The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1358 - He is the Future

Chapter 1358: He is the Future

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She had been keeping an eye on the battle between Tang Wulin and the Qilin Douluo. If Tang Wulin were in any danger, she would be ready to butt in to provide support.

Just when the Five Elements Divine Needle almost penetrated Tang Wulin’s head, Yali was prepared to make her move. However, everything happened in a flash. Fortunately, Tang Wulin reacted quickly as well. So, she did not manage to intervene.

As the battle raged on, Yali nodded her head in approval.

Her beloved was once the strongest person on the continent. She had also been with him for the longest time. Hence, no one understood the peak powerhouse more than her.

She saw his shadow in Tang Wulin. Back then, Yun Ming had been improving himself day after day, just like Tang Wulin. He had achieved breakthrough after breakthrough when everyone else said that it was impossible. After countless breakthroughs, he finally found himself at the peak of the soul master’s realm, and he became the mainstay of the entire Shrek Academy.

Currently, Tang Wulin resembled Yun Ming very much. He was doing what others could not. A stage such as the Battle of Five Gods would make him famous overnight. Without a doubt, he had gained the attention of many great forces.

The continent was treacherous. The Spirit Pagoda had a dubious relationship with the Holy Spirit Cult. The Tang Sect was suppressed, while Shrek Academy was destroyed. On the other hand, the Dove Faction was completely suppressed by the Hawk Faction until they could barely retaliate. A war was looming on the horizon. Under such circumstances, there ought to be someone representing the Tang Sect or Shrek Academy who would come forward to make a stand.

The Heartless Douluo carried the Blood God Army on his shoulders, but he could not return to their side. The Amorous Douluo, who was of general material, had always supported the Heartless Douluo. He, too, had a problem with his age just like the Dragon Empress Douluo Long Yeyue.

They were the older generation of Limit Douluos. Among the known Limit Douluos, the youngest was the Qilin Douluo Tong Yu who had fought greatly with Tang Wulin yesterday. The other Limit Douluos were practically more than a hundred years old.

If they participated at their age, how long would they last? How could they lead the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy to have a future? These pressing matters were difficult to predict.

The Tang Sect and Shrek Academy were still in danger. At moments like this, the two great organizations could only continue successfully if their younger generations improved to carry the organizations forward.

Hence, when the Heartless Douluo discovered that Tang Wulin was favored by the plane, he expressed his support for him without hesitation. Among the younger generation, there was no one more suited to bear the heavy responsibilities. Old timers like him would fully support and guide Tang Wulin.

Even if the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy were to be continually suppressed, there were still three Limit Douluo-ranked experts to defend them. Although they might not be as powerful as the Spirit Pagoda or the Holy Spirit Cult, they were not far behind in terms of high-end combat strength.

Tang Wulin did not let them down. Ever since he took over the post as the Tang Sect Master, he had progressed at an amazing pace. He was not the only one. His companions were improving rapidly as well.

Undoubtedly, when their generation matured into a powerful force to be reckoned with, it would then be time to rebuild the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy.

No one knew about the status of the Holy Spirit Cult. In any case, the young generation of the Spirit Pagoda could not compare with Tang Wulin.

Yali had been following Tang Wulin these days. She saw how he endured hardships as he cultivated and the way he handled the issues that came his way. This young man did not disappoint her. Even after his parents were killed by a curse, he got back on his feet soon enough. He had always considered the big picture first which was not an easy thing to do.

Apparently, she did not know that Tang Wulin’s foster parents were alive.

Tang Wulin had won three matches in the Battle of Five Gods. Yali began to see more similarities between him and Yun Ming. He was beginning to glow with radiance. One day, he would be an Atlas Douluo to support the entire Tang Sect and Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin entered the resting room and quickly sat down. Today was different from the previous days. Although he had somewhat recovered after a night’s rest, he had exhausted too much energy in yesterday’s battle. In addition, he worried about the Qilin Douluo’s resurrection. Even with his body’s quality, he still felt a little tired when he woke up in the morning.

Yali approached Tang Wulin from the back. She raised her right hand and gently placed her palm on his back. A layer of gentle white radiance immediately enveloped Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was wrapped in warmth. His soul power was soon replenished as if he had taken supplements. All the energies within his body organized themselves and were awakened.

He felt groggy all of a sudden as he entered a pseudo-sleep state. Nonetheless, his spirits were fully rested.

He was immersed in his own consciousness. Currently, his mind was filled with gratitude for the Holy Spirit Douluo’s presence.

Dai Yun’er had also made her way into the coliseum early in the morning. She sat and waited silently in an inconspicuous corner where no one would notice her.

She glanced at the banners with the increasingly bold statements on them. She could not help but pout. However, after a few days of ruminating, she was more determined than ever of carrying out her plan.

‘Tang Wulin, oh, Tang Wulin. Do you know that you’re very handsome? I’m your ardent fan! I won’t let you go now that you’re here of your own accord. It’s a rare opportunity for me that’ll only come in a thousand years. Hehe.’

When she thought of her plan, Dai Yun’er’s eyes beamed. ‘If it comes to that, I don’t think Father will blame me for it.’

‘Brother Wulin, please strive hard. The more powerful you show yourself to be, the weaker the resistance we’ll face from my father. I don’t care about anything else. I just want to be with you. I pray that you’ll fight hard in today’s weapon battle!’

It was the fourth battle of the Battle of Five Gods which was the weapon battle.

The rules were simple as always. Both contestants were allowed to use their soul powers and their physical forces. However, no soul skill or spirit soul was allowed. Even the self-enhancing soul skills were not allowed. The combat methodology would be the use of weapons in addition to the use of their martial souls.

It was not a battle style that could be seen with any modern soul master. It originated from ancient times before soul tools were created.

There were many kinds of soul masters. Generally, they could be categorized into the Battle soul masters and the Tool soul masters. As their names suggested, the Battle soul masters cultivated in order to battle. Their martial souls were more suited for combat, and they possessed powerful battle soul skills.

On the other hand, the Tool soul masters were mainly supportive characters. These support-type soul masters craved for combat as well.

However, their martial souls were not suited for battle. For example, there were the Food System soul masters, the Support System soul masters, and others. Hence, when they battle, they had to rely on external powers. That was when weapons came into the picture.

Although it was rare for a Support System soul master to fight with a weapon among the soul masters, it was one of the ways they could actively engage in battle.

How did the Tang Sect rise to its glory all those years ago? It was precisely because the hidden weapons created by the Tang Sect allowed ordinary soul masters and even ordinary people to possess the power to cause damage. It was the might of the weapons.

Obviously, the decline of the Tang Sect ten thousand years ago was due to the appearance of soul tools. They replaced the Tang Sect’s hidden weapons.

Fortunately, a generation led by the Spirit Ice Douluo appeared during that time. They rebuilt the Tang Sect and combined the Tang Sect’s hidden weapons with the soul tools. That was how the Tang Sect regained its might and glory today.

Actually, the weapons battle was not a match which attracted much attention in the Battle of Five Gods. Nonetheless, it was still a part of the Battle of Five Gods. What kind of weapon-wielding person would be selected by the empire? What kind of weapon would that person use?

For this battle, Tang Wulin had the utmost confidence in himself. It was because he had a weapon that belonged to him, his Golden Dragon Spear. Moreover, he had learned the spearing technique which his father taught him through Old Tang. He also had his powerful body combined with his physical strength and soul power. In addition, he had the Dragon Clan’s Power Saber.

Even before the Battle of Five Gods commenced, this match was the one which Tang Wulin was most self-assured.

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