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Chapter 33 – He’s Here to Make a Fool of Himself, Right?

Chapter 33 – He’s Here to Make a Fool of Himself, Right?

After quickly killing off the Midnight Phantom Cat, he picked up three Midnight Cat Fingernails. Adding onto his original six, he now had a total of nine. He had already reached what he wanted, so he felt extremely gratified. Apart from this, Ye Xiu also gathered four Midnight Cat Claws. He didn’t need these, but there were people that did. After he helped them break the clear record, he believed that they wouldn’t refuse to give the items that he haggled for.

Ye Xiu thought of this and let Lord Grim leave the dungeon. He directly logged out of the game for Chasing Haze. He rested for ten minutes to recover from the critically ill state. Then, he returned to beginner village and learned a few skills using up all of his 1255 skill points. Usually, players only had 1250 skill points when they reached Level 20. But Lord Grim had obtained a skill book that gave him five points, so he had a bit more.

After learning new skills, he immediately left the beginner village and officially stepped into Glory’s mainland.

Starting from here, the system wouldn’t help split the crowd. The areas surrounding Frost Forest were packed with players. A lot of dungeons in Glory didn’t have a single fixed entrance. For example, in Frost Forest, the entire forest was a dungeon. It could be entered from any direction.

“Which side are you guys on? I’ve arrived at the surrounding areas of Frost Forest.” The areas outside of Frost Forest were bustling with liveliness. After leaving beginner village, the marketplace gradually grew. The areas outside Frost Forest became the first market. A lot of people established a place here and started a business. While Ye Xiu walked, he randomly looked into two stalls. The prices were all a mess. Inexperienced players were afraid to sell low and suffer losses, so they all priced high. Experienced players wouldn’t sell any uncommon materials. They would only sell equipment Level 20 and under.

But these equipment would be seen by new players who only completed quests to level up the whole way. After all, most quests only gave Green equipment, which were lower than Blue equipment by one grade. Players like Lord Grim, who had cleared dungeons to level up the whole way, they already had a whole set of blue equipment.

After quickly glancing at a few stalls and not finding anything, Blue River had already replied to Ye Xiu’s message telling him their coordinates. Ye Xiu rushed there at once. In a moment, Blue River’s team saw the name Lord Grim and all four sucked in their breath. The first expert that they aroused their interest in the tenth server was too stylish. He had a set of mismatched equipment of all different styles. What the heck was this?

The four stared dumbstruck when they identified Lord Grim’s equipment. Glory didn’t have any identifying or checking the player’s profile function. It all relied on a player’s naked eyes to identify the equipment by looking at the equipment’s model and details. On Lord Grim’s body were the five different types of armor: cloth, leather, light, heavy, and plate armor.

This type of style could be seen frequently in beginner village, but wearing it in Glory’s mainland was extremely weird because those that left beginner village were all Level 20 and had already changed classes. After changing classes, it wasn’t that equipment couldn’t be worn randomly, but because each class had their own equipment that they were proficient in. As a result, normal players would choose the types of equipment that their class was proficient in. Occasionally, they might wear a few different typed equipment because of special requirements. But players like Lord Grim, who had their entire body filled with equipment from all five types, truly didn’t exist.

The four sat there at a loss. Ye Xiu had already brought Lord Grim beside them and said “Hello hello” to test his mic.

“I can hear you.” Blue River said.

“Hi everyone.” Ye Xiu greeted.


“I’ll introduce us. Bound Boat, Flower Lantern, Thundering Light, are all elite experts from Blue Brook Guilds.” Blue River introduced the other three party members.

“Hi everyone, hi everyone. Could you guys wait a bit longer? Sorry about this.” Ye Xiu said this and his character stopped moving. Taking advantage of the fact that Lord Grim still hadn’t joined the party, they began crazily typing out ridicule in their party’s channel.

“You didn’t find the wrong person, right?” Flower Lantern asked.


“He hasn’t class changed yet?” Thundering Light asked.

“He said he would soon……”

“If he’s like this, can he help us break the record?” Flowering Lantern doubted.

“If we can’t then we can’t. The main purpose is to see this person’s background.” Blue River said.

“The rest we don’t know, but I know his ID’s background.” Thundering Light said.


“Lord Grim means that he doesn’t want the players to laugh. He’s here to make a fool of himself, right?” Thundering Light ridiculed. (TLNote: Another way to translate Lord Grim is Gentlemen, Don’t Laugh)

“Everyone, don’t judge people by their appearances. This player still hasn’t changed classes, so wearing equipment like this is still normal.” Blue River also didn’t know what to say, so he made up a reason for himself. For Lord Grim to mix and match all of his equipment, even he didn’t understand. During all of his years in Glory’s mainland, he had never seen anyone dress so boldly and freely.

“This player didn’t class change. Does he want to play as an unspecialized character?” Bound Boat, who hadn’t said a word the entire time, suddenly started talking. He was a considerably old player and knew that there was once an period when unspecialized characters were popular.

“Unspecialized player? That’s of the past! Wasn’t that because Level 50 awakening quests hadn’t been made yet, so they couldn’t continue leveling?” Flower Lantern wasn’t as old as Bound Boat, but he also had experienced much and knew of such a time.

At that time, on the opening of Glory’s third new server, Glory increased the level cap for the first time. The original Level 50 cap had increased to 55.

And in order for characters to level past 50, they had to complete a Class Awakening quest. Unspecialized characters didn’t have an Awakening quest, so their level cap stayed at 50. 5 Levels was only a small difference in terms of equipment and skills, but that was only the beginning. As the level cap increased higher and higher, the gap between unspecialized characters and specialized classes would continuously increase. Everyone understood that staying as an unspecialized character had no meaning.

“Could it be that he wants to play til Level 50 before changing classes?” Flower Lantern said.

“Then wouldn’t he lack attribute points playing like that?” Thundering Light was unconvinced. Every class had different attribute growths. The difference in attributes between a Level 50 Blade Master and a Level 50 Elementalist without equipment were obvious at a glance. Unspecialized characters would naturally grow differently from other classes. When they hit Level 50 and then changed classes, would their attributes lost from Levels 20-50 be repaired?

“Who knows……are there still people who care about this issue?” Flower Lantern said.

Everyone fell silent. They were all experts, elite experts, but they truly never did pay attention to this issue. They never needed to, who wouldn’t change classes at Level 20? They had never seen this type of person in all of their years.

“Why are we guessing? Let’s just directly ask him.” Flower Lantern immediately walked up to Lord Grim and said: “Brother, if you’re not going to change classes, then are are you planning to play as an unspecialized character?”

No response.

“Brother, you there?” Flower Lantern yelled.

“He said to wait, just a moment ago. He might have left.” Blue River said.

“If he’s an unspecialized character, then is he carrying weapons from every class?” Thundering Light curiously circled around Lord Grim two times. At this moment, Lord Grim’s hands were empty, not carrying a weapon. This was because the weapon Thousand Chance Umbrella had already been taken by Ye Xiu and put into the equipment editor. The weapon no longer showed its original appearance. Instead, it showed a blueprint, which the editor had automatically extracted. The Thousand Chance Umbrella was extremely complicated, showing several pages of the design on-screen.

Currently, Ye Xiu was carefully taking out the Midnight Phantom Fingernails and carefully bringing them to the pointed ends of the umbrella ribs on the Thousand Chance Umbrella blueprint.

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