The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 237 - Day Six · Heaven Capital

Chapter 237 Day Six · Heaven Capital

Outside the windows, the heavy rain fell wildly.

The loud sound of the rain echoed in every corner in Changdao, and the candlelight was flickering in the power-off apartment. The soft, dim halo spread out and lit up the chessboard, and the whole living room looked dark outside the halo.

Evil’s soft and cold voice rang across Qin Weibai. They were close to each other, but his voice seemed to pass through wind and rain as well as the halo of the candlelight to reach her. His every word sounded weird and creepy.

The old apartment wasn’t very big, but the people in it were very powerful, including Evil, Moonlight, and Rose. Even the weakest one among them, Rose, was a superior close to the Half-step Invincible Realm. But for Qin Weibai as a captive, such a team was a big threat to her.

Qin Weibai was still calm like water.

That was a kind of coldness and calmness coming from inside of her. She slowly sorted out her white hemline. Looking at the remaining chess game attentively, she said softly, “Are you plotting against Samsara Palace?”

“It’s our main purpose.”

It came down to the point where Evil thought he had control over everything, so his words became more honest. “The final battle of Changdao is nothing. If one of them won and got the discursive power of the Special Warfare System of East Island, then what? Not only will it distract their power, but they also have to guard against Zhongzhou State and even the royals. I admit that there will be great benefits, but there will also be great troubles. At least it takes a lot of years to let everything sink in. The Jiang family of South America isn’t patient enough for this, so we’re not interested.”

Qin Weibai took a confused look at him. Her eyes flashed, like she was thinking about something. Then she said, “Do you actually think that fighting with Samsara Palace would be easier than taking over Changdao?”

“It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but now it’s different.”

Evil’s cold laugh echoed in the living room. He casually grabbed some pawns and played with them, then said in a complicated tone, “Samsara Palace is a superpower with the fastest-growing influence in recent years. In the past, the Jiang family of South America wouldn’t want to mess with it, but now something has changed.”

The pawns rubbed against one another in his hands and made some sharp noises. Evil’s tone sounded calmer and calmer. “To be honest, I didn’t expect that Boss Qin would appear in Changdao. What a surprise.”

“Originally we kept our eyes on Li Tianlan, who would know that Her Highness the Palace Master and Boss Qin care so much about this nonentity?” “We just have to take him back. Then we don’t need to be afraid of Samsara.”

“To our great surprise, Boss Qin actually cares so much about him that you came to Changdao yourself.”

He stood up and waved his hands in shadow. There was burning light in his eyes, which was the excitement when seeing great benefits and a bright future.

“Boss Qin, I’m curious. You’re so proud, and you treat every man like dirt. In the hearts of countless people, you are the otherworldly fairy, why would you fall for a nonentity like Li Tianlan? Now, you have this amazing opportunity, because I caught you. If I catch Li Tianlan, do you think you will have the margin to resist?”

He sat down again, let out a cold laugh, and said, “What if my second elder brother really doesn’t deserve you? As long as we have Li Tianlan, as long as you still care about him, then you won’t have a choice. Maybe by then, you will voluntarily climb up to my second elder brother’s bed for the man you love to have a slightly better life.”

Qin Weibai laughed softly.

In the candlelight, her exquisite, dreamy face looked holy and cold with the dim light.

“And you want to tell me…”

She looked at Evil and said calmly, “When the Jiang family of South America tame me, then use Tianlan to force me to turn my back against Samsara Palace? I haven’t been in Samsara for a long time, but I still have an effect on some of the 12 Super Masters. If Samsara Palace loses the 12 Super Masters, then you will take the chance and attack the whole Samsara Palace?”

“And… it won’t take too long. My sister is heavily injured right now. Maybe while she is healing, the Jiang family of South America will finish everything. By then my sister will be all alone, with some defeated troops. While the Jiang family of South America has you guys, three superiors of the Invincible Realm, and the murderous weapon. By then you won’t be afraid of my sister coming to you for revenge. Is that so?”

Evil rubbed the pawns in his hands with a calm face and didn’t say anything.

Qin Weibai didn’t care and continued to say, “And because you have me, my sister will hold back and be cautious. Then you will force me to marry Jiang Qiannian and logically invite my sister to join the Jiang family of South America, and you will give her a position in the same level of your big brother’s…”

“The process of turning your enemies into your families and taking over Samsara Palace may take a long time, but it will be worth it… won’t it?”

