The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1360 - Weapon Battle

Chapter 1360: Weapon Battle

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“Thank you, Your Majesty,” the Smiley Face Douluo replied sincerely. He was also relieved. They had finally obtained a good result.

If Dai Tianling had persisted, the Tang Sect would have had to back off. After all, they did not wish to see this war happen.

Dai Tianling waved his hand. “Your Sect Master has already proven himself through his strength. At least for the next hundred years, with him around, the Tang Sect will be the most important partner of Star Luo.”

That was right. In the Battle of Five Gods, although there was a certain degree of luck in Tang Wulin’s three victories, he was still in his twenties, after all! There was no way Dai Tianling would overlook this. Just how far could such a gifted Sect Master go in the future?

In twenty thousand years of history on the Douluo Continent, the only two people that actually managed to cultivate into godhood and stand at the pinnacle of humanity were from the Tang Sect!

Nobody knew how great the hidden knowledge of the Tang Sect was. Why did the Spirit Pagoda go against the Tang Sect? One of the reasons was that they hoped to obtain cultivation secrets left behind by some of the Tang Sect’s predecessors.

At the rank of Limit Douluo, who would not hope to go one step further?

Tang Wulin’s performance was so outstanding, even the Atlas Douluo was unable to reach his rank at this age. Given that, who would be able to say that this Sect Master would not be able to attain such a rank?

Tang Sect’s founder, Tang San, had become a god. With his own strength, he had led two great empires to destroy the Martial Soul Hall. Twin gods battled twin gods. The two god-ranked experts of the Martial Soul Hall were defeated and crippled. In the end, this gave rise to the legend of that generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters.

The Spirit Pagoda’s founder, the Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao was the one responsible for the Tang Sect’s revival. He appeared when the Tang Sect was facing the problem of having no successors and put Tang Sect on a glorious path. Although he founded the Spirit Pagoda, he had never actually managed it directly. He had spent more time in the Tang Sect.

Back then, when the practically invincible Sun Moon Empire laid siege on Star Luo City, it was the Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao who held back the Sun Moon Empire by himself. He gave the leaders of the Sun Moon Empire back then no choice but to compromise. They also swore that Sun Moon would never invade the Star Luo Empire as long as Huo Yuhao was around. That was how the Star Luo Empire managed to survive. The line of Dai had flourished at that time. It could be said that, in a certain sense, even as the emperor, he was a descendant of the Spirit Ice Douluo.

These two were the most legendary figures in the whole of the Douluo Continent’s history. They were both closely related to the Tang Sect.

With that precedence, was there any guarantee that this Tang Wulin before them, who was going against an entire empire with his own strength as the Tang Sect’s Sect Master, would not improve to that extent as well?

Even if the chances were one in ten thousand, Dai Tianling would not wish to be on bad terms with him.

Hence, before the fourth match of the Battle of Five Gods started, he stated his intentions clearly. In truth, he had been prepared for quite some time.

The Smiley Face Douluo’s smile grew more relaxed. Dai Tianling and En Ci were also smiling.

Without a doubt, this battle, the fourth match of the Battle of Five Gods, would be the match which they observed feeling at ease.

Tang Wulin was already at the coliseum’s entrance. He adjusted his own body. With the Holy Spirit Douluo’s help, he could clearly feel that he was currently at his best.

It was a wonderful feeling. He had won three battles so far. This strengthened his momentum within the entire competition.

He must obtain victory in today’s battle. This was the battle which he was most confident of himself! The next day, when he would battle the Holy Dragon Douluo, he would let himself loose. He would use everything he had to face the world’s greatest expert.

The door before him opened. It was time for him to make an entrance.

Tang Wulin strode out of the waiting area.

In the distance, on the other side of the coliseum, another door opened as well and someone else walked out from it.

The instant the two of them entered the competition ground, deafening cheers resounded across the entire coliseum. Countless members of the audience were calling Tang Wulin’s name.

The commentator’s voice filled the coliseum, “The fourth match of the Battle of Five Gods, the weapons battle. The empire’s representative is a great weapon master of the generation, the Weeping Blood Douluo Chu Tiange.

The Weeping Blood Douluo Chu Tiange? The name was alien and familiar to Tang Wulin at the same time as he had heard the Smiley Face Douluo mention it once before. This meant that his opponent in the fourth match was not someone beyond their expectations.

Information regarding his opponent quickly surfaced in Tang Wulin’s mind.

