to pick someone that we can directly control. Ghost Emperor, you must know that if Shrek is restored to its former glory, it’ll mean no good to your side either. Are you willing to just watch as they restore themselves?”

Ghost Emperor fell silent for a moment. He took a long pause and said, “Since Shrek chose to rebuild itself at this moment, there’s surely more than what meets the eye. The strength Shrek has aside, we have to check if Yun Ming has actually come back to life. Yun Ming aside, their other forces aren’t weak either. Shrek and the Tang Sect originated from the same branch. Cao Dezhi and Zang Xin are still around, and they’ll surely support rebuilding Shrek.”

A killing intent flashed past Qiangu Dongfeng’s eyes. “hasn’t the drug’s development been successful? Can we ask the old man to make a move and accomplish all our goals in one single swoop? If we can completely remove Shrek and the high-ranking officials in Tang Sect, nobody will be able to stop us from carrying out our plans anymore.”

Ghost Emperor said, “I will have to think about it. Wait until you hear from me. You should investigate the truth about Shrek first before we do anything. We must slow down their rebuilding as much as possible.”

“Alright. No matter what, we cannot let Shrek be rebuilt successfully,” Qiangu Dongfeng said with a deep voice.

He had put his own name at stake, taken a great risk, sacrificed the lives in Shrek City, and finally removed the Shrek Academy and destroyed the Tang Sect’s headquarters. This was how Spirit Pagoda enjoyed its elevated status on the continent today. He did not wish to see Shrek Academy being rebuilt. If they succeeded in rebuilding it, then many of the things which he had done before this would be meaningless.

Sea God Lake.

Huge cargo trucks stopped near the spot where Shrek Academy was to be rebuilt.

Mo Lan was the first one to get off the truck. She looked at the deep pit faraway and the busy people inside it. Her beautiful face showed signs of comfort.

She saw the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali who hovered in the air.

Naturally, Yali saw her as well and floated down to Mo Lan’s side.

“Your Excellency.” Mo Lan reverently saluted Yali. The Holy Spirit Douluo could be considered her savior. She had extremely high respect towards this person.

Yali faintly smiled. “You’ve worked hard. The Heaven Dou City has helped a lot in Shrek’s rebuilding.”

“That’s what we’re supposed to do. We’ll give it our all,” Molan replied without hesitation. “I’ve sent the word out. All the major media should’ve received the information by now. I think that many of them are rushing here as we speak. Things will get lively around here very soon.”

Yali smiled dryly, “I can imagine that there’ll be many who do not wish to see our Shrek being rebuilt. However, I think that there are also many who wish to see its restoration.”

“Yes, Shrek surely will gloriously shine again. Your Excellency, I’ll head over to oversee the unloading of the cargo. Other than material goods, I’ve also brought three hundred smiths of various trade with me. They’re all elite personnel whom I selected out from the Heaven Dou City’s rebuilding team. With them here, I believe that Shrek can be rebuilt faster.”

“Alright.” Yali nodded with a smile.

Mo Lan turned around and went to work.

Every cargo truck carried thirty tons of material goods. This included various basic materials and all kinds of supportive soul devices.

According to Shrek Academy’s plan, the three teaching blocks would be rebuilt first. Then, with them as the center, they would expand themselves along Sea God Lake’s bank. They’ll slowly bring back the functional areas that Shrek Academy once had.

In terms of financial means, Shrek Academy was supported by the Tang Sect. There would not be any problem for some time. At the same time, they had accumulated some wealth inside Shrek’s shelter. This wealth was not merely money, there were far more important articles such as ancient tomes and secret texts. These were the most precious treasures of Shrek Academy. They were its hidden secret.

The first job for the smiths Mo Lan brought was piling.

They had a map in their hands. Armed with anti-radiation suits, they started driving piles into the ground in the periphery according to the map. A metal pile would be driven into the ground every thirty meters. Then, they would be connected with wire netting to form a boundary that separated the academy grounds with the outer world.

The speed of three hundred pairs of hands working together was fast. the works of creating the boundary on Sea God Lake’s periphery continued smoothly.

There was no doubt that such a form of isolation was crude, but there was a perk to it, and that was it served as a show of ownership.

“Stop, everyone stop! Who gave you permission to build anything around here? What’re you doing?” A dozen police cars arrived at the construction site amid their blaring sirens. A group of soldiers disembarked with beam assault rifles in their hands. They stopped the workers that were doing construction.

“Who’s the person in charge here? Who gave you the order to build here?”

Not far from the place of confrontation, Xie Xie was busying himself on the site where Shrek Academy was to be rebuilt. He raised his head and a smirk appeared on his face. ‘They’re here?’

They were expecting trouble, but they were still slightly surprised when it came so soon.

Xie Xie strode up to them and said with a deep voice, “This is our place, the land belongs to us. What’s wrong with building a structure or two on it?”

The leading soldier had the badges of a captain on his shoulder. He haughtily said, “This is already listed as a forbidden ground by the country. There’s destructive radiation here and it’s not suited for the human population. Nobody can build anything here. Stop what you’re doing right now. Otherwise, we’ll have to resort to force.”

Xie Xie chuckled. He took out a small notebook and handed it to him, “Captain, is this the way you talk to a superior officer?”

The captain was stunned. He received the little notebook. He was very familiar with this item. There was a simple name for it, military ID.

Xie Xie’s military ID was blue with two stars. The meaning was clear, he was a lieutenant colonel.

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