The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Discussing Martial Arts in Rain

Pseudo Invincible Realm!

Li Tianlan heard the concept for the first time up to now.

Qi-controlling Realm, Ice-condensing Realm, Fire-flaming Realm, Thunder-shocking Realm, and the extremely mysterious Invincible Realm, the five realms, always couldn’t bear any falsity. In the same realm, fighting force might differ, but there was absolutely no true or false about a realm. So what did a pseudo realm mean?

And it was Pseudo Invincible Realm. How horrible could it be when a pseudo realm was related with “invincible”?

Li Tianlan’s heart was full of doubts. At that time, he did not know how to speak.

In front of him, Tribulation was turning air into walls, all the way through. The heavy rain all over the sky was pushed aside, and the water under his feet went back as he marched forward, layer upon layer. The two stood in the heavy rain, while Li Tianlan’s body was already wet, Tribulation’s whole body never got wet. He was relaxed and refreshed, just like walking under the sun, freely as he wished.

“Martial uncle, what is the Pseudo Invincible Realm?”

The two men walked aimlessly along the road of the Sky Academy. Manicured lawns and trees decorated both sides of the road. The trees were lush and green in the spring. The air was clear, and the sounds of rain beating on the trees were clear. The whole world seemed to be a harmonious scene.

“What is the Pseudo Invincible Realm?”

Tribulation asked back with his low and hoarse voice.

“Within a hundred meters, one can form a void by himself, matchless in the world.”

Li Tianlan hesitated and calmly gave an answer. Such an answer was not a Li family’s answer, but the answer that many people approved of very much.

People in the Fire-flaming Realm concentrated the whole body’s strength in a moment, evaporating the water in the air, making the flames in the air burn unceasingly. Experts in the Thunder-shocking Realm were stronger. Masters in this level had completely exceeded the imagination of ordinary people, no matter in the speed, power or explosive force. They could condense lightning in the air. When they took actions, the sound of thunder rang with them, with lightning filling the air, like mighty thunder.

In the Dark World, if experts in the Fire-flaming Realm were real masters, the Thunder-shocking Realm experts were undoubtedly the figures standing at the peak. This realm was the highest point of the Four Realms of Martial Arts. As for those who surpassed the Four Realms of Martial Arts, they could straightly enter the Invincible Realm. That kind of person was almost the same as God in the Dark World.

In the Dark World, there were few descriptions of the Thunder-shocking Realm experts entering the Invincible Realm, but the records of powerful shots from the Invincible Realm experts were not rare. Once most of the Invincible Realm experts took actions, the extreme explosive force could almost instantly exclude the air around them to 100 meters away. Centered on the experts in the Invincible Realm, there was no air within 100 meters, and naturally there was no fire and water, no thunder and lightning. That was truly invincible. Within 100 meters, people in the Thunder-shocking Realm or Qi-controlling Realm were all nonentities.

This was the path that most of the experts in the Invincible Realm were taking now. Within 100 meters, one could make a void of his own. This was also the definition of Invincible Realm with the highest degree of recognition.

“Within 100 meters, forming a void of his own. To speak frankly, it is a domain, a domain that only belongs to the Invincible Realm experts. At present, most of the Invincible Realm experts follow such a road. Following such a road, people under the Invincible Realm do not want to fight back. They even cannot stand steadily in this domain and can only become nonentities to be slaughtered. If it’s one Invincible Realm expert fights another Invincible Realm expert and the domains cancel each other out, then the fight will be determined by their own capabilities. What do you think of this way, Tianlan?”

Tribulation continued asking.

“This is my way, but not all of my way.”

Li Tianlan said with a dignified look. He studied the Invincible Manual in the Map of God of War, and he did not lack famous teachers since childhood. Not to mention his grandpa Li Honghe, the former Zhongzhou God of War, even among those veterans without military rank in the campsite, many masters in the Fire-flaming Realm and the Thunder-shocking Realm could be found. He was not timid, about discussing Martial Arts with Tribulation, the most talented and courageous assassin in hundreds of years, but he also dared not to make irresponsible remarks.

There was only one word of difference between “famous teachers” and “good teachers”, but the practical significance was very different.

“Would Tribulation be my good teacher?”

Li Tianlan silently thought, absent-minded.

