The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 239 - Day Six · Hopeless Situation

Chapter 239 Day Six · Hopeless Situation

Li Tianlan finally climbed up the hill despite the wild rainstorm, which seemed to flood Changdao.

Behind the hill was a vast and smooth plain.

The imaginary scenes of chaos and bloodshed did not appear. There were darkness and rain everywhere before Li Tianlan’s eyes.

Rampant gunshots rang out from all directions. He could indistinctly see that some figures were fighting, but he could not recognize their camps. Air was twisting violently. Countless raindrops splashed in all directions like swords. Ice walls leaped up and broke up one after another in the night rain. Occasionally, the fire was flickering in the distance. And then, it went out after burning fiercely. A spurt of blood sprayed near Li Tianlan and immediately blended with the rain.

The blood was warm.

The rain was cold.

Manic and angry roars were heard from time to time as if it would never end.

Flat roads thoroughly shattered in battle. Green sods were raised to the air. Towering trees fell one by one. Bullets that gleamed flew through the air like meteors.

A bloody battle.

The final battle seemed to reach a fever pitch, but it was unexpectedly disordered.

It was typical of the Dark World that thousands of people fiercely fought with each other.

A lot of elites were scattered everywhere in the broad field of battle. The vast expanse impressed Li Tianlan as he stood on a high place when the fighting was more intense than ever.

“Now, it’s only a part of the final battle.”

Tribulation’s voice sounded beside Li Tianlan, “Fighting is everywhere on the battlefield. This area right here is relatively small.”

The rainstorm almost blocked Li Tianlan’s view.

He could not say how big this area was, but the barely visible figures were at least tens or hundreds of meters apart.

Field of the final battle.

Each place in Changdao that there were enemies was the field of the final battle.

“Rear area…”

Li Tianlan paused after he opened his mouth and said two words.

Tribulation laughed and said dryly, “Rear area… Is there a rear area? We only have a temporary station now. This area is always a part of Changdao. In this area, we can only go forward rather than backward.”

Li Tianlan fell silent.

He took a deep look at the battle in darkness. After a long time, he said softly, “Let’s go.”

“Go forward.”

Tribulation said, “The station is six kilometers away.”

They should keep on going about six kilometers from here.

Li Tianlan knew the place, which was the station of Jifeng Sword-reining School. He was spotted for the first time there. Sunset Shadow, the top assassin of Sigh City, died together with a master of the Half-step Invincible Realm of Jifeng Sword-reining School there.

Li Tianlan went downhill silently with a grave face.

The closer they got to the station, the faster they walked. The station of Jifeng Sword-reining School was occupied by Zhongzhou State now. Zhongzhou State had cordoned off the mountains around the village. Tribulation and Li Tianlan went into the village after passing through three warning lines.

The people of Zhongzhou State were having a meeting now.

But in fact, they were waiting for information.

The messages about Huating had been delivered to Changdao half a day ago. Although Huating fell into disorder, it did not suffer much damage because a lot of masters imprisoned in Huating hid themselves after being freed and tried to find a way back to East Island.

They had deep roots in East Island. East Island was descending into chaos, so they could not attend to take revenge for the imprisonment.

The masters of Huating arrested some people, but most people had left Huating.

Five great masters of the Invincible Realm joined hands to break through the encirclement. Tianhai Wuji suffered minor wounds. Chaos, the Commander of Knights Templars, was mortally injured. Jiang Qiannian, the Second Master of the Jiang family of South America, was slightly wounded. Although they had different injuries, all of them got through the close siege. While at this time, they had almost set out on the return journey.

Among the five great masters, Chaos, the Commander of Knights Templars, Huan Kong, the ruler of Fantasy World, and Jiang Qiannian, the Second Master of the Jiang family of South America would not come to East Island, especially Huan Kong and Chaos. Situ Cangyue and Gu Qianchuan had earlier destroyed their foundations in Northern Europe and North America. After being freed, they needed to go back and stabilize the situation.

Tianhai Wuji and Liusheng Cangquan, who came from East Island, would return to Changdao as soon as possible.

Besides, Shinichi Miyamoto assumed command on the battlefield.

The three were experts of the Invincible Realm.

There were many experts of special warfare, who escaped from Huating.

Once they returned to East Island, the final battle would take place in Changdao without suspense.

The situation in Zhongzhou State got worse. Their only choice was to race against time.

Before Tianhai Wuji and Liusheng Cangquan brought a lot of experts to Changdao, Zhongzhou State had to maul the remaining members of East Island heavily. Only in this way could it have a little hope to win in the grim situation.

Therefore, Tribulation left half a day ago.

He was not alone.

