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Chapter 34 – Some More Damage

Chapter 34 – Some More Damage

One, two, three……

Ye Xiu’s face didn’t show that usual half-dead, dejected state. His two eyes didn’t blink and his expression showed a look of extreme concentration. His steady right hand dragged the Midnight Cat Fingernails in one by one. After putting in eight without a mistake, Ye Xiu let out a small sigh of relief. He shook his right hand and chose the blueprint showing a flipped-over umbrella. He once again, bit by bit, took out the runner on the shaft that linked together the eight umbrella ribs.

The model of the runner was elaborate, but after Ye Xiu took it out, he quickly put it aside next to the Dark Opal. After clicking on the “copy” option, a progress bar jumped out. The Dark Opals continuously whirled around, getting polished. After the progress bar finished, it transformed into the exact same shape as the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s runner.

The runner was put back into the editor’s data library while the duplicated Dark Opal runner was reassembled into the Thousand Chance Umbrella. When he inserted the eight umbrella ribs into the runner, each one let out a faint click sound. After inserting them all in, the design shown on the blueprint had already returned to the umbrella’s original appearance. Ye Xiu carefully inspected it and then finally let out a sigh of relief.

Looking towards the blueprint in the editor, Ye Xiu lit a cigarette and stared out in a daze, his mind wandering.

The best feature of self-made equipment lied in the research on the blueprints and the necessary materials in the editor. The research for the Thousand Chance Umbrella had already been finished for the most part and he already had a basic idea of what to do with the remaining incomplete parts. Currently, the only completely unknown parts were the upgrades needed for Level 50 and up. After all, when the research and making of the Thousand Chance Umbrella was done, the highest level for Glory was only Level 50.

Ye Xiu clicked on the “Confirm” to create the weapon in the editor. Another progress bar appeared and the editor animated the creation process on the blueprint. When the progress bar completed and the animation stopped, a few of the modifications could already be seen. The sharp pointed ends of the umbrella ribs were now the eight Midnight Cat Fingernails.

Ye Xiu closed the editor and returned to the game. He opened up Lord Grim’s inventory and looked at the changes in the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s attributes. With a move of the mouse, Lord Grim shook the umbrella in his hands and the umbrella formed into a battle lance shape. The lance tip and the eight Midnight Cat Fingernails could be used to stab and hook. A cold glint reflected off of the tip, displaying its exceptional sharpness. Looking again at the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s attributes, they had impressively changed.

[Thousand Chance Umbrella (Lance Form)] – Level 15

Weight: 2.3 kg, Attack Speed: 5

Physical Attack: 290 ; Magic Attack:220

Compared to the original umbrella, the Magic Attack hadn’t increased by much, but the Physical Attack had increased by an impressive 110 points. It was 5-25 Levels better than Purple, Blue, Green, White lances of the same level.

Lord Grim’s sudden flipping of his weapon made the surrounding Blue River and others jump in surprise. After looking at it, none of elite experts could recognize the battle lance.

“Brother, you’re back?” Blue River went up to talk and sent him a party invitation.

“Yup.” Ye Xiu responded and joined the party.

“Why don’t you join our guild first? This way the dungeon clear record will be under our guild’s name.” Blue River sent him an invitation. Guilds could be made after players left the beginner village at Level 20. Blue Brook Guild had naturally prepared and set it up right after leaving the beginner village.

“Understood.” Ye Xiu accepted and became a Blue Brook Guild member. Only if a party, with five members of the same guild, broke a record, would the record be under their guild’s name.

“Then let’s start?”

“Hold on……” Ye Xiu said this and looked at everyone’s equipment to determine their classes.

Blue River, Swordsman Class Blade Master, Purple Level 20 Flaming Sun, a light element sword.

Bound Boat, Priest Class Cleric, Purple Level 20 Saint’s Cross.

Flower Lantern, Priest Class Knight, Purple Level 20 Guardian of Justice, a battle axe.

Thundering Light, Mage Class Elementalist, Purple Level 20 Copper Staff.

Besides weapons, the four player’s equipments were mostly blue equipment with a few purple equipment in certain places. All of the equipment suited their respective classes. It had only been a day since the opening of the new server yet their equipments were already at such a level. This clearly wasn’t from their luck, but rather from their guild’s power.

“Is there something else?” Flower Lantern was starting to get impatient.

“If we want to break the record, then I suggest that we change up the classes a bit.” Ye Xiu said.

“Change what?” Blue River asked.

“We don’t need the Cleric!” Ye Xiu directly said.

“……” Bound Boat, the Cleric, hadn’t yet said anything when Flower Lantern shouted: “Don’t need a Cleric? What a joke.”

“Drop the Cleric and add a high DPS class.” Ye Xiu said calm and unhurried.

“Brother, isn’t your proposal a bit unreasonable?” Blue River was a bit more patient.

“The pressure will be a bit big, but everyone here’s an expert. If you just concentrate on your positioning and dodging, then there’s no need for heals.” Ye Xiu said.

“We never needed heals. The heals are for the MT[1].”

“Yeah, so……What I’m saying is the MT isn’t needed. The Knight has low DPS too, so we should also change him for more damage!”

“F*ck!!!” Flower Lantern had just come to Bound Boat’s aid, but he didn’t think that, in the blink of an eye, he would also be kicked off, “No MT? When there’s only small monsters fine, but what about against the BOSS? Who’s going to control the aggro, you?”

“Yup.” Ye Xiu said.

“The f*ck does your yup mean!” Flower Lantern became extremely angry.

“I’m going to control the aggro.” Ye Xiu said.

“……” The entire team was speechless. Now that Ye Xiu was in their party and in their guild too, the four couldn’t privately whisper to each other. Blue River furrowed his eyebrows and said: “So you’re saying that all five party members should have high DPS?”

“Right, this is the fastest clearing party.” Ye Xiu said.

“Did you do this in beginner village?” Flower Lantern yelled.

“It doesn’t matter what dungeon, all DPS is obviously the fastest.” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s true, but the problem is an all DPS team can’t finish the dungeon!” Blue River said.

“Of course it’s possible. Only, I hope that you’ll let me lead.” Ye Xiu said.

“……” Blue River finally felt as if he had been shot by a gun. After kicking two people, this guy also wanted his leader position.

“Fine!” Flower Lantern suddenly shouted: “Let’s see how good you are. Bound Boat, leave the party and call for others.” After speaking, Flower Lantern left the party, but Bound Boat was still hesitant. Aside, Thundering Light rushed up to Flower Lantern and yelled: “Hey hey, you guys are leaving the party, so that you won’t lose out when we die, right!?”

“What a loser! The fight hasn’t even started yet.” Flower Lantern disdained Thundering Light and urged Bound Boat:” Bound Boat, hurry up and leave. I’ve already called people to come.”

1 Main Tank

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