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Chapter 27 – The Guide Says 24 Times

Chapter 27 – The Guide Says 24 Times

“I forgot.” Ye Xiu replied simply, which made Chen Guo unable to pick at it. She was currently lining up to steal kills and nothing more. She wasn’t in any danger at all, so she quickly switched out of the game and searched up a Skeleton Graveyard guide. She asked Ye Xiu: “Which BOSS?”

“Skeleton Warrior. Mainly look for how to make it so that he drops the Saber 100% of the time.” Ye Xiu said.

“Saber? 100% drop?” Chen Guo hadn’t done this type of low-level dungeon in five years. She knew what the Saber was because she would bring others to look for this item from time to time. But she didn’t know about any guides having this information. After all, her memories were all of her rolling through the dungeon with her main account, why would she have needed to look up a guide?

“Yeah, use that as the main subject.” Ye Xiu replied with confidence. Although he forgot the details, he knew that it definitely existed because he had written about it before.

Chen Guo promptly searched the keywords “Skeleton Warrior”, “Saber”, “100%” and sure enough results appeared. Seeing the forum post’s date, it was already ten years old. Chen Guo clicked on it and looked. She was immediately surprised: “It’s a post by Ye Qiu.” The original poster’s name was, to her shock, One Autumn Leaf. This wasn’t a secret in the Glory community. Everyone knew that before the Glory Professional Alliance came into existence, Ye Qiu’s ID had already become a famous expert. Otherwise, the Professional Alliance wouldn’t have invited him as a pro-gamer.

“Right, that one. See how many times I need to hit the Buckle fastening the Saber.” Ye Xiu said.

“What?” Chen Guo had never seen this post. For a moment, she had no idea what Ye Xiu was talking about. She quickly skimmed over the post and finally found what Ye Xiu wanted.

“24 times. There are also pictures of where to hit it. Do you need to see it?” Chen Guo said.

“Enlarge it so I can see.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo opened the diagram and enlarged it: “Hey, look!”

Ye Xiu turned his head like lightning and stopped on it for less than a second before turning back.

“You’re done?” Chen Guo was flabbergasted.

“Yup.” Ye Xiu said.

“Do you need anything else?”

“No.” Ye Xiu said. He remembered that he needed to do enough damage to the targets. Although he didn’t remember exactly how much, but with the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s 180 Physical Attack plus his strength, he believed that Lord Grim reached that requirement.

“Seven Fields, go to the left; Sunset Clouds, go around to the back; Drifting Water move back a bit or the next shock wave will hit you.” Ye Xiu began directing the three into position, while he continued to look for an opportunity to attack. Before, the four players were only dodging. Without Ye Xiu’s orders, no one went in to attack. When Ye Xiu was looking for a guide, Seven Fields and the others didn’t know that he wasn’t looking for a guide on how to beat the Skeleton Warrior, but rather on how to make his Saber drop 100% of the time.

This Saber was only an ornamental equipment. It had no effects on a person’s strength which is why there was such a 100% drop method. But the method still required exceptionally high skill to pull off.

Chen Guo had already thrown away her game and stood behind Ye Xiu. She wanted to see how Ye Xiu would hit the Saber Buckle 24 times. She had looked at the guide. That buckle was located on the Skeleton Warrior’s waist. The player would have to hit the small buckle from every direction. From the screen, if the player didn’t get in close to at least two meters, then there was no way to hit it.

Ye Xiu had already controlled Lord Grim to meet the BOSS face to face. When he healed the party, the Skeleton Warrior had locked onto Lord Grim as the number one target. Lord Grim had been dodging left and right the entire time while Seven Fields and the others wandered around waiting for Ye Xiu to tell them when to attack.

After Ye Xiu got a hold of the guide, he arranged the three far away. The three didn’t know Ye Xiu’s intentions and could only listen to his orders. Seeing that Lord Grim met the Skeleton Warrior face to face, their hearts tightened: the battle was finally going to start.

The Skeleton Warrior rushed up in large strides. From head to toe, the skeleton screeched out an ear-piercing friction sound. Ye Xiu directed Lord Grim to quickly face it, but his gaze only looked at the Skeleton Warrior’s waist. Chen Guo, who was standing behind him, discovered: it was much more difficult than it seemed. The guide made the targets on the Buckle easy to see. But in battle, the Skeleton Warrior swayed back and forth. Its movements inadvertently masked the targets on the Buckle.

The Skeleton Warrior raised its body-sized sword two meters away from Ye Xiu. Calm and unhurried, Ye Xiu quickly attacked. His Thousand Chance Umbrella’s attack speed of 5 was definitely higher than the gigantic sword. Usually, gigantic swords had an attack speed of 1. In this distance, although the Skeleton Warrior’s gigantic sword was huge, its length couldn’t compare to a battle lance’s.

Ye Xiu calmly pushed his mouse. Lord Grim’s battle lance shot out late but arrived first, stabbing it head-on with a Dragon Tooth. While the Skeleton Warrior’s was briefly stunned, Lord Grim had already closed in at used a Sky Strike.

The Skeleton Warrior’s body was heavier compared to the Midnight Phantom Cat’s, but was still lighter than that big-headed and fat-bellied Spider BOSS. After a Sky Strike, the Skeleton Warrior was knocked up neither high nor low. Lord Grim took advantage and slashed. The attack made a sound that completely differed from the sound made by hitting the Skeleton Warrior’s bones.

“You hit it.” Chen Guo excitedly shouted.

“It’s only once.” Ye Xiu spoke without thinking. With a flick of his fingers, Lord Grim turned around and struck again. He swept the floor with his lance and the Skeleton Warrior that had been flipped over by the Sky Strike was hit again with a “peng” sound. This attack had also hit his buckle.

Ye Xiu wasn’t greedy. After two hits, he immediately controlled Lord Grim to retreat. As the Skeleton Warrior got up, he hit the ground to support himself creating a small 360 degree shock wave. This was to prevent shameless players from endlessly comboing him with a knock down and floor sweep skill. The majority of BOSSes had these sort of shock wave attacks when getting up.

Chen Guo watched and saw that he had hit the buckle twice. At first, she felt excited for Ye Xiu’s good beginning. But after reflecting on it, she felt that the two precise hits onto the small belt were quite frightening. While she stood distracted, another “peng” sound echoed through her ear.

Lord Grim had jumped out at the perfect time, dodging the edge of the shock wave. After the shock wave attack passed, Ye Xiu already directed Lord Grim to rush up once again. With a thrust, his lance stabbed the buckle again.

The Skeleton Warrior’s two hands crashed down. Lord Grim swiftly rolled back and that gigantic sword smashed past him. Even the spectating Seven Fields and the others couldn’t tell whether Lord Grim had been hurt or not. They quickly looked at the party list showing his HP and MP and discovered that he had completely dodged the sword.

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