“So you are taking the road of becoming a Heavenly Son.”

The road of becoming a Heavenly Son.

Li Tianlan looked up suddenly.

This was the third time he heard this today. The first two times he heard it, he just thought it was Tribulation’s expectations for him. However, under such circumstances, it represented too many other meanings.

“Martial uncle…”

Li Tianlan looked at Tribulation’s back, and his eyes completely condensed. “Martial uncle, you know my way?”

“Map of God of War, and the Invincible Manual. Of course, I know.”

The tone of Tribulation was hoarse, low, and calm.

But this sentence burst into Li Tianlan’s ear like thunder.

As for the matter that he learned the Invincible Manual, Yu Donglai knew, Zhuang Huayang could guess, and Dongcheng Clan might also know. However, Tribulation hadn’t had any contact with him, so how did he know?

Li Tianlan vaguely guessed a possibility. His breath slightly shortened, and his eyes also became hot.

“About five years ago.”

Sure enough, Tribulation remained silent for a while and said slowly, “I have met with Senior Li. It’s just me and him. He helped me a lot with my shadows and Buddhist Incantation of Nine Words.”

“The most famous body technique in Sigh City is the Desperate Chase. It was evolved from the body technique Night Stride from Xuanyuantai of Kunlun. You can regard my shadows as the other extreme of Desperate Chase.”

Tribulation said calmly, “The shadows themselves are not horrifying, but they can imitate my actions, which is the most terrifying. Tianlan, I have read some of the Invincible Manual. Then I have perfected Buddhist Incantation of Nine Words and my Martial Arts by what I learned. Our paths are similar to some extent. So although I learned from Teacher Li, Senior Li has also helped me a lot. It is only natural that you should call me martial uncle.”

Li Tianlan didn’t speak for a long time. He subconsciously pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He smoked hardly and tried to calm his inner feelings.

The information content of what Tribulation said was too much, so he must digest it well.

Five years ago, Grandpa met Tribulation and showed him some of the Invincible Manual, helping him to perfect Buddhist Incantation of Nine Words and his shadows…

At that time, he was 14 years old and had just entered the Ice-condensing Realm…

In other words, there were some things that Grandpa started to operate secretly five years ago. Obviously, his grandpa who seemed to see through everything and let go of what happened in Zhongzhou was not just doing nothing in the campsite. What else had he done in the dark?

Perhaps only when he grew to a certain extent, could these trump cards that his grandpa hid be pulled out bit by bit.

“There are two roads that lead to the Invincible Realm. The first road is an invincible road that spreads yourself into a domain and becomes void. Let’s just discuss Zhongzhou State instead of the Dark World. Kunlun City has the famous unique skills: Ten Skills of True Martial Arts, and their tenth skill is one of the strongest domains in the Invincible Realm. My sister Situ Cangyue, and even your grandfather Senior Li, followed this path.”

“The other way is to deliberately store up the strength and aim for one strike that can split the heaven and earth… Even if you are in the domain, once you strike with a sword, even ghosts and gods will be forced to retreat. The Wang family of Beihai and the Peak Manual in the Map of God of War are both following such an invincible path. There are no strong or weak in between these two paths, but the second path has more growth potential. The former path is pursuing the fulfilment of Martial Arts, while the latter is pursuing the fulfilment of sword intent. The Balance Manual in the Map of God of War persues Martial Art, while the Peak Manual persues sword intent. Tianlan, what does the Invincible Manual aim for?”

Tribulation had always liked to talk in front of Li Tianlan, so Li Tianlan didn’t think there was anything strange about it. After listening to Tribulation’s insightful remark in which each word was a gem, he was silent for a while before calmly saying, “Invincible Manual is the combination of Martial Arts and sword intent. According to martial uncle, it is the combination of the two paths.”

“Then this is the path of becoming a Heavenly Son.”

The tone of Tribulation became more and more gentle. “Although I only broke the limit of the Qi-controlling Realm, in my opinion, as for the Four Realms of Martial Arts, after each realm reaches its true fulfilment, there will be a state of Pseudo Invincible Realm. The Pseudo Invincible Realm refers to the same realm, that can imitate few techniques of the Invincible Realm by force alone, without any unique skill needed, thus can truly sweep across the same realm without rivals.”

