The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Until We Did It

Different from the common universities, as one of the top two players in Zhongzhou State, when all students didn’t have any course, the residential area of Sky Academy was so lively that it was hard to distinguish the boys’ dormitories from the girls.

Wang Yuetong lived in Room 302 of Building 2, Area C. The check-in rules of this building were higher than other all-female student flats, just the same as the one which Li Tianlan moved into later. Those who lived in these two buildings could be regarded as powerful people more or less. When Li Tianyi walked into the villa, he even felt that he came into a dormitory where men and women lived together.

Boys and girls came in and out with a very natural expression on their faces. Today, there were no classes. Most people wear casual clothes, black silk skirts and jeans, which makes Li Tianyi dazzled. He even suspects that he had returned to Huating University.

He took a grip on himself and went straight to the third floor.

Li Baitian mentioned about the gossips of the messy private life of the students in the Sky Academy before when he chatted with Ning Qiancheng and others. This scene was undoubtedly part of the chaos, but the more shocking or erotic scene was not yet seen by him.

Li Baitian once said that it was easy to have fun every night, even to make every night like the wedding night, as long as you are strong enough in the Sky Academy, where one could determine his own fate under the fiercely competitive atmosphere, even the school was out of the jurisdiction of the law.

The Sky Academy had nearly 2,200 freshmen, and the girls were close to 800 this year. For these girls, entering the Special Warfare Academy represents that their body temperament was not bad, and they enjoyed special taste which those outside women did not have. There were some girls who are noble and self-love. However, there were some girls who rely on strong guys. They even used their own bodies to exchange for benefits or secretly did something more disgusting.

The Dark World had always been outside the law. The rules that the winner took all, loser lost all, and the power won everything rule was unchangeable. The Special Warfare Academy was the epitome of the dark world. Under this pressure, the competition was fierce while the prospect was a beautiful environment. No matter what happened, it would not be strange.

Room 302.

Li Tianlan took a deep breath and kept waiting silently after he pressed the doorbell.

“Who’s there?”

Soon, a dull voice appeared in the dormitory, but it was a man’s voice.

A man?

Li Tianlan frowned and looked at the room number subconsciously. After confirming that it was correct, the brow wrinkled more tightly.

At the moment, the only ones who lived in Room 302 were Wang Yuetong and Yu Qingyan. These two were not the ones who were casual with sex. Then who was the man inside the door?

“I’m looking for someone that lives here.”

Li Tianlan said in a calm tone.

The security door of the dormitory was pushed away from the inside. The man who opened the door was slightly stunned, and then he smiled. “Are you willing to come back? How are things going on? Did you meet Rushi? Hey, what’s going on with your hair? Want to play as a non-mainstream?”

Li Tianlan was even more surprised, then he said subconsciously, “Why are you here?”

Ning Qiancheng, who was not supposed to be here, was somewhat unnatural, and then, he vaguely says, “Qingyan is somewhat uncomfortable. So I just come over and have a look on her.”

Ning Qiancheng himself might not know how obvious it was, though he tries hard to hide it. Li Tianlan got a moment of confusion. He combined the images of Yu Qingyan and Ning Qiancheng in his mind with a smile on his face.

He didn’t think much about it before. Now he recalled it–Ning Qiancheng, who always stayed calm, and Yu Qingyan, who was very innocent—they were perfect for each other. However, it was just a few days since they knew each other. How could it be so fast?

“Get her? But don’t you think it is too fast?”

Li Tianqi whispered at the door.

The cockroaches on the face of Ning Qiancheng seemed to have disappeared. He twitched after he heard those words, and he whispered, “Fast my ass! The affairs between you and Yuetong should be called ‘fast’! In my point of view, what that princess only didn’t do is to invite you to her bed. I didn’t even hold Qingyan’s hands in mine. Today, this is my first time to come to Qingyan’s dorm. You’d better leave as soon as possible in case that I will kill you if you mess up my affairs!”

