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Chapter 24 – Dungeon Record

Chapter 24: Dungeon Record



Chen Guo, who had just recently wiped away her tears from Ye Qiu’s retirement, now looked peaceful as if nothing had happened. She carefully explained again the things Ye Xiu needed to know and then randomly found a station to play Glory.

Ye Xiu stood nearby and glanced a few times at her screen. He saw that Chen Guo had entered the arena and engaging in PK. But it was obvious that she had something else on her mind. While she PKed, she repeatedly made several huge mistakes, the ones that all the low-skilled players made. After losing three rounds, Chen Guo tapped her keyboard and logged out of the game. She turned her head and saw Ye Xiu, who was standing around picking his teeth as if he had nothing to do. After glaring at him, she ran back to the second floor.

Ye Xiu looked at the time. There wasn’t much time left until he had to start working at 11 o’clock. The little sister at the counter also grasped the time well. The K-Drama had finished at the perfect time. After the show finished, the time just happened to hit 11 o’clock. The little sister stood up and smiled towards Ye Xiu: “Brother Ye, then I’m going now?”

“Go go!” Ye Xiu had waited for the computer for a long time. The little sister wasn’t the only employee finishing work at 11 o’clock. The daytime and evening time wouldn’t be as empty as the all-night time. One person definitely wasn’t enough to take care of everyone. The Internet Cafe employees still weren’t familiar with Ye Xiu, but they all recognized him. They all politely waved goodbye and left one by one.

The Internet Cafe turned exceptionally empty. Keyboard and mouse could be clearly heard. Compared to the excitement at last night’s new server opening, the place had flipped into a completely different sight. Thinking that this was all because of his retirement announcement, Ye Xiu softly let out a sigh and sat at the counter.

Inserting his account card, he logged into the game. When he entered, he received several messages. Ye Xiu opened them and looked. It was Seven Fields and his brothers lining up to greet him.

“Brother expert, you’ve come!”

“Seven Fields, Sunset Clouds, Drifting Water, the three all asked the same question, except for Sleeping Moon.

“Is everyone here?” Ye Xiu responded to all three of them.

“Oh, Sleeping Moon is gone.” Seven Fields replied.

“Being difficult again?” Ye Xiu thought of that little guy.

“No, he’s not feeling too well. Today, wasn’t Ye Qiu’s retirement announced? He really liked Ye Xiu, so he’s a bit depressed. He’s not coming to play tonight.” Seven Fields said.

Ye Xiu truly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He didn’t think that that guy was actually one of his fans. If he let him know that he was Ye Qiu and that he had despicably and shamelessly attacked his idol, he didn’t know what that guy would think.

“if we’re missing a person, then Spider Cave’s hidden BOSSes won’t be too easy to kill.” Ye Xiu said.

“Just randomly add someone?” Seven Fields suggested.

“Why don’t we go to Skeleton Graveyard?” Ye Xiu said.

“Sure sure!!” Seven Fields immediately responded.

The Skeleton Graveyard was a Level 15-20 dungeon, Seven Fields and the others had thought of it long ago. They also hoped that Ye Xiu would lead them to grab a few more first clears again. But Ye Xiu’s thoughts and requirements were different from theirs. Regarding first clearing a dungeon, this type of glory, Ye Xiu didn’t care at all. In addition, to be the first to clear, they had to always keep their levels at the top of the standings. Ye Xiu had no way of doing this. It wasn’t that his skill wasn’t enough, it was that he didn’t have enough time.

In the morning when he went offline, Lord Grim had been placed fifth in the tenth server level standings, but now? Ye Xiu opened up the standings and looked again. Lord Grim’s name was no longer even there. The people placed at the very front were all already Level 22.

Why? Because players from big guilds were organized to level up crazily and grab first clears. An account would be used by two or three people, so the character would be online for 24 hours. They played using wheel tactics, making up for their lack of skill with hard work. No matter how great Ye Xiu’s skill was, there was no way he could win against these players.

Due to this reason, the rewards for first clears were only ordinary. Besides the nice-looking name, it reflected that these troop’s leveling speed greatly surpassed their actual skill and strength.

By comparison, the dungeon clearing records showed a more accurate representation of skill and strength.

This record used time as a measurement. At first, the system would set a time. If a team beat that time, then their time would be the new record. If it was beaten again, then it would switch again. This record breaking could be repeatedly done and the reward was generous. It wasn’t like those first clear records with little experience and gold. There was a 100% chance of obtaining a Purple equipment while other rewards were randomly given.

This type of glory didn’t exist in the beginner area because they would only start after Level 20 and higher dungeons. Ye Xiu looked and saw that the first Level 20 Frost Forest clear had already been completed. The original system record had been broken too. Behind it were the number of times it had been broken. At the present, the record had been broken three times. The current record was set by the Herb Garden team with 26:12:48 (min:sec:ms) at 18:23 in the afternoon.

Ye Xiu scratched his head a bit ashamed. He was a little fuzzy on the dungeon details, but he knew that this record would definitely be broken again. The highest level player was currently Level 22, while the final record would usually be set by a party of Level 25s. As long as a player in the party was over Level 25, then the dungeon record wouldn’t count.

“Brother expert, we’ve already arrived at Skeleton Graveyard.” Seven Fields sent a message at this time. These brothers were still at the same level as when they went offline. It looked like they were like Ye Xiu and also slept during the day.

“Okay, I’ll be there right away.” Ye Xiu controlled Lord Grim to hurry over to Skeleton Graveyard. Normally, they could have went to the dungeon as soon as they hit Level 15, but upgrading Ye Xiu’s Myriad Manifestation Umbrella required a lot of “Strong Spider Silk”. Yesterday, he made clear his demands with Seven Fields and the others. He meant that after hitting Level 15, they could switch dungeons, but he wouldn’t go. In the end, the four guys stayed behind too and followed Ye Xiu to Spider Cave.

Even after all this, he still didn’t have enough “Strong Spider Silk”. These materials had a 100% drop rate from the Spider Emperor, and the normal BOSSes only had a small chance. Ye Xiu and them bitterly cleared the dungeon 11 times. They met the hidden BOSSes three times. One of them was an Emperor, which dropped 5 “Strong Spider Silk”. The other two hidden BOSSes were Spider Warriors, which did not drop the material. And then from the other BOSSes, he obtained another 7. In addition to the 4 he got from the first kill, he had 16 in total. Ye Xiu needed 40, so he was still missing 24.

If they kept up with yesterday’s pace, they would still need to do this for two more days. Ye Xiu calculated, Seven Fields and the others had stayed with him in the Spider Cave the entire time and would soon reach Level 18. When they reached Level 20, they would be 5 Levels above the Spider Cave. In Glory, 5 levels were always important thresholds such as for equipment, skills, and experience. If they exceeded the dungeon by 5 levels, then they would receive less experience. At that point, “leveling” would no longer be efficient. Ye Xiu was too embarrassed to bring Seven Fields and the others to Spider Cave again to do his labor.

Relying on these guys to do my work isn’t a good plan. I have to find another way. While Ye Xiu thought this, Lord Grim had already arrived at Skeleton Graveyard. He found Seven Fields in the crowd and asked to join their party. After entering the party, Seven Fields sent another message: “Do we still need another person?”

“It’s not necessary.” Ye Xiu replied. Thinking again, Skeleton Graveyard had materials he needed too. He just didn’t need them yet. I haven’t used the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella for very long, but it’s already become a burden. It isn’t easy starting up again. Ye Xiu sighed and then entered the Skeleton Graveyard.

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