The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Turning Air into Walls

Thunder rolled over the gloomy sky, and pale lightning tore the sky curtain. A strong wind suddenly arose in Huating, followed by bean-sized raindrops that came crashing down. The whole Sky Academy became more and more silent under the raging wind and rain. Nothing else could be heard except the howling of wind and rain.

Tribulation stood silently at the window, watching the strong wind blowing through the bamboo forest outside, and the heavy rain ravaging the sea of flowers. Some petals and bamboo leaves were falling down by raindrops. As the strong wind fluttered all over the sky, all the scenes were clearly reflected in his pupils, like a picture scroll that looked neat but actually had long been broken and messy.

Tribulation quietly looked out of the window and didn’t move a bit.

Inside the office, the lights were not been turned on, and the gloomy sky outside was gradually becoming dark. In the office that became darker and darker, the figure of Tribulation seemed to have disappeared completely in the darkness, with only a dangerous aura floating in the office, which didn’t seem to exist but also as if it was everywhere.

“Want a cup of tea?”

Zhuang Huayang, who stood at the back of the office, finally broke the silence, asking initiatively.

He didn’t like this atmosphere, but Tribulation was just such a person. He even heard that Tribulation and his biological sister Situ Cangyue couldn’t speak a few words to each other for a month, and most of the time they were silent. Zhuang Huayang didn’t know about it before, but in the Sky Academy these days, except facing Li Tianlan, Tribulation was like deaf and dumb most of the time: He didn’t listen, didn’t look and speak. It seemed that the rumors were not unfounded.

“I’ll just drink water.”

Tribulation’s hoarse low voice rang. Then the dangerous aura in the office slightly fluctuated, and the figure beside the window really turned into a shadow, then Tribulation’s body had already quietly appeared beside the water dispenser.

Zhuang Huayang subconsciously moved his body. He really regretted to let Qin Ke leave at the moment. Although as one of the contemporary top ten experts of Zhongzhou State, he still felt the great pressure when facing Tribulation, the most perfect assassin in hundreds of years.

He knew that Tribulation would not strike him, but the feeling of danger always made him tighten his body almost instinctively. After only a few hours, Zhuang Huayang felt a little overwhelmed and was in a very tired state both mentally and physically.

The sky darkened again.

The whole office was in complete darkness.

Tribulation seemed to feel that Zhuang Huayang was nervous, then all the dangerous aura in the office immediately converged by him.

Zhuang Huayang’s body tensed even tighter.

The dangerous aura inside the office had indeed disappeared, but in his feeling, Tribulation seemed to have disappeared completely. In such a state, Zhuang Huayang could even be sure that if Tribulation, the Zhongzhou State’s sharpest and most explosive assassin shot him, he didn’t even have the chance to strike back.

“Do you want Tianlan to be like you?”

Zhuang Huayang moved his body and suddenly said thoughtfully. He had to make some noise to relieve his pressure, otherwise, he was too tired to maintain the posture of full precaution.

“It depends on his own choice. I will teach him what I have learned all my life, but he does not need to copy my path deliberately.”

When Zhuang Huayang was unprepared, the voice of Tribulation suddenly sounded opposite him.

Zhuang Huayang seemed to have accepted Tribulation’s haunted movements. Hearing this, he narrowed his eyes slightly and whispered, “All you learned in your life? Including your shadow and your Buddhist Incantation of Nine Words?”

Tribulation’s shadow and his Buddhist Incantation of Nine Words.

They could completely cover the life-long unique skills of Tribulation, and they were also something that all assassins dreamed of but couldn’t get.

Tribulation was the only who possessed the Dual Wind Veins in the Dark World today. The preciousness of the Dual Wind Veins might not be comparable to that of the Wind and Thunder Veins, but it was rarer. In terms of speed, he was born with an unparalleled advantage. With such advantage, Tribulation even created four shadows, which made him a real ghost in battles.

The four shadows could imitate all his movements at the same time. Tribulation could swap positions with each shadow during a fight. In countless battles, his dazzling fighting style was like a nightmare. Many people even had never touched a piece of his clothing when they were dying. Such fighting style was his most horrifying feature.

The shadows of Tribulation was a secret. There was widespread speculation in the Dark World. Some people said that this was the realm that could be reached only when a person’s Qi-controlling Realm reached the maximum limit. Others said that this was the unique horror of Dual Wind Veins. They all had their own speculation, but Tribulation and his shadows were always the ones and the only in the Dark World that had created the almost invincible Lord of Shadow below the Invincible Realm.

As for the Buddhist Incantation of Nine Words, it was even bolder. Each of the nine unique skills had its unique power and function under any circumstances. At present, Tribulation’s Buddhist Incantation of Nine Words couldn’t match the one of Great Soaring Temple. However, if Tribulation really entered the Invincible Realm from the Qi-controlling Realm, his Buddhist Incantation of Nine Words would be at the Advanced Level. At that time, whether on influence or lethality, the bible of assassins would not be inferior to the Buddhist Incantation of Nine Words of Great Soaring Temple.