Li Tianlan tried to hold his smile on, looking at the nervous appearance of Ning Qiancheng. When there was a kind of idea that he wanted to join in the fun, he shook his head, smiled and said, “Don’t misunderstand me. I am looking for Yuetong here. I promised to have a meal with her. Just call her out.”

“Senior brother Ning, who’s that?”

In the dormitory, the sweet voice of Yu Qingyan was passed from the kitchen.

“There’s nobody.”

Ning Qiancheng replied indiscriminately, watching Li Tianqi, and quickly said, “Yuetong has already brought things to our dormitory. Baitian hasn’t returned to the dormitory in the past few days. Now only she is there. You two do things as you want, but just leave here right now.”


The dormitory door was shut down.

Li Tianlan touched his nose, and in the vagueness, he heard a voice of Qingyan in doubt passed through the doorway as if she were asking who it was.

“Someone who checks the water meter.”

Ning Qiancheng answered naturally as if nothing happened.

Li Tianlan shook his head, and he’s too lazy to take care of them. He went downstairs and ran straight to Area A.

After changing the dormitory, his dormitory was still in Area A, the third district 201, which was not far from the Area C. Li Tianlan took a look on his mobile phone, and found that his little princess did not send any news again, which also let him feel relieved. He just slightly accelerated.

Now he had decided to take the matter with Wang Yuetong seriously, but serious treatment and specific measures were completely two different things. Li Tianlan still did not know how he should get along with Wang Yuetong in the future, but at the very least, he couldn’t really be a treacherous villain who abandoned her after taking advantages of her, at least not in her eyes.

Li Tianlan had been dreaming along the whole way back to his dorm. He stood in amazement outside the door after he opened the door.

There was no light in the dormitory, but there was light floating in the dining room at the corner of the entrance. The dim light was pervaded in the dim environment, like a swaying candle’s light. There was a kind of intoxicating gentleness in this scene.

Li Tianqi slightly speeded up his pace and walked over there. He saw that Wang Yuetong was sitting in front of the table with her arms around a Golden Retriever, and looking at the dishes on the table.

There was a delicate candlestick on the dining table. Seven or eight red candles are slowly burning. The whole room was shrouded in the faint light. Under the candlelight, Wang Yuetong’s small face was full of enchanting charm, also a little bit pitiful.

Li Tianqi couldn’t help but smile, and looked at the food that was buckled up by the dishes, “Why don’t you eat it yourself? Do you feel very hungry? Right?”

From noon to this moment, the little princess of the Wang family of Beihai seemed to have not had meals.

Wang Yuetong’s eyes were slightly bright, and she looked up to Li Tianlan subconsciously. Then, she’s stunned.

“This hairstyle looks nice, senior brother, you seem to be taller?”

Keeping silent for a long time, Wang Yuetong said with joy. She seemed to be somewhat unbelievable. She subconsciously came over and compared with Li Tianlan, and whispered, “You really become taller!”

Even if she was wearing flat shoes standing in front of Li Tianlan, she didn’t look shorter than Li Tianlan for her net height of one meter and seventy-two centimeters. But now, Li Tianlan was obviously higher than her. She smiled and put the Golden Retriever, which was in her arms on the ground, reaching out and grabbing Li Tianlan’s waist, then took a deep breath and smiled, “It seems more secure to hold you.”

Li Tianlan touched her hair and sniffed the fresh fragrance that came from her. He pointed to the table. “Are these dishes done by you?”

There were six plates on the table. It seems that somebody was afraid that they became cold so their top was buckled by other plates. Li Tianlan couldn’t see what it is inside. However, when he was in the Yonghua Villa, Li Tianlan had already seen the craftsmanship of Li Tianlan. If these dishes were made by Wang Yuetong, they definitely made him living death, even if they looked nice in such a romantic environment.

“No, I spent five credits in the Qingfeng Building for ordering them.”

Wang Yuetong held Li Tianlan, and her tone was soft and charming, “My sister just called me, and she told me to take care of you, about what to eat on weekdays. If you can pay attention to everything as possible, it is best to do so. She also said that you like to eat meat, spicy food and you always have a good appetite. So I have to order a few more dishes, which should be what you like.”