“Boss Qin is indeed very smart.”

Evil said in a bland tone. He wasn’t surprised that Qin Weibai could think about all this.

When the willpower of the Master of Samsara Palace was silent, Qin Weibai was the spokesperson of Samsara Palace. Even if she didn’t know Martial Arts well, no one would doubt the wisdom of such a woman.

Besides, if she wasn’t smart enough, she could not have set up a big scheme and wiped out the powerful Night Spirit a few months ago.

In that battle, apart from the super strength of the Master of Samsara Palace, Qin Weibai’s long-term plot behind the scene was also very important.

“The plan is okay.”

Qin Weibai nodded and commented. “It isn’t perfect but it catches the soft spot of Samsara Palace. I understand why you have so much confidence in this plan.”


Evil raised his eyebrows, and his tone sounded creepy.

“In other words, delusional.”

Qin Weibai said slowly.

The footsteps rang on the other side of the living room.

Moonlight with a beautiful face in black clothes walked over with a cup of tea.

She placed the tea next to Qin Weibai gently but said in a complicated tone, “Second Madam, your tea.”

Qin Weibai finally frowned and showed concern in her face. She seemed very upset about being called Second Madam.


She picked up the teacup without saying anything but just threw the cup of tea toward Moonlight.

But her movement was too obvious and powerless, so the tea didn’t get on Moonlight’s body. Moonlight slightly moved her hand, and a small electric arc flashed through. The tea was instantly evaporated, and the teacup was crushed into dust, falling down in the candlelight.

“Fuck off.”

Qin Weibai sounded cold and even creep. She had been quiet all along and suddenly showed the aggressive side, which was extremely dazzling sharpness.

At this moment, as a captive in front of three superiors, Qin Weibai seemed more like the master.

Moonlight squinted her eyes, and her killing intent started surging, without holding back.

“My second sister-in-law, Moonlight is not a maid. She is one of the advisors in the Jiang family of South America and also my second elder brother’s favorite concubine. If you don’t get along well with each other and stick together… you’ll get spanked in the future, hahaha…”

Evil laughed wildly and then shot Moonlight a warning glance.

Moonlight stepped back with a cold face.

Qin Weibai was also laughing, and her smile was bright like blooming flowers. But anyone could notice the coldness and anger behind her smile.

“Remember what you said.”

Qin Weibai sounded calm, reserved, and soft, like an irresistible verdict. “No one dares to talk to me like that. You will pay the price, and the Jiang family of South America will pay the price.”

“My second sister-in-law is very bossy.”

Evil put on a fake smile and mocked. “But you’re here now, just surrender.”

“I’m in charge of my own fate!”

Qin Weibai’s eyes were shining, but behind the brightness, it was just coldness.

“You’re in charge?”

Evil let out a cold laugh and said, “If you’re really in charge, then why are you here?”

“Because I need to be here, so I let you catch me.”

Qin Weibai looked at Evil and mocked him. “Or why do you think I’m here? The general trend is like a chessboard, but you’re all high up in your power spots and think you’re the chess player. However, I’m different because I’m willing to be the pawn. If necessary, I need to be here; then, I’m here. Nobody can stop me.”

She picked up a pawn and placed it on the chessboard, then pointed on the spot where she just placed the pawn. “Just like that.”

“I don’t believe in you.”

Evil stayed silent for a long while, then laughed and said. He looked down at the chessboard and casually placed a pawn on it, then said, “I don’t even think you can lead this chess game, let alone the general trend. The victory or defeat had been decided. What are you gonna do about it?”

“The victory or defeat had not been decided. Even if I lose, at least… I can…”

She rapidly reached her hands and threw over the chessboard in front of her under Evil’s shocked gaze.

The black and white pawns flew up in the air in the swaying candlelight and fell on the ground, making loud and crisp sounds like the rain outside the window.

Qin Weibai slightly leaned forward.

At that moment, Evil, who had entered the Invincible Realm, subconsciously moved back.

Qin Weibai stood up with a cold smile and said blandly, “I’m right here, watching you implementing your plan. Tianlan is the variable, and I’m the key. Do you really think you can catch Tianlan? You can kill him, but you definitely can’t catch him.”

“Don’t jump into conclusion so soon.”

She said coldly, “He’s my man. Do you think you will know my man more than I do?”

The anger in Evil’s tone started to deepen.

He sat up and said in a deep voice, “You really don’t care about Li Tianlan’s life and death?”

