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Chapter 26 – Forgot to Look at a Guide

Chapter 26 – Forgot to Look at a Guide

Of course, Chen Guo didn’t kill Ye Xiu and couldn’t enter the Level 5 Green Forest as a Level 1. In the end, Chen Guo could only start completing the missions alone. No matter what was said, it was still faster than only killing monsters.

In his busy schedule, Ye Xiu made room to turn around and quickly glance at the character on her screen: “Chasing Haze? Where have I seen this ID before?”

Chen Guo almost knocked down the monitor with her head. Baring her teeth, she turned her head: “This is my main account’s ID!”

“Oh, I thought so!” Ye Xiu’s head had already turned back. Chen Guo suddenly discovered, Besides that time when I walked in with my face mask, I haven’t seen this guy’s front again. It’s only the Skeleton Graveyard and nothing more. Does he really need to concentrate so hard?

But thinking about that, her temper cooled because he really did need to concentrate so hard. In the Skeleton Graveyard, monsters would often randomly pop up. A scattered skeleton in an obscure location could suddenly converge together into a skeleton or a skeleton might suddenly dig out of the ground. This dungeon didn’t have a set route or a set number of monsters. The dungeon would change every time testing player’s concentration and reaction time. What’s more, Ye Xiu’s party only had four members, so they needed to concentrate even more.

Looking at it like this, Ye Xiu’s actions were reasonable. Her anger wasn’t though. Chen Guo could only gloomily continue to complete her missions.

At this moment, it had only been a day since the opening of the tenth server. Beginners were still everywhere like clouds causing Chen Guo to advance with her missions very slowly. It had taken even Ye Xiu that sort of peak expert two hours to complete them all, Chen Guo needn’t be said. Although the situation was better than yesterday, lining up, kill stealing, these patterns still existed.

During the process, she suddenly heard a cold laugh float by: “I knew it’d be like this.”

Chen Guo grew angry, Is he making fun of me? But when she turned her head to look, Ye Xiu had his headphones put on properly and continued to dungeon with his party! Was he talking to himself? Chen Guo muttered to herself. In the end, it was best not to make trouble and continued to silently kill monsters.

To Ye Xiu and the others, this time, clearing the Skeleton Graveyard was more threatening than dangerous. The road was quite bumpy because Seven Fields and the others couldn’t react in time to the dungeon’s difficulties, to that sort of scare by the skeletons suddenly popping out.

When the final BOSS collapsed, Seven Fields and the others were all covered in sweat. If it weren’t for Ye Xiu and instead had Sleeping Moon as the leader, they definitely wouldn’t have cleared it. This didn’t mean that the dungeon required a peak level expert to lead them, rather it was because the players would take a lot of damage and required a Priest to heal them. Evidently, this was the beginner village’s lesson on dungeons letting them know the importance of class combinations.

In the end, with Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim who could heal and kill monsters, they rolled through the Skeleton Graveyard. After coming out, Ye Xiu looked back. Chen Guo was still in the beginner area lining up and wasn’t paying attention to him, so he entered again. Seven Fields and the others were a little nervous. They were holding the expert back a little. With brother expert’s skill, he could easily find three other much more skilled partners. If they didn’t perform well, would brother expert leave them?

As a result, Seven Fields and the others concentrated 120% it. Carefully and cautiously, they clearly improved when reacting to those skeletons suddenly popping out. Their clearing speed increased by a lot.

Skeleton Graveyard also had three hidden BOSSes: Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Mage, and Skeleton King. But the dungeon wouldn’t give any hints if a hidden BOSS appeared because these three hidden BOSSes could come out of the shadows at any time. Only then would the system give a prompt. Often, in parties with bad luck, a member may have already been killed off by the time the system prompt came out.

With Ye Xiu leading, this type of careless error would never occur. Only, after clearing the second dungeon easily, the hidden BOSS still hadn’t appeared yet.

They had already cleared the dungeon twice. Ye Xiu turned his head again to look at Chen Guo’s progress. She was in the middle of kill stealing with others outside of beginner village. Ye Xiu searched a bit more and saw her character’s level. It was already Level 4 and she was about to hit Level 5.

“Better hurry up and start again.” Ye Xiu thought to himself and entered at once. Seven Fields and the others also didn’t hesitate.

Kill kill kill, move move move. Suddenly, in front of them, a crooked gravestone gently shook. Seven Fields and others hadn’t noticed this and continued forward. Ye Xiu had already hastily yelled: “Move back.”

The three heard Ye Xiu and without thinking, immediately followed his command, neatly retreating. Lord Grim’s figure had already moved past them in a flash. After that gravestone gently shook, suddenly, it flew out of the dirt towards the four of them.

Ye Xiu shouted “Careful”. The prepared Seven Fields and the others quickly dodged it. Half of a skeleton body arose from out of the hole where the gravestone flew out of. Seeing that intact skeleton, they knew it wasn’t any ordinary monster. The system also solemnly announced: You have entered the Skeleton Warrior’s place of eternal rest.

“We’ve finally run into one.” Ye Xiu was gratified.

“How do we fight it?” Seven Fields and the others immediately asked.

The half-exposed Skeleton Warrior leaped out of the cavity like a rocket showing off his powerful jumping ability. In midair, polluted dirt rolled out from his body crashing down onto the ground like rain. In his hand, he carried an enormous but extremely damaged sword around the size of a person.

“Too bad.” Ye Xiu said.

“What’s wrong?” Seven Fields and the others all asked.

“I forgot to look at a guide.” Ye Xiu said.

The three felt like throwing up blood. Brother expert you’re too mystical!

“I can help you look.” Sunset Clouds yelled.

“No good, if he attacks you then you’re dead.” Ye Xiu said. The Skeleton Warrior had already dropped to the ground causing the earth to quake and the mountains to shake. The attack range was extremely large. Drifting Water was too slow and didn’t dodge in time. He was hit by the shock wave and fell flat on his face.

The Skeleton Warrior’s two black eyes swept over them as if searching for a target to attack.

“Then someone draw it out. I’ll check a guide!” Sunset Clouds said.

“No need.” While Ye Xiu said this, he took off his headphone and turned around to shout: “Boss, boss.”

“What!” Chen Guo tapped her keyboard replying, but didn’t turn her head.

“Help me look up a guide.” Ye Xiu said.

“Guide? What guide?” Chen Guo was astonished and looked towards him.

“A Skeleton Warrior guide.” Ye Xiu controlled Lord Grim while pointing to his screen.

Chen Guo’s head almost knocked over the monitor again: “You starting looking up a guide after you’ve met the boss? What have you been doing up until now?”

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