Li Tianqi responded after a while. He started to know that the “sister’ in Wang Yuetong’s words was her sister was Qin Weibai. He really didn’t know how this little princess could be so natural to say the word “sister”. He subconsciously took out his mobile phone and wanted to give Qin Wei a call. But when he looked at Wang Yuetong’s hopeful eyes, he hesitated a little and finally smiled a bit. “They are just too expensive.”

How luxurious a meal of five credits was!

At Sky Academy, ten credits were enough to satisfy the daily eating and drinking of any college. Five credits meant a big meal anywhere.

“This is the first time we have a meal together at the Academy. It will be a little more important. I will save for you later.”

Wang Yuetong smiled and led Li Tianlan to sit down. She opened the plates on every dish in front of him. They were five dishes and one soup, except for one vegetarian bean, all other of them were meat, well balance of flavor and smell. Smelling the taste of food, and Li Tianlan, who had not eaten for a day, suddenly became hungry. He took over the rice that Wang Yuetong handed over to him. He didn’t show any embarrassment and whispered, “Come and eat together.”

“The candlelight dinner is the best for Western food, but my sister said that you may not be used to it, so I ordered the Chinese food and it might look a bit nondescript.”

Wang Yuetong had taken a mouthful of food, and her tone was somewhat helpless.

She’s eating quietly and in beautiful manners, which showed that she was well-educated. However, Li Tianlan, who was too hungry, only gorged himself, to notice the beauty of her in front of him.

Such a baffling guy.

Wang Yuetong rolled her eyes and suddenly smiled. “Senior brother, there is a job fair at Sky Academy tomorrow. Do you have any clear intentions?”

“What job fair?”

Li Tianlan asked subconsciously after one moment’s stupefaction.

“It is the recruitment for freshmen this year, held by some special warfare agencies and military organizations in Zhongzhou State. Freshmen generally choose to join an institution. It is an internship unit. And it is a necessary way to get in touch with the outside world and even integrate into the Special Warfare System. And those who recruit Special warfare agencies also add fresh blood to themselves. If new recruits perform well, the whole organization will even receive some special funds. When we carry out tasks, we can also get some help. This is a win-win situation. Few people will refuse such things.”

Li Tianlan nodded his head and was absorbed in thought.

After five minutes, he smiled and said, “Let’s see it tomorrow.”

Wang Yuetong nodded, humming, and softly said, “I decided anyway, where you go is the place where I go. I will be with you in the future, not only for work but also for life.”

She looked at Li Tianlan, under the candlelight, the enchanting and pure face had a fascinating taste, and the beauty was a little thrilling for she’s too beautiful. She said, “My luggage has been partially packed, and some clothes are also placed in the closet, with yours together.”


Li Tianlan’s brain was blank, and he looked up at Wang Yueshun with a straight hook. He didn’t speak for a long time.

“No refuse!”

Wang Yuetong glanced at Li Tianlan, fiercely said, “My sister asked me to take good care of you. I have to take care of you carefully.”

“Hmm, this…”

“The Sky Academy does not object to cohabitation.”


“There is no ‘but’.”

Wang Yuetong’s voice gradually lowered. Under the candlelight, her enchanting face was flushed, somewhat shy, but more and more charming. “Senior Brother, I don’t want to restrain myself anymore. I just want to be with you.”

Li Tianlan became silent for a while.

“How about your family?”

For a long time, he slowly began to speak and his tone was low.

Between the two, Wang family of Beihai seemed to be a hurdle that could never be overcome. Li Tianlan did not want to force Wang Yuetong to express her opinion, but some facts were so cruel that you could not pretend that being invisible means they did not exist.

“I don’t know.”

Wang Yuetong shook her head slightly, and her ruddy face seemed to be a little pale. She looked at the candlelight in front of her and whispered, “I don’t want to think about it, let’s talk about it until it comes later, until we did it.”

“Let’s talk about it until it comes? Until we did it?”

Li Tianlan’s mouth was tightly pursed. After a long while, he shook his head and muttered, “If you say it after we did it, it will be too late.”

Wang Yuetong: “…”

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