“I do care.”

Qin Weibai’s tone was clear.

Outside the window, the thunder was booming.

Her voice was cold like the pale lightning outside the window, without any emotion. “Then let him die.”

Evil’s body froze in confusion.

But Qin Weibai’s eyes slowly softened.

Actually, a lot of people didn’t know this, not even Saint and Military Counselor. The reason why she worked with that mysterious Highness in East Island wasn’t just that she wanted the mysterious power group to protect Li Tianlan.

On the surface, the bargaining chip was a financial group, but the efforts she made in the dark were countless.

What she wanted, was way more than Li Tianlan being safe.

What she wanted focused more on what would happen after Li Tianlan died.

People had to die to have a big breakthrough.

The rain fell on every corner in Changdao.

In the heavy rain that almost blurred people’s eyesight, a middle-aged monk dressed in a simple kasaya came to the front of a villa area of medium size in the west suburb of Changdao along the airport highway.

The rain was falling wildly.

The heavy rain fell from the sky, but the raindrops bounced out five or six meters away from the monk’s body. He kept himself dry and clean in the heavy rain, and he looked at the villa in front of him and walked straight to the gate.

A black luxury car drove over from the gate and finally stopped in front of the monk.

The bright car light lit up the monk’s face. The monk remained calm, put his palms together, and gave a salute.

A man with a handsome, even coquettish face got out of the car quickly and walked to the monk. In the rain, his cold voice softened a little bit. “I’m Daybreak, here to greet the master.”

The monk gave another salute and said apologetically, “I’m Ruye. There have been some accidents, so I came here a little late.”

Daybreak’s expression changed, then he pulled the monk into the car and asked with concern, “How’s Great Master Wuwei’s health?”

“Master…” Ruye said softly.

His face looked sad and miserable, then he didn’t say anything.

Daybreak’s heart sank, but he didn’t say much about it. He tried to change the subject. “His Highness is waiting for you, master. You’re a little late, but everything is fine.”

The car moved fast in the rain and finally parked in front of a villa in the center of the villa area.

On the way, the whole villa was silent but bright. The raindrops looked clearer and clearer in the continuous lights. The whole villa area seemed to be hiding something in the rain.

Ruye observed everything without saying anything.

Another coquettish man with the similar looks as Daybreak walked over and pulled out the car door for Ruye, then said with a smile, “Master, I’m Dawn, please…”

Ruye nodded quietly, touched the spot in front of his chest, and walked to the villa.

Dawn and Daybreak didn’t get in. They stood in front of the door and watched the rain, waiting for the outcome of this quiet but important meeting.

“He’s here finally…”

Daybreak said softly, in a complicated tone.

“About time.”

Dawn looked at the bright villa area ahead and said in a low tone.

He stayed silent for a while, then said softly, “Brother, do you think His Highness can get what he wants?”

“How would I know?”

Daybreak stayed quiet for a while but finally shook his head.

He knew what was Dawn talking about.

Since His Highness got back from Ninghu to Changdao, he had been staying in this villa, refusing to eat or speak.

Their Young Master, Huawu, was dead!

Outsiders wouldn’t be able to imagine how much pain this news brought to the Highness inside the villa.

It was just a few days late!

A few days later, their Young Master, the young boy named Huawu would show up in the final battle!

In the name of Heavenly Son…

It was just a few days late.

Right now Ruye, the disciple of the metaphysics grandmaster Great Master Wuwei of Zhongzhou State came to Changdao, which was part of the plan, but His Highness wanted to find out who killed Huawu.

Great Master Wuwei might be capable of finding the lead of this incident.

But this wasn’t part of the plan. Was Great Master Wuwei willing to help him?

If they found out about the killer, would His Highness aim his fire on the killer or focus on the final battle?

After years of silence, His Highness could beat anyone in the world right now.

His anger…

Daybreak’s face looked a little pale. Suddenly, he didn’t know what to say.

“Great Master Wuwei gives a name… that should accord with the general trend. Brother, what do you think our power group will be called in the future?”

Dawn changed the topic and asked.

Daybreak laughed and said slowly, “We’ll find out later.”

It was quiet inside the villa.

The monk walked into the villa hall and instantly spotted the man sitting on the couch.

He didn’t sit in the middle of the couch but in the corner.

But he had a really authentic feeling in him, so much so that even if he didn’t have a good-looking face, people would still instantly notice him.