Gongsun Qi, the Azure Dragon of Zhongzhou State, Firmament of the Wang family of Beihai, Gu Zhendong of Kunlun City, Mount Shu, Eastern Theater of Operations, and Shadow Sting Army, all experts almost went out of the battlefield at the same time.

The order to start the final battle was handed over to everyone in Zhongzhou State.

It was what Tribulation knew before he left.

In half a day, Tribulation brought Li Tianlan back. When they walked into the temporary meeting room of the village, all experts almost came back.

The meeting room was a relatively large and poorly decorated cottage. When Li Tianlan and Tribulation came in, some people were standing in the meeting room. The oppressive atmosphere was terrifying. Everyone looked sullen.

Li Tianlan’s return stirred up a small commotion, but it quieted down soon.

Only a few people worried about Li Tianlan.

Young people like Li Baitian, Ning Qiancheng, and Du Hanyin were not there.

Deep Dream was standing with Thunder God of Dongcheng Clan and Bai Youming, the First Miss of the Bai family. When Li Tianlan came out, their sullen looks softened. They nodded at Li Tianlan but said nothing.

The atmosphere was somewhat strange.

“I’m relieved to see you back.”

Gongsun Qi, who sat at the head table, looked at Li Tianlan and said as he nodded, “How are you?”

“I need to treat my wounds, have a rest, and eat something.”

Li Tianlan replied with a calm tone.

Gongsun Qi nodded. As he was about to speak, Tribulation’s hoarse voice spread all over the room. “Tianlan annihilated No. 6 War Zone of East Island alone, including Yuekong, an expert of the Half-step Invincible Realm, so most experts are already dead.”


There was clamor of voices in the relatively narrow meeting room.

There were no more than ten war zones in East Island. Li Tianlan destroyed No. 6 War Zone by himself, that was, he eliminated more than 1/10 of East Island forces alone.

What an astonishing feat it was!

His achievements suggested that he was far better than young talents.

“What did you do?”

Tribulation continued.

Gongsun Qi changed his face. He looked at Li Tianlan deeply and said as he nodded, “It’s amazing!”

“It’s just a fluke.”

Li Tianlan looked tired and shook his head.

Gongsun Qi waved at Bai Youming to take Li Tianlan out to have a rest. When they went far, he gave a wry smile. He looked at Tribulation and said helplessly, “The situation changed.”

Tribulation merely said, “H’m.”

“All the people of East Island withdrew.”

Gongsun Qi took a deep breath and said calmly, “To be exact, all experts withdrew. Several hours ago, a large number of cannon fodder suddenly appeared on the battlefield. Most of them haven’t reached Four Realms of Martial Arts, but only a few people reached the Qi-controlling Realm and the Ice-condensing Realm. However, there was not a single expert.”

Tribulation fixed his eyes and said, “Cannon fodder?”

“Even cannon fodder are all elite. I speculate that these cannon fodder come from some secret forces of East Island. We can’t recognize them after they take off their uniforms. At least now, they’re used as cannon fodder for consuming our strength.”

Gongsun Qi said dryly, “We can’t find their experts. Therefore, we can only withdraw all combat forces above the Thunder-shocking Realm and leave our ordinary elites to fight against them. We’re racing against time. Shinichi Miyamoto has made up his mind to hold off time.”

Tribulation paused for a long time. He asked directly, “Do you have any countermeasure?”


Gongsun Qi said calmly, “The only way at present is to cooperate with the five superpowers. Two hours ago, I sent someone to connect with the Heroes’ Club and the Polar Ground Alliance. If those people of East Island come back, we’ll have a tough time, and they won’t feel better. So, the best way now is to join forces. In that case, we won’t die even if we can’t win.”

Tribulation looked up at others in the meeting room.

Everyone looked different.

Nobody thought that Zhongzhou State, which occupied advantage first, would be driven into this dangerous situation.

“What did they say?”

Tribulation asked.

“We’re still waiting for information.”

Gongsun Qi shook his head. However, his face suddenly changed before he finished speaking.

Everybody gradually fell silent in the meeting room.

Gongsun Qi abruptly looked severe.

“We don’t have to wait anymore.”

He took a deep breath and said softly, “I’ve received a message from my team member. One hour ago, the Polar Ground Alliance refused our request for cooperation. King Bear even killed a squadron of Shadow Sting Army.”

Before the crowd could get angry, Gongsun Qi continued, “Half an hour ago, the Heroes’ Club also launched an attack on us.”

The meeting room became hushed.

Both organizations’ attitudes spoke for themselves.

Zhongzhou State got into a hopeless situation from a dangerous situation in half a day.


People all over the world fought against Zhongzhou State!

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