The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1359 - Is Everything In Order?

Chapter 1359: Is Everything In Order?

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Naturally, any confidence he had was relative. No matter how sure he was, Tang Wulin would never say that he could definitely defeat his opponent.

With the victories of the past three days, there was no doubt that the Star Luo Empire would send their most powerful contestant this time. They would want to redeem themselves in the fourth match, no matter the cost.

Dai Yun’er glanced at the platform. Who would be representing the empire in today’s match? Even though she was the princess, she did not know.

She heard that her father had gone to bed late last night. He was having a long discussion with Principal En Ci.

‘Big Brother Wulin will surely win!’

When it came to Tang Wulin, she was starting to have an almost blind confidence in him. She believed that Tang Wulin would be able to handle any opponent, no matter how powerful.

Dai Tianling only arrived at the imperial coliseum ten minutes before the competition, which was later than he had ever been.

It was true that he had gone to rest slightly late last night. It was because the empire could no longer afford to lose.

Before all this took place, nobody expected the empire to lose three consecutive matches. Even with Tang Wulin’s shocking displays of strength, he should not have won three matches in a row!

Zhang Geyang had lost in the most peculiar way. What about the first match? They had lost because they did not understand Tang Wulin and had underestimated him. At that time, Dai Tianling chose the pillar of the empire and not any other mecha master who was more skilled in combat because he did not want Tang Wulin to lose too badly. That would have been quite embarrassing for the Tang Sect.

However, what was being embarrassed at this point was the empire, having lost three consecutive matches. As the emperor, who was also the initiator of this entire affair, his face was already red hot with shame!

Hence, he could not lose today’s match no matter what. He had to at least redeem some of the empire’s face. He was not worried about the final contest, the battle armor match. Tang Wulin would not even have the slightest chance. En Ci would be fighting personally. Although it would seem that they were bullying a younger person with a proven senior, he was no longer in the mood to care about these things.

As Limit Douluo and a four-word battle armor master, there was nothing that could match such power in all the world. No matter how formidable Tang Wulin was, there was still an enormous gap between him and that rank.

‘You little brat. I’ll make sure you lose so badly that you can’t find your way north.’

When he thought about the decision he had made last night, the emperor could not help but smile. Naturally, it was more of a sneer than a grin of genuine happiness. Although he found his actions somewhat despicable, he was left with no choice. He had not intended for things to be like this in the first place.

Of course, he did not have any feelings of ill will toward Tang Wulin. On the contrary, with the progress of the matches in the Battle of Five Gods, he liked Tang Wulin more and more.

The fact that the Qilin Douluo was saved had been quite a relief for him. He was a Limit Douluo, after all! When he saw the Qilin Douluo Tong Yu projecting his thoughts, his eyes turned blue.

If the Star Luo Empire could have another Limit Douluo, that would be a boost to the empire’s overall strength.

The Douluo Federation was feared for the numbers of their Limit Douluos, even more than their sophisticated technology. Whether it was the federal parliament, the Spirit Pagoda or the army, they had at least five Limit Douluos in total. Although they would not be used by the Federation at the same time, they had definitely dominated the Star Luo Empire in this regard. If the Federation really wanted to crush the Star Luo Empire, it would be extremely difficult for them to resist.

Naturally, there was also an unwritten rule for those who were Limit Douluos, and that was to refrain from directly participating in any war as much as possible. They were also forbidden from harming ordinary people. Otherwise, the world would have descended into chaos a long time ago.

Even so, they were still intimidating killing machines. If they had another Limit Douluo, the Star Luo Empire could hold its head higher in.

Hence, when the Tang Sect resurrected Tong Yu, he was greatly relieved. He had already made up his mind. He would do away with the limit on his battle armor and whatever else. He would clear Tong Yu’s name and craft him four-word battle armor, using the resources of the entire empire if he had to. He wanted to help him truly attain the highest rank in combat strength. When that time came, the Star Luo Empire’s overall fighting capabilities would definitely be greatly improved. He would never have to worry about anything else with two Limit Douluos protecting him.

Tong Yu was also much younger than En Ci. With a Limit Douluo’s life energy, he could support the empire for at least fifty years.

The final outcome of the Battle of Five Gods would be three to two. Although he was not exactly willing to accept such numbers, he could not rewrite the previous matches, thus, he had no choice.

In the end, he would still have to agree to the Tang Sect’s terms. If Tang Wulin lost the Battle of Five Gods, the empire could save some money as well. He would think of some conciliatory method to deal with the matter. Tang Wulin’s future was truly incredibly bright. It would be fantastic if he was really his son-in-law.

When he thought about this, his daughter’s words from the other day surfaced in his mind. He had been in a good mood, but this upset him immediately. ‘This brat, Tang Wulin… has he no sense of appreciating favors?’

This time, there were no empty seats in the coliseum. The crowd was in a heated discussion about the upcoming match.

Every match in this Battle of Five Gods had been splendid. More importantly, the extremely handsome Sect Master had surprised everyone when he won all three of the matches held so far. That was truly shocking. He was going against an empire on his own! They would love to see more of such a heroic figure.

The Tang Sect had always kept a low profile. Although their social standing in the Star Luo Empire was high and the people there knew about them, they knew little to nothing about the sect’s Sect Masters. They were not even sure what the previous Sect Master looked like.

Then, this newly appointed Sect Master had put on such a display before the people of the Star Luo Empire. In the eyes of many citizens, this was already a show of friendship in itself. This was a friendly match. The Tang Sect was the Star Luo Empire’s ally, and the empire had always treated them as an important partner. The relationship between them would surely grow closer thanks to this new Sect Master.

Hence, the people’s support for Tang Wulin had become unreserved.

En Ci arrived later than Dai Tianling.

“Teacher, is everything in order?” Dai Tianling asked En Ci with a smile. He was in a good mood because his empire had another new Limit Douluo.

“Mm, everything is in order. You may rest easy, Your Majesty.”

Dai Tianling turned to the other side to look at the Smiley Face Douluo who had come there earlier. He said with a grin, “You won’t have to ask Teacher about the odds of this battle. I’ll tell you. It’s impossible for Tang Wulin to win. I think we have a ninety-five-percent chance of winning.”

The Smiley Face Douluo raised his eyebrows. “You’re that confident, Your Majesty? I see that you have a well-thought-out plan!” He was curious as to why His Majesty was so confident.

He clearly remembered that Tang Wulin had told him before the first match of the Battle of Five Gods that he was most confident in the weapons match out of all five matches in the Battle of Five Gods.

With his understanding of Tang Wulin these days, he knew that this Sect Master would not speak without thinking. Everything he said was based on something that he knew.

Dai Tianling’s eyes flickered as he looked at the Smiley Face Douluo. He smiled faintly. “I do think that we have a well-made plan. Your Sect Master has already won three matches. Even though there was a certain degree of happenstance in those, especially in yesterday’s battle, he did win in the end. After this, you can tell him that although he had lost the final two matches, we’re still willing to cooperate with the Tang Sect. Our only request is for the price to be reduced by ten percent.”

The Smiley Face Douluo was pleased. Although the price would have to be reduced, the entire matter would still be settled. In truth, the Tang Sect’s bottom line was much lower than this. With these words, Dai Tianling had basically said that the Star Luo Empire promised to honor the agreement they had with the Tang Sect to not rashly utilize these weapons in combat.

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