Li Tianlan could enter the Thunder-shocking Realm under 18 years old, so his potential and talent were undoubted. If Tribulation would teach Li Tianlan all his precious achievements…

What would be the result of a stormy person loaded with the skills of a top assassin?

As long as he thought of it, Zhuang Huayang was so terrified that his head felt numb.

If there was really such an opponent, then he didn’t need to enter the Thunder-shocking Realm to make Zhuang Huayang nervous and frightened.

“Of course, do I have anything else besides these two? I am not as good as the ancestor of Xuanyuantai, who created the Map of God of War, nor as the Heavenly Son, who established the Wang family of Beihai. I also have no intention of changing the path of Tianlan, but I just hope that what I give him can make him more flexible on the path he shall march forward.”

Tribulation’s tone was still hoarse and low, but when Zhuang Huayang listened to it carefully, he found there was a little delight under his words. When it came to the topic of Li Tianlan, his words indeed were more than usual.

Zhuang Huayang also wanted to say something, then the sound of opening suddenly rang.

The heavy rain outside the window rumbled and disturbed the whole world, but the sound of this door opening was very clear in their ears.

Tribulation looked back at the first moment, and with his fingertips, the air in front of him suddenly twisted and turned into a small cyclone, knocking on the light switch in the office.

The soft light was slightly dazzling when it appeared. Tribulation and Zhuang Huayang narrowed their eyes at the same time.

Inside the rest room, Li Tianlan stepped out, smiling.

His originally pale face had completely become ruddy, and his very heart-wrenching dull white hair had all turned into soft silvery white, very shiny. While Li Tianlan’s biggest change was in his height.

His original height was nearly 1.75 meters, this height was not short among Zhongzhou people, but it was unworthy of being mentioned compared with Qin Weibai’s. Qin Weibai was 1.76 meters tall barefoot. When she put on high heels her slender and exquisite figure was really unique and enchanting. Li Tianlan had nothing to feel inferior in height, but when they played some erotic positions in bed, Qin Weibai had to deliberately cooperate with him. This was what made him uncomfortable most.

Now in just a few hours, under the stimulus of absolute strong vitality, his height jumped nearly 5 cm, and his originally ordinary figure also gained a slender handsome taste. If his face were more beautiful, with a non-mainstream but not discordant silvery white hair, he would absolutely be a standard handsome man.

“Tianlan, how do you feel?”

Zhuang Huayang took the initiative to ask, with a tone full of concern.

“I feel good.”

Li Tianlan barely repressed a great deal of excitement in his heart, but the smile on his face grew brighter and brighter. “Perfect, better than ever.”

He was telling the truth. Now he was really in an unprecedented good state. The powerful vitality provided by the Immortality Potions had completely pressed his expanding power into the Qi-controlling Realm, turning his power into potential. His original strength was at the Peak of the Qi-controlling Realm, but now he was not advancing but retreating, into the stabilization phase of the Qi-controlling Realm. It did not look like good news. However, his foundation and potential had become more abundant. Although the realm was one notch lower, his combat capability was not retreating but advancing. This was enough to make him surprise.

However, what was even more surprising was still to come. As the only person in hundreds of years who had taken a complete set of Immortality Potions, his overdraft potential and vitality had not only been fully made up but were even more vigorous than before.

Perhaps it was because of his growing environment that he was severely malnourished when he was a child, and many parts of his body were very fragile and lack of nutrition. The efficacy of a whole set of Immortality Potions had completely eliminated some hidden dangers inside his body. His height was only an external change, and the internal transformation was actually more shocking.

Now every bone and muscle in his body and his essence, Qi, and spirit, were all in an unprecedented perfect state.

This also meant that the gate to the invincible road had been completely opened to him, without any variables.

At this moment, Li Tianlan’s heart was full of lofty sentiments, and there was already a hint of superior vibe in him.

“Your hair?”

Zhuang Huayang hesitated slightly. The silvery white hair was really beautiful and soft, but it was also too dazzling.

“Just wait for two months, when the hair grows out, it will be black, then I’ll cut the silver hair.”

Li Tianlan grabbed his hair and laughed. He also didn’t like such a non-mainstream color.

Zhuang Huayang finally felt relieved and smiled. “Congratulations.”

A grin crept over the corner of Li Tianlan’s mouth, but his eyes were somewhat dazed. He took a sip of the water that Tribulation gave him and whispered, “I really should thank her.”

The Samsara Palace Master who had never met him but dared to go straight into Mount Dibing. What she did might be for the sake of Qin weibai, but this kindness which was like giving him a new life, falling directly on him.

Li Tianlan could not forget, also dared not forget.

Li Tianlan subconsciously took out his cellphone to dial a number. It was turned off, which was not unexpected at all.

He shook his head and gently sighed.

“You have grown taller.”

Tribulation whispered. His voice was still hoarse and low, but his eyes that were looking at Li Tianlan gradually emerged a smiling mood.

“Well, it was a pleasant surprise.”

Li Tianlan moved his body. He was now in the stabilization phase of the Qi-controlling Realm, but the strength he felt was obviously more terrifying than what he could feel when he was at the Peak of the Qi-controlling Realm. He narrowed his eyes slightly, willing to speak but hesitated, but his heart was already impatient.

