The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 238 - Day Six · the Hottest Poison

Chapter 238 Day Six · the Hottest Poison

“Where did the final battle take place?”

When Li Tianlan asked, Tribulation said briefly, “Go over the mountains ahead.”

It was dangerous inside the rolling mountains.

East Island mobilized a lot of people to deal with the final battle. Countless patrols nearly scattered over the entire battlefield. Tribulation, who deliberately suppressed himself, snaked around the mountains with Li Tianlan. The road was more than 10 kilometers long. However, they spent two hours in approaching the mountain edge.

The storm swept across the battlefield without a sign. Water splashed down from above. Under the sky, the mountains were hazy. After coming into view, the mountain slopes ahead were hidden again in the rain, becoming vaguer and vaguer.

They accelerated in the storm and ultimately walked along a straight line.

Amidst the torrential rain, Changdao was full of fight and killing.

There was no pure land on the battlefield.

The fierce battle had spread inside the mountains before Li Tianlan climbed over the hill ahead.

It rained more heavily, but the sound of the rain disappeared.

In the splashing rain, rampant gunshots and explosions rang out everywhere. The loud noise completely muffled the sound of the rainstorm. Sometimes, there was an angry roar, but the explosions all over the battlefield quickly drowned it.

As lightning flashed in the air, the whole mountains were lit up. Several figures immediately ran up from the other side of the hill.

The rain was pelting down.

Suddenly, thick ice walls appeared less than 100 meters away from Li Tianlan.

The ice walls utterly enveloped these men. The sword intent was stirring in the cage made of ice walls. As a single gunshot rang out, the four immense walls of ice thoroughly broke to pieces under an invisible pressure.

Several corpses were thrown out with lots of broken ice. A quiet and comely figure stood in the storm, turning her eyes at the several bodies.

The figure should be feminine and well-behaved, but she looked somewhat indifferent in the rain.

Li Tianlan raised his eyebrows.

The woman also looked at him. In the heavy rain, she slightly stiffened her body, with confusion in her eyes.


Li Tianlan took a few steps forward and finally saw the woman in front of him. He asked in surprise, “Why are you here alone? Aren’t you with Qiancheng?”

“Brother Li…”

“As expected, you’re fine. We’re all concerned about you,” said Yu Qingyan, who reached a happy ending with Ning Qiancheng in a short time in the chaotic general trend.

Tribulation walked up to Li Tianlan without any sound. He remained silent all the time.

Yu Qingyan was startled because she did not notice Tribulation. She bowed and said respectfully, “Hello, teacher.”

Tribulation nodded but said nothing. He just watched Yu Qingyan with an elusive look.

Li Tianlan took no notice of this. He frowned for a while and said calmly, “Is everyone OK?”


Yu Qingyan lowered her head and looked at the water falling before her as she murmured, “Many people died, but we’re fine. I worked together with Qiancheng and some elites from the Eastern Theater of Operations, but we just got separated. I’m going to find him. Brother Li, will you go with me?”

Li Tianlan paused for a second and glanced at Tribulation.

Tribulation still stared at Yu Qingyan. When he noticed Li Tianlan, he shook his head and said, “Nothing will happen for the time being. You’d better go back with me first.”

Li Tianlan nodded because he was not in good condition. At least, he should treat his wounds.

“You go first. Please contact me if you have any problems.”

Li Tianlan looked at Yu Qingyan and said.

Yu Qingyan was one member of East Emperor Palace, but it had no communication system of its own. The communication system they used belonged to Sigh City. His equipment was severely damaged, so Li Tianlan must reapply for one at once when he returned.

“OK, Brother Li. Take good care of yourself.”

Yu Qingyan twitched her snub nose and seriously said.

After he nodded with a smile, Li Tianlan moved towards the hill ahead with Tribulation.

The loud gunshots constantly resounded in the rain and became more and more distinctly.

When he was about to climb over the hill, Li Tianlan suddenly looked back.

At a short distance, Yu Qingyan still stood there.