His strong state suddenly fell back. In Li Tianlan’s thoughtful eyes, his breath suddenly reached the Qi-controlling Realm, not the state after breaking the limit, but the pure and real Qi-controlling Realm.

Tribulation calmly turned around. His eyes were focused and sharp, then a simple syllable suddenly shattered the rain around.


The air and rain suddenly twisted and diffused.

Li Tianlan, who was defenseless, felt that he had been severely dragged and was out of balance. At that time, he almost fell to the ground.

Tribulation turned around again and said flatly: “This is the Pseudo Invincible State of the Qi-controlling Realm. This is not yet the domain of the Invincible Realm, but it already has a similar function. If I gave out a fatal strike at the moment when your body was out of balance just now, I would have killed you several times. In critical condition, a moment could be a lifetime.”

In the heavy rain, Li Tianlan’s expression was changing now and then. At that moment, if he was willing to guard against it, he would not necessarily be trapped in deadly danger. However, if it was a battle, it would not be difficult to let him fall into an inferior position completely.

“The Pseudo Invincible Realm in the Qi-controlling Realm?”

He narrowed his eyes and said, “You said that the fulfilment of the four realms is all Pseudo Invincible Realm?”

“I just have the most say on the Qi-controlling Realm, but if I guess it correctly, the Pseudo Invincible Realm formed by the Qi-controlling Realm and the Fire-flaming Realm should be the embryonic form of the domain, while the fulfilment of the Ice-condensing Realm and the Thunder-shocking Realm should be the embryonic form of essence.”

Tribulation reached out from his black coat and handed a file pocket to Li Tianlan. He calmly said, “These are the essentials of my body technique and Buddhist Incantation of Nine Words. Take and have a look. Don’t give it away. At your age, you don’t need to make a breakthrough at all. When your four realms are fulfilled, you should enter the Invincible Realm then. After that, you will be a true Heavenly Son.”

Hundreds of meters ahead, a shadow was slowly forming.

The voice of Tribulation stayed where it was, but his body had already exchanged places with the shadow and gone away instantly.

“These three years are enough for you to polish yourself well in the Qi-controlling Realm. You can also study what I teach you. After three years, when you graduate from the Sky Academy, and if your Qi-controlling Realm will reach a flawless fulfilment, then no one under the Thunder-shocking Realm should be your opponent.”

Li Tianlan stood silently, holding tightly the file pocket, with a calm expression.

Tribulation’s attitude towards him already showed that the strongest assassin in Zhongzhou State had recognized his potential and talent.

However, in a sense, Tribulation underestimated him after all.

His perfect infinite was, in a real sense, perfect without any shortcomings.

Countless people in the Sky Academy knew that Li Tianlan had Wind and Thunder Veins, but no one knew that besides that, he had Exquisite Bone that was more suitable for hiding and learning.

As for the Heavenly King Heart in addition to these two constitutions…

He entered the desert when he was 17 years old and went out of the desert when he was 18 years old. He had already got the so-called Heavenly King Heart that time.

Although it was acquired by his effort, his Heavenly King Heart was not necessarily worse than inborn ones.

There were Wind and Thunder Veins, Exquisite Bone and Heavenly King Heart in his body.

He was also learning the Map of God of War.

He was the only one who could have such conditions in the Dark World for hundreds of years.

Breaking through the Qi-controlling Realm within three years?

Li Tianlan smiled and looked at the file pocket in his hand, shaking his head. Slow, too slow.

The cellphone in his pocket was shaking crazily.

It seemed that there were countless messages sent to him once after a delay.

Li Tianlan subconsciously took out his phone and opened the communication software.

All the messages came from Wang Yuetong, emojis and words.

“Senior brother, have you finished?”

Shy face.

“Senior brother, not yet? There shouldn’t be any problems.”

Aggrieved face.

“Senior brother, you ignored me again.”

Poor face.

“Senior brother, I am so hungry.”

Angry face.

Sweating face.

Aggrieved face.

“Hum, hum, you bastard.”

“Ahhh, if you still don’t come, your little princess will starve to death.”

Li Tianlan looked at the mobile phone with a wry smile. He just remembered that he promised Wang Yuetong to have dinner together. He shook his head and put down the phone, then headed for the residential area.

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