The Weeping Blood Douluo Chu Tiange, with the Weeping Blood Sword martial soul. His technique was extraordinary and he had awakened his Swordsoul. A Hyper Douluo and the First Worshipper of Worship Hall, he should be in his eighties. He had founded his own Weeping Blood Style and he was truly a great weapon master.

His cultivation base should have been around rank-97. In terms of strength, he was slightly inferior to the Hell Flame Douluo Zhang Geyang and he usually kept a low profile. He loved to research various weapons and his hobby was collecting antique weapons.

They had come to the conclusion that Chu Tiange was his most probable opponent in the weapons match. In preparation, the Smiley Face Douluo even outlined some counter-strategies that were designed specifically for him.

If Chu Tiange were to participate in the match, he would certainly pick a sword as his weapon, and Tang Wulin would mainly have to be careful of his skills with the blade. His sword skill cultivation base was at the state where he was one with his sword. He had immersed himself in this path for seven years. He could be described as a sword maniac, and it was said that he possessed the sword’s essence.

The Sword’s Consciousness, Swordsoul, and Sword God were the three great ranks sought after by sword users.

In this regard, Ye Xinglan was also starting to progress toward the rank of Sword God, but she would still need quite some time before she could achieve that.

Tang Wulin’s spear technique was also at the Spearsoul rank. He was still some way from the next rank, Spear God.

That was not something that could be obtained through natural talent. What they needed was enough time and a deeper understanding. That was how they would be able to reach greater heights.

Because this was a weapons battle, his opponent would not be using his martial soul, the Weeping Blood Sword. In that case, he could only use other weapons. Even if his opponent was using a divine weapon, Tang Wulin would not be afraid. He had the Golden Dragon Spear and the Dragon Clan’s Power Saber! Both were real divine weapons.

Feeling fully confident, Tang Wulin stepped onto the competition grounds. The one who walked up to him was an old man, as expected.

He looked somewhat slovenly dressed. His hair and beard were dishevelled, but his clothes seemed new. His long robe gave him a classic look.

His green robe was unadorned and looked as ordinary as could be. Additionally, his gaze seemed demented. He did not have the sharp air expected of a generation’s Sword God.

However, the more ordinary he seemed, the more Tang Wulin put up his guard. He fixed his gaze on his opponent. There was no gush of a sword aura. This meant that his opponent had already cultivated to the state where he could contain his own aura. The most terrifying thing about this was that he was able to contain the sword’s essence within his heart.

On the platform, when the Smiley Face Douluo saw that Chu Tiange was the one who would be contesting, his expression grew more pronounced. At last, his guess about the empire’s representative was correct.

Indeed, Chu Tiange was powerful, but because he was a sword maniac, he always seemed to have a few screws loose. Even if he was representing the empire in the match, he would be focusing on trying his own sword skills. If he could not use his own Weeping Blood Sword, his strength would be greatly diminished.

‘The Sect Master should have a high chance of winning this match. At the very least, he won’t lose too badly.’

In this stage of the Battle of Five Gods, Hu Jie was of the opinion that it was enough for them to steadily get the two final battles over with. What was a discount of ten percent to the Tang Sect? That was a condition that they could readily accept.

The greatest cost of soul devices was not in their materials or manufacturing, but in their development. The Tang Sect had already covered this cost in their past collaborations, thus, price was never a huge issue to them.

Even if he lost the final two battles, it would not have any negative impacts on Tang Wulin’s name or reputation. The best scenario would be for Tang Wulin to lose by a narrow margin. As for the match tomorrow, Hu Jie could only secretly curse En Ci for being shameless. Everyone knew the Holy Dragon Douluo En Ci’s status in the Star Luo Empire. He would not have an honorable victory.


With the commentator’s announcement, the fourth match of the Battle of Five Gods had finally begun.

The Smiley Face Douluo Hu Jie suddenly noticed that His Majesty’s smile had thickened.

When Dai Tianling noticed Hu Jie’s gaze, he yawned. Then, he mumbled to himself, “I really had a late night yesterday. It wasn’t easy persuading His Excellency, the Weeping Blood Douluo!”

‘Persuade? To participate in a battle? No martial maniac would have turned down a fight. That can’t be it. There must be something else!’

Suddenly, an ominous premonition emerged in the Smiley Face Douluo’s heart. ‘I think there’s something more than what meets the eye!’

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