Like a pool of blue water without a ripple, her eyes were soft and limpid, with some confusion.

After noticing Li Tianlan, she greeted him with a sweet smile and waved to him.

Li Tianlan stayed calm and collected, as he saw Yu Qingyan turn back and disappear in the rain.

“The girl is marvelous.”

Tribulation suddenly spoke out.

“She’s Yu Donglai’s granddaughter. Senior Yu was one of my grandpa’s guards, so his descendant is trustworthy.”

Li Tianlan touched on the matter lightly.

In his visual field, Yu Qingyan seemed to be accelerating. Her figure got blurry and finally disappeared in the rain.

However, she was still moving forward.

She got wet in the heavy rain because she had not reached the Fire-flaming Realm. However, her eyes were clear and bright. She headed for the other side of the hill as fast as she could.

Going forward.


Snaking around.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier. Yu Qingyan silently walked alone throughout the mountains. She was patient and unyielding.

In the rain, she passed through seven or eight kilometers at top speed. After confirming that no one was following her, she turned away and went to a road on the other side of the mountains.

Then, she returned.

The road was wet and straight, leading to the front.

On both sides of the road were mountains. A crossroad was less than one kilometer away.

After turning left at the crossroad and moving forward 500 meters, she should see a small but old guide-post.

Yu Qingyan silently calculated and advanced.

In the rain, she appeared to be lonely and helpless, like a lost elf.

Everything was in line with the information she had.

After turning left from the crossroad, she would go out of the battlefield. The guide-post she was looking for stood by the roadside. It was lone and unremarkable.

Yu Qingyan stood silently in front of the guide-post and stretched out her hands to touch the wet stone tablet. After hesitating for a long time, she tried to pull up the stone tablet with her slender hands.


A quiet cough sounded behind her and came through the rain.

Like a frightened rabbit, Yu Qingyan abruptly looked back.

A woman who looked about 30 years old appeared behind Yu Qingyan.

She wore red leggings, a red blouse, and red high heels.

The woman was supercilious, like a ball of flames in the storm.


It was her most distinctive feature.

Yu Qingyan looked panic, but she stared at the lady in red bravely. That was not supposed to happen. Now, she was at a loss.

“What are you hesitating?”

The lady in red mocked. Her beautiful look mixed with her haughty disposition, so she looked a bit more wild and gorgeous.

“This was our stuff. His Highness left it to your grandfather for temporary safekeeping to show respect for him. Now, what are you hesitating?”

The lady in red said dryly. She was as tall as Yu Qingyan, but she was distinctly condescending when they stood together.

“You chose us just because… because no one can do it better than my grandfather. That’s all.”

Yu Qingyan looked at the lady in red with courage as she said.

“So what?”

The lady in red said coldly. She stretched out her hands to Yu Qingyan, saying, “Give it to me.”

After hesitating for a while, Yu Qingyan finally reached into her pocket and took out a crystal bottle.

The bottle was tiny, but it was radiant, for it was entirely cast by the first-class crystal. The bottle contained two drops of bright, fiery-red liquid, which was gleaming. The night screen nearby was reflected as red as fire.

The lady in red took the bottle and carefully put it away.

She watched Yu Qingyan and said indifferently, “We weren’t supposed to meet today, but you’ve hesitated too long. Tell your grandfather to safeguard things that don’t belong to him. If he dares to play tricks…”

She did not continue but gave a meaningful sneer.

Yu Qingyan bit her lip and said nothing.

The woman looked at her intensely and walked into the rain again.

Their meeting was brief like a transaction, but it was also like inexplicable tacit understanding.

Both the lady in red and Yu Qingyan knew what was in the bottle.

It was the hottest poison in the Dark World, which was code-named Vermilion Bird Blood.

The lady in red also knew Yu Qingyan’s name, origin, and all background information.

However, Yu Qingyan did not know that the lady in red’s code name was Phoenix.

Phoenix’s status in some upcoming mysterious group would be no less important than that of Daybreak and Dawn.

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