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Chapter 25 – Did You Hear What I Said?

Chapter 25 – Did You Hear What I Said?

“Brother expert, do you have any demands here?”

While Ye Xiu put on his headphones, he saw Seven Field’s message.

“I want the Skeleton Warrior’s Sabers.” Ye Xiu replied.

“The ornamental Sabers?” Seven Fields was surprised.

“Right.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh… ….If you have demands, then let’s not add anyone. It’s just us four then!” Seven Field’s words made sense, especially the part about demands. They would have to take a long time explaining it to the newly added person. Even then, the person might not trust them. Also, if you directly gave the party leader priority picks, then the stranger would just be scared away. Who would know whether you would give him a portion of the loot? Thus, it was still better with four friends.

“Okay.” Ye Xiu also wanted to avoid this type of trouble.

Seven Fields and the others all entered the dungeon and said together: “Come on hidden BOSS!”

“Are you guys becoming addicted to killing hidden BOSSes?” Ye Xiu laughed.

The three all sent out naughty “ha ha” laughs. Ever since they followed Ye Xiu, they all had this thought towards hidden BOSSes. If there wasn’t a hidden BOSS, then they would just roll through the dungeon, no pressure.

“Let’s go!” Ye Xiu said. Lord Grim once again swung out his battle lance and led the way. Seven Fields, Sunset Clouds, Drifting Water skillfully tailed behind. Fine rain drizzled down on Skeleton Graveyard. Dark-green will-o’-wisps could be seen far and near. The sound effects were faint ghost cries. From time to time, two mournful groans would suddenly push forward causing their scalps to tingle.

No… …It wasn’t just his scalp that tingled. It seemed as if wind were blowing into his ears?

Ye Xiu’s mind was tough and unyielding. He determined that this wasn’t a psychological effect but something actually blowing. Although his hands didn’t stop moving, his heads subconsciously turned left and right. He saw a shining white face and a pair of black eyes stealthily staring at him without ever blinking. The cherry red lips looked as if they would drip blood……

“Pow!” Ye Xiu’s left hand directly slapped the keyboard and his character stopped. This time, he had fully pressed seven or eight keys. In game, Lord Grim looked as if he spasmed and made several mistakes. It was good that they were only fighting small monsters. Seven Fields and the others quickly rescued him. Brother expert had never made any large mistakes yesterday. He just started playing today, how could he suddenly turn so foolish and start messing around? Could it be that something happened to the expert? But they had just heard his voice, that brother expert’s voice!

At this moment, Ye Xiu had already turned around and quickly moved to stabilize the situation. Seven Fields and the others relaxed and then heard brother expert say: “Boss, you’re staying up so late, are you running around with a facial mask trying to be a white Supergirl?”

“What?” Seven Fields was startled.

“A love affair.” Drifting Waters privately messaged.

The three immediately kept silent and held their headphones tight to their ear.

“I can’t sleep so I came down to sit for a bit.” Chen Guo said after taking off her mask.

“Seven Fields move back. Drifting Water take the lead. Sunset Clouds pay attention to the 4 o’clock direction.” Ye Xiu directed the battle.

Chen Guo quietly looked at Ye Xiu killing monsters and suddenly said: “I feel that Ye Qiu shouldn’t have retired.”

“Agreed.” Ye Xiu said.

“It was only because his position was too high. As soon as Excellent Era had a problem, it would be pushed onto the leader.” Chen Guo said.


“I’ve watched all of Excellent Era’s battles. I feel that Ye Qiu and the Battle God One Autumn Leaf aren’t as strong as they were back in the days.”

“…….” Ye Xiu was silent.

“The current Professional Alliance has become more and more developed, experts are everywhere. For example, Great Gunner, Sword Saint, King of Fighting, Magician, these players aren’t worse than Ye Qiu and their accounts are just as strong as One Autumn Leaf too.”

“……” Still silent.

“Nowadays, one person can no longer carry the team. But people always hoped that Ye Qiu could still show off his strength just like how he did in his glorious days. Their demands towards him were just too great.” Chen Guo said.

“Seven Fields, turn back a bit. You’re too far forward. Sunset Clouds, you and Drifting Waters stand together. I can handle this side by myself.” While Ye Xiu directed them, he went “pa pa” on the keyboard.

“F*CK!” Chen Guo grew furious. She got up and grabbed Ye Xiu’s neck. While she violently shook his neck, she roared: “DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID? DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID?”

The Internet Cafe guests all trembled. Frequent customers snuck in a glance at that direction wanting to see who dared to provoke Boss Chen Guo. With this loud of a roar, today they were afraid someone was about to meet a tragic end.

The headphones on Ye Xiu’s head shook a few times and then fell off. Inside, a few dim trembling sounds from Seven Fields and the others muttered out: “I heard I heard……”

Even in this situation, Ye Xiu still maintained steady hands and persevered through. In game, Lord Grim continued to perform perfectly, but his master Ye Xiu already had a hard time breathing and was about to be strangled to death.

Right when Ye Xiu’s tongue was about to fall off, Chen Guo released her hands. Ye Xiu coughed loudly, but his gaze still hadn’t shifted away from the screen. He asked Chen Guo: “What did you say?” While he quickly picked up his headphones, he shouted towards the headphones, “Seven Fields back. Move back.”

After throwing his headphones on, his hands quickly returned to the keyboard. He didn’t even have time to put them on properly. In the game, the four of them were currently battling a BOSS. They were originally missing a person. They needed Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim.

Chen Guo saw that this guy wasn’t mad at all. I can’t just strangle him to death, can I? Helpless, she sat back down. She turned on a computer in front of his station: “Play with me.”

Ye Xiu turned his head and glanced: “That’s the server computer!”

“I’m the boss.” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu had nothing to say. That rule had more power than the rule to never use the server computers.

“How do I play with you?” Ye Xiu didn’t turn his head to ask. He was currently fighting an intense battle with the BOSS.

“I have an account in the tenth server too.” Chen Guo fished out a card waving it at Ye Xiu. In the end, Ye Xiu just went “Oh” and still didn’t turn around. Furious, Chen Guo cursed. I really should just strangle him to death and then dig a hole for him to be buried in.

“Then, first do the intro missions.” Ye Xiu said.

“I won’t do the missions. Bring me to a dungeon.” Chen Guo acted a bit rashly. She already decided that she would do the opposite of whatever Ye Xiu said.

“You’re still Level 1, how can I bring you into a dungeon?” Ye Xiu said. Green Forest was the lowest level dungeon, Level 5-10. If she wasn’t Level 5, then she couldn’t enter it.

“Think of something.” Chen Guo said.

“Okay, let me think!” Ye Xiu humphed. Afterwards, his hands went “pa pa” again. Suddenly, he quickly grabbed his headphones: “Drifting Water go back to your position, you’re about to be surrounded. What happened to you guys? So many mistakes!”

After throwing down his headphones, he heard a few knuckle-cracking sounds from behind him. Chen Guo grinded her teeth asking: “Did you think of something?”

“Thought of one.” Ye Xiu immediately said.

“Oh?” Chen Guo was astonished. This was something that simply wasn’t possible under the system’s setup. How did he find a way?

“Don’t think about missions, just kill monsters until you’re level 5.” Ye Xiu said.


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