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Chapter 32 – Haggling

Chapter 32 – Haggling

White Wolf, White Witch were Frost Forest’s hidden BOSS. The Mithril Pendant was only an ornamental item so Blue River let it pass without any regrets, but the White Wolf Sharp Fangs were very valuable.

Frost Forest wasn’t a part of the beginner village’s educational dungeons. Every person could only enter at most four times. It was hard to say whether they could meet a hidden BOSS within those four times. Moreover, there was a ⅔ chance that the hidden BOSS wouldn’t be a White Wolf.

If Ye Xiu only wanted these 8 White Wolf Sharp Fangs, then Blue River wouldn’t hesitate to give them up. But as for 72 Strong Spider Silk and 8 White Wolf Fangs, Blue River felt this person was a little too greedy and deserved to be called a shameless novice that killed his party for a hidden BOSS. No matter how good this person’s skill was, his personality was no good. Was such a person suitable to be roped into their guild?

Blue River had already started hesitating, but Ye Xiu replied neither fast nor slow: “Too much? Then I don’t need the Mithril Pendant, good enough?”

Blue River didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and quickly replied: “Brother, we all understand that we didn’t care about the Mithril Pendant, but as for the Strong Spider Silk and White Wolf Sharp Fang…….”

“Then how much is fitting?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Pick one of the two.” Blue River said.

“This……is too hard to pick!” Ye Xiu said.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too, brother.” Blue River said sincerely.

“Then the White Wolf Sharp Fangs!” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Blue River let out a sigh of relief.

“Some Strong Spider Silk as a small gesture of goodwill too?” Ye Xiu said again.

Blue River almost threw up blood.

“How about 40?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Brother, you……”Blue River was somewhat speechless.



“25. This is fine right?” Ye Xiu asked.

Blue River remained silent for a long time. His hands rested on the keyboard and he couldn’t find any suitable words to type.


Blue River’s heart suddenly softened. This guy had already began reducing the price one by one. For the grand Blue Brook Guild to haggle over some Strong Spider Silk, how shameful was this? Blue River immediately typed out: “Fine, we’ll settle it at this!”


Right when Blue River let out a sigh of relief, he found another message pop up: “Then you should give a few more Mithril Pendants, right? I mean you said you didn’t care about them.”

Blue River fell off his chair with a crash. What was this person? Mithril Pendants weren’t worth anything, yet he still needed to haggle for them?

“What do you need these items for?” Blue River couldn’t understand him.

“These items are worthless in our eyes, but may be valuable to others.” Ye Xiu said.

Blue River obviously knew that Ye Xiu was talking about those girls that liked these sort of ornaments. Did this person really want these to pick up girls? If he wanted one, then whatever, but to want so many at once, how many girls did he want? Blue River deeply disdained this person and asked: “Then how many do you need?”

“I thought you didn’t care? Then how about all of them?” Ye Xiu said.

“We don’t have that many, only two……” Blue River lied and deeply regretted how he said “didn’t care”. Indeed, these toys didn’t have much value, but they were still uncommon ornaments. Giving a few to the sisters in the guild were a good choice, so just giving them away freely made his heart hurt a little.


Ye Xiu returned a few ellipses, which only made Blue River flushed with anger. His lies really were pulled off extremely clumsily, but he had already said them. Blue River just said thick-skinned: “Then it’s settled?”

“If a hidden BOSS comes, how do we split it?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Everyone rolls for it!” Blue River replied happily.


Ellipses, ellipses again. Blue River sighed. He wouldn’t let a person who tried hard to take advantage of them sudden con them. Rolling seemed fair. But Blue River and the others were all friends. If the lone outsider rolled, then their chances were four to one. They held a huge advantage. This person clearly understood this point.

“Ha ha, we’re just kidding……” Blue River promptly typed out ha ha, “After killing the hidden BOSS, we probably won’t be able to beat the time record, so we don’t want brother to be busy for nothing. Brother, you can pick from the items dropped by the hidden BOSS first, how about it?”

“Okay, then it’s settled.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Then brother, when can you come? We’re all waiting at Frost Forest!” Blue River said.

“Oh, wait a moment for me to finish this dungeon.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Blue River nodded his head. He took a look at Ye Xiu in his friend list: “Brother, don’t you want to change classes first?”

“No need. I’ll go like this!”

Blue River was startled: “This…..”

“Let’s not talk for now, I need to hurry up and finish this dungeon.” Ye Xiu replied.

As a result, Blue River closed the chat in silence. Thinking over the past and future, he felt something wasn’t right. He carefully pondered for a long time and then suddenly slapped his thigh.

Think about what? His purpose was to dungeon with this guy in order to make friends with him. But in the end, he kept haggling over the rewards, which made the situation completely different. It made it seem like he was inviting him to work for them. Did the great Blue Brook Guild fall so low as to hire mercenaries to do their work?

Thinking of this, Blue River suddenly felt regret over his haggling over those rewards and felt as if had given them away for free. But suddenly, he thought of the conditions for these items: breaking the clear record.

Blue River suddenly stared blankly.

Missing a person, breaking a record, those were all excuses. Their Blue Brook Guild had brought a total of forty experts to the new server. How could they not be able to form a full party? Missing a person was just a reason for them to invite him over. As for breaking a record, that was just a way to have everyone fight for the same goal and connect more easily.

To be honest, Blue River didn’t think that inviting a person would be able to let them clear a record. Shortly after 12 in the morning, the dungeon record had been broken. Blue River had already led a party of Blue Brook Guild’s strongest experts into the Frost Forest three times, but had kept a steady disparity between their record and Herb Garden’s record. If this new person really could help them beat a record, then wouldn’t his strength be better than their guild’s elites?

Blue River felt that Lord Grim was a talent, but he didn’t feel that he was an even stronger talent than their guild’s elite. But in the end, he had seriously haggled over the clearing rewards, was it worth it? He was only Level 20 and hadn’t changed classes yet either. Could such a person break a new clear record?

“Blue River, are you done contacting him?” Right at this moment, Blue River’s teammate Bound Boat asked.

“I’ve invited him. He’ll be here in a moment, who’s going to give up their position?” Blue River said to the party.

“Oh, then I’ll rest for a bit then!” Someone said.

After Blue River said “Okay”, this player left the party. The rest of them sat outside of the dungeon’s entrance waiting for Lord Grim’s imperial chariot to arrive. Blue River still felt hesitant in his heart.

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