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Chapter 35 – One Wave Rush (1)

Chapter 35 – One Wave Rush (1)

Clearly, Bound Boat was not as impulsive as Flower Lantern. He stayed in the party and didn’t move. He sent Blue River a message: “What should I do?”

“What do you think?” Blue River replied.

“I’m pretty curious. I just have some regrets because I’ve been kicked out, so I can’t see it with my own eyes.” Bound Boat.

“Doesn’t it seem like he’s just talking big?” Blue River said.

“It doesn’t look like it. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t changed classes yet that he dares to not bring a Cleric. If it’s urgently needed, he can also heal.” Bound Boat said.

“Yeah, I don’t think he’s here just to waste everyone’s time. Let’s try it out!” Blue River said.

“Okay, then I’m leaving then.” Bound Boat left the party.

“Returning Cloud come over. Most of the guild has already reached the dungeon entry limit.” Flower Lantern said. Returning Cloud had originally been an elite member of their party. But because Lord Grim took the spot, he left. Now, he would be returning to the party. Filling in the last spot would be hard though. All of those in the elite group were experts who actively looked to do dungeons. Besides Blue River and the others, who intentionally waited, those who hadn’t reached the dungeon limit were currently doing their last run.

In the end, the experts, who saw Flower Lantern’s call, curiously chatted. They all knew that Flower Lantern’s party already had the guild’s three highest DPSers. If all three were online, then what was he calling out for?

“Are there any players who can still run Frost Forest? The more damage the better. Hurry up and come to help us beat the clear record!” Flower Lantern didn’t explain and only messaged this in the guild’s channel.

“I’ll come!” Finally, someone replied. Flower Lantern saw that it was Lunar Grace. This was a girl. In the elite group, there was a considerably low number of female experts, so these female players were treated as treasures. Parties fought all over for them and brought the girl over to clear a dungeon as if she were there for their social welfare. As a result, the girl experts never had a fixed party.

“Grace, then you come!” Flower Lantern didn’t say anything more and told the rest that she was coming.

Returning Cloud and Lunar Grace quickly arrived and joined Blue River’s party. Returning Cloud was this party’s original member, so he knew the situation. Lunar Grace, on the other hand, was somewhat at a loss. This party didn’t have an MT or a healer and had an unfamiliar person too. Class……he didn’t have one?

“Oh Great God, are these two suitable?” Flower Lantern said to Lord Grim sarcastically.

Thus, Ye Xiu really did look at them carefully: “Yup, they’re fine.”

Returning Cloud was also an Elementalist. His weapon was a Purple Level 20 Vivid Staff. As Level 20 Staffs, Vivid Staff and the Copper Staff attributes were about the same. Their difference was their additional properties. One of them added 1 level to Flame Explosion, while the other added 1 level to Frost Ball. From these staffs, it could be seen that the elemental paths they took as Elementalists were different.

As for Lunar Grace, she was a Witch. This was another choice among the magic classes. They were known as the scientists among mages. They used large amounts of magic items to do battle and possessed a certain close combat strength.

Lunar Grace used a Purple Level 20 Crystal Wand, which wasn’t a Broom, the weapon exclusively for Witches. As a result, Ye Xiu couldn’t tell from her weapon what skill path she took, so he asked: “What path?”

“Dark Style Path.” Lunar Grace said.

“Have you added any to Doll Shururu?” Ye Xiu asked. Doll Shururu was a type of Witch skill that taunted monsters.

“Auto Level Up.” Lunar Grace replied. Auto Level Up meant that when the skill could be leveled, a skill point would immediately be used to level it up.

“Oh, that’s great.” Ye Xiu said.

“Is God satisfied?” Flower Lantern asked.

“Yup, it’s good. Let’s get ready to go!” Ye Xiu said.

Lunar Grace still didn’t completely understand the situation. In the end, she heard Blue River announce: “Everyone, listen. For this dungeon, Lord Grim will lead.”

“You’re leading?” Lunar Grace was extremely surprised.

“Yup.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why?” Lunar Grace couldn’t understand.

“For the clear record.” Ye Xiu said and had already walked towards the dungeon.

“Hey hey……” Blue River yelled for him, but he had already disappeared. Clearly, he already entered the dungeon. Blue River was sad! They had to discuss their plan outside of their dungeon. After they entered the dungeon, the timer would start. At that moment, explaining would just be a waste of time!

“God has already entered. What are you all waiting for, hurry up and go tremble at his might, oh mortals!” Flower Lantern laughed out loud.

“When I come, I’ll be looking for you.” Blue River cursed and promptly entered the dungeon along with the others.

Frost Forest monsters were green-skinned blue-nosed Goblins. There were long-ranged, melee, and even magic ones. Clearly, they weren’t as boring and pattern-following as the ones in beginner village. In addition, these Goblins all looked the same, so until they attacked, there was no way of telling what type they were.

After Blue River and the others entered the dungeon, the dungeon timer officially started. No one foolishly sat around the entrance. They rushed forward while hearing Ye Xiu lead: “Having a Witch will make things much easier. We’ll One Wave Rush.”

Blue River jumped up in fright: “How do we use One Wave Rush?”

“You don’t understand what One Wave Rush means?” Ye Xiu was even more astonished than Blue River

Of course Blue River knew. In Glory, One Wave Rush meant that all of the monsters would be pulled and then completely killed in one turn. But this method could only be used when the party level was much higher than the dungeon’s. They also needed a powerful MT. They had never heard of a One Wave Rush done by parties at the same level as the dungeon.

“One Wave Rush is……”

“I understand, I understand. I just don’t understand how you’re going to use One Wave Rush.” Blue River said.

“I’ll pull the monsters. Then, Doll Shururu to group up the monsters. Raging Flames and Blizzard to attack. Then……”

“It’s like you didn’t say anything. It’s fine, you go start then! We’ll One Wave Rush.” Blue River’s cheeks streamed with tears. He knew the basic course of actions, but the pivotal point lay on the player pulling the monsters. If he couldn’t bring back a wave of monsters alive, then it’d be a problem. In the end, this person played down the four words “I’ll pull the monsters” and skimmed over the most pivotal point. Blue River knew that saying anymore would only waste their time.

The other three looked at Blue River and had the same thoughts. They all accepted their fate and a waterfall of cold sweat washed over their faces. In the end, Ye Xiu typed out a smile and yelled: “I’m going.”

Lord Grim ran out. Blue River and the others looked at his back and felt the same feeling as if he were a hero that would never return.

“I have to say, he’s quite heroic. I admire him.” Thundering Light ridiculed him.

“Everyone keep up.” A shout came from in front of them. The four with a waterfall face kept up with him. They saw that Lord Grim had already approached two Goblins. One of them started throwing rocks, while the other started casting Ice Arrow. The four all said together: “What a tragedy. We start and there’s already two long-ranged ones.”

The rock and Ice Arrow flew out, but Lord Grim seemed to just shake twice and the rock and Ice Arrow flew past him.

“D*mn, could it be? Z Shake!” Blue River cried out.

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