“Here to greet Your Highness…”

Ruye gave a salute with a calm face.

“Master Ruye is being modest.”

The mysterious Highness sounded calm and deep, and his emotion was bland. He took a look at Ruye and said directly. “Did you bring the thing for me?”

Ruye held a calm face and nodded, then took out a letter from his chest and handed it over respectfully.

His Highness waved his hand, and the letter directly fell on his hand.

He tore open the envelope without hesitation.

There was only a piece of simple, plain paper in the envelope.

There were nine words on the paper.

The rest of the space was empty.

“It originated from purgatory, Deity rests in Heaven Capital.”

There were just nine words.

His Highness read it in silence and didn’t say anything for a long time.

He didn’t get an answer to his question, and his invitation didn’t get responded.

No response was a kind of response.

“Thank Great Master Wuwei for me.”

His Highness stayed silent for God knew how long, then said slowly.

“Master has another thing to ask Your Highness.”

Ruye stood there and said softly.

“Tell me.”

His Highness said calmly as he was still staring at the words in the letter.

“Master wants Your Highness to help someone.”

Ruye’s face looked calm.

But His Highness’s fingers holding the letter slightly froze.

He slowly turned around and looked at Ruye in front of him. After a while, he said in a bland tone, “How to help?”

He didn’t ask about the person.

He didn’t need to ask.

“Like Your Highness back then, he needs to have a big breakthrough through experiencing sufferings. Hope Your Highness can help him.”

Ruye’s tone sounded plain, bland like water without any flavor, or any personal emotion.

His Highness looked at the middle-aged monk quietly. His eyes turned cold; that wasn’t direct anger, but a kind of blaming and venting.

“I also have a thing to ask the master.”

He knocked on the paper near his hand and said in a soft tone, “I want to know, who killed Huawu.”

Ruye was silent.

They stared at each other for a while, then Ruye looked away and said calmly, “There’s an answer in the letter.”

There were only nine words in the letter.

It originated from purgatory, Deity rests in Heaven Capital.

Other than that, nothing.

No answer was the answer.

His Highness didn’t seem to be very smart, or he was extremely stubborn.

He stared straight at Ruye, waved his hands, and the letter flew to Ruye.

The paper stood and stretched in the air.

“I can’t see the answer.”

He said, “If Master Ruye can see it, please tell me.”

He said word by word, “Who the hell killed Huawu?”

Ruye sighed gently, put his palms together, and said, “Since there’s no answer, that means it can’t be revealed. Why does Your Highness need to be so stubborn?”

It couldn’t be revealed.

Then it wasn’t a question without an answer.

His Highness’s eyes lit up, and he said in a deep voice, “That was my son!”

Ruye didn’t say anything, just stood there and put his palms together, quiet like a statue.

His Highness suddenly laughed.

That smile was real and bright, but his eyes were full of coldness.

“Since master won’t help me, why should I help others?”

He looked at Ruye and asked seriously.

In Ruye’s silence, he stood up abruptly and screamed in anger. “Why should I help others?!”

The sharp sword intent that couldn’t be measured suddenly broke out around him.

The sword intent reached every corner of the living room.

The kasaya on Ruye was torn apart, and his body began to bleed.

The dense sword marks were left on the walls, and the whole living room was filled with disturbing sword intent.

“That man has Wind and Thunder Veins and needs a big breakthrough, what about Huawu? Was my son supposed to die?! Now Huawu is dead, I want revenge, but master won’t help me? Then why should I help him or anyone else? Why?! That man deserves to die! He should die!”

His Highness’s voice was loud and aggressive. He stared at Ruye coldly and said in a determined tone, “I won’t accept this! For what?”


Ruye, who was covered in blood, still kept the calm face. He said peacefully, “Your Highness has your responsibility.”

His Highness fell silent abruptly and didn’t say anything for a long time.


After a while, he opened his mouth and said coldly, “I just won’t accept it!”

Ruye chanted the name of Buddha, bowed slightly, then sighed and said, “Master said, be impartial…”

He stopped looking at His Highness’s face, or the blood on his body, just turned around and left the villa.

His Highness didn’t stop him.

“Be impartial… how wonderful… be impartial…”

He slowly put away the cold smile on his face, and his eyes were shining with stubborn light.

Ruye walked out of the villa.

He heard the sound of the door closing behind him.

His Highness quietly stared at the sword marks all over the living room. After a while, he said with no expression on his face, “Master, you’re partial after all.”

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