The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 141: The Volcano Erupted Water

Chapter 141: The Volcano Erupted Water

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What would be the consequences of offending Bai Xiashuang? Lu Li did not know. He went back to closed-door cultivation after he came back from the birthday banquet. He concerned about nothing himself. All the matters were left for Patriarch Seven and the others to worry about.

The group of patriarchs of the Liu Family lived on in anxiety, fearing Bai Xiashuang’s revenge would come after some time. That being said, they knew deep inside that Bai Xiashuang would not do anything against the Blood Evil Island publicly which would be a disgrace of Bai Family’s authority.

Ten days passed on in tranquility. Nothing happened. After Patriarch Seven and Liu Yi brought a batch of Blood Caterpillar Fruits to the Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce and successfully closed a transaction, the Liu Family started to feel relieved.

When Patriarch Seven and Liu Yi came back, Lu Li emerged from his closed-door cultivation. He asked Patriarch Seven to secretly buy seeds of Fire Fairy Lucid Ganoderma, Netherworld Root and a batch of Third-rank Xuan Beasts along with that.

Patriarch Seven did not understand the meaning of this. However, as soon as Lu Li told him this could get them a large amount of Xuan Crystals, Patriarch Seven immediately went to the God-down Island happily.

The seeds of Fire Fairy Lucid Ganoderma and Nether World Root were easy to purchase. It was more difficult to buy Third-rank Xuan Beasts. They had to authorize a Chamber of Commerce to place the order for them.

Lu Li asked Patriarch Seven to prepare a small piece of farm off the records after he got back. They could not grow the Fire Fairy Lucid Ganoderma and Netherworld Roots on a large scale since they didn’t have so much blood of high rank Xuan Beasts. They had to grow on a small scale.

To conceal it would be easy. The Dragon Elephant Mountain was normally off limits to people. Patriarch Seven arranged someone to prepare a small farm on a levelled ground in the mountain.

Several days later, four Third-rank Xuan Beasts were delivered. Each of them was worth seven or eight thousand Xuan Crystals. Besides, all the cherished Mystical Materials on the beasts were taken.

All Lu Li needed was the blood. The rest didn’t matter. He commenced his major program of growing Fire Fairy Lucid Ganoderma and Netherworld Roots. He had a blood pond dug out near the farm and reared the four Third-rank Xuan Beats in pens. Blood would be drained every few days. Those Third-rank Xuan Beast were fed with a large amount of blood-generating herbs to prolong their lives.

Lu Li planted 20 Fire Fairy Lucid Ganoderma and Netherworld Roots each. He had already learned the method of growing from the books bought by Patriarch Seven. During this period of time, Patriarch Seven had spent his time every day on the Dragon Elephant Mountain to guard those precious Mystical Grasses.

The seeds of the two kinds of Mystical Grasses alone cost about 40,000 or 50,000 Xuan Crystals. The Third-rank Xuan Beasts set them back more than 20,000 Xuan Crystals. If the efforts failed, the Liu Family would experience great losses. On the other hand, if this was successfully, the Liu Family would stand to gain a huge amount of Xuan Crystals. How could Patriarch Seven not take the matter seriously?

With Patriarch Seven looking after the farm, Lu Li needn’t worry about it so he kept cultivating. He would leave his fortress every now and then to drop his animal tooth pendant into this blood pond and the one at the foot of the Dragon Elephant Mountain every 10 days. The rest of the time were spent in cultivation.

The cycle of growth of Fire Fairy Lucid Ganoderma and Netherworld Roots was longer. They only became ripe after 20 whole days. During the several days when the fruits were becoming ripe, Patriarch Seven sunk into a state of insanity.

Regular Fire Fairy Lucid Ganoderma only had five leaves. Theirs had eight. Every leaf was larger than regular one. The Netherworld Roots were one time thicker than normal ones. According to their experience of growing Blood Caterpillar Fruits, Patriarch Seven could tell that the quality of the two new Mystical Grasses must be much higher than regular ones…

When the grasses were mature, Patriarch Seven harvested the fruits that very night. He did the picking himself. Of the entire Liu Family, apart from Lu Li and Patriarch Seven, only Liu Yi and Patriarch Nine were informed of this matter. Patriarch Seven understood