“Your current state is very suitable for hitting the extreme limit of the Qi-controlling Realm.”

Tribulation looked at Li Tianlan and said with a tone of appreciation.

Li Tianlan smiled and said, “Martial uncle, I am not going to follow your path. I have my own path.”

No matter entering the Invincible Realm directly from the Qi-controlling Realm, or adopting a step-by-step gradual promotion, there was no difference. The most suitable path was the strongest.

“I have no intention of interfering with your path, but I have something that can make you more flexible.”

Tribulation said softly. He glanced at Zhuang Huayang, and calmly said, “Is there anything else?”

His words were really not polite at all, but for Zhuang Huayang, this was the most normal attitude for him to get along with Tribulation, so he shook his head and simply said, “Please, help yourselves.”

Tribulation nodded, pulling Li Tianlan directly out of the office.

Li Tianlan hesitated now and then. Finally, he could not help but asked, “Martial uncle, in your opinion, what is the limit of Qi-controlling Realm?”

The slightly short and slim figure of Tribulation was wrapped in black and was almost integrated with the dark environment of the villa, “Why, are you eager to break through?”

Li Tianlan touched his nose. It was the first time he got along with another person who was related to his father, except his grandfather. He was extremely relaxed. He nodded slightly and said calmly, “I need to grow up.”

“The most perfect growth is the most meaningful one. I’ll still tell you that your road is not the one to ‘invincible’, but the one makes you become a Heavenly Son. If you ask me where is the limit of the Qi-controlling Realm, then I’ll ask you first, with your current strength, if you go all out, what kind of opponent can you kill, in which realm?” asked Tribulation.


Li Tianlan pondered carefully. This time he took a whole set of Immortality Potions. He got great benefits, which not only made up his vitality and potential. Because previous malnutrition had been completely supplemented, his potential had been further expanded. Now his realm has regressed a little, but his combat capability had improved a lot. He narrowed his eyes and whispered, “If I do my best, I can kill the master who is in the breakthrough phase of the Fire-flaming Ream. If I encounter an expert in the stabilization phase of the Fire-flaming Realm, I can still be undefeated. If facing an expert at the Peak of the Fire-flaming Realm, I can survive.”

“Is it a common Fire-flaming Realm expert?”

Tribulation said directly.

Li Tianlan nodded with a wry smile. In other words, the so-called “Fire-flaming Realm experts” in the ordinary sense could be said to be people with little potential, which most of the strength standards were divided according to such people. Not to mention Wang Shengxiao of the Wang family of Beihai, and Gu Hanshan, the Heavenly Son of Kunlun City, even Ning Qiancheng, Li Baitian, and Wang Yuetong were freaky geniuses in most people’s eyes, so they could not represent the average strength. Ning Qiancheng should have entered the Fire-flaming Realm for now, but as for such a genius, with the strength of Qi-controlling Realm, let alone being able to kill, Li Tianlan could only struggle for not being defeated at most.

“This level is obviously not the limit of the Qi-controlling Realm.”

Tribulation shook his head. “If you are willing to listen to me, I suggest you stay in the Qi-controlling Realm for a longer period of time. Exact how long will depend on your progress. The things I want to teach you are not useless for entering whether the Fire-flaming Realm or Thunder-shocking Realm, and its power is also considerable. But it is better to lay a good foundation in the Qi-controlling Realm, so as to have more obvious advantages in other realms.”

He paused and continued, “Of course, not raising the realm does not mean not raising the fighting force. Watch it.”

He stepped out of the villa.

Outside the door, the heavy rain fell wildly.

In a flash, Li Tianlan could only faintly feel that the moment that all the raindrops suddenly appeared above Tribulation’s head, there was a moment of sudden stillness.

The air seemed to fluctuate, but all the raindrops that were about to fall on Tribulation’s head were pushed out in a flash, even the accumulated water under his feet was like a wave, pushing forward.

Tribulation stood still. It was raining heavily, but the wind and rain could not invade him.

There seemed to be invisible walls surrounding him from all directions. When all the raindrops were about to fall on him, they were pushed to all directions by the walls that were condensed by air around him.

This scene simply subverted Li Tianlan’s cognition. In his cognition, the Qi-controlling Realm was the realm that could most easily improve people’s flexibility. Therefore, the most extreme standard should be controlling air into the wind, and the wind moved with people, and people moved with the wind, like sliding over the water. Reality and falsity were alternating, making people’s movements unpredictable.

But this scene in front of him showed him a further road.

“Is it the limit of the Qi-controlling Realm? Turning the air into walls?”

Li Tianlan stepped out of the door. Around him, the air was surging violently. The momentum was greater than Tribulation’s. However, the effect was far weaker. A lot of raindrops were blown out by him, but many fell on him as well.

“The limit of every realm does not lie in the form of expression.”

In the rain, Tribulation said slowly, “From my personal standpoint, the most extreme of every realm should be the Pseudo Invincible Realm.”

He glanced at Li Tianlan and said calmly, “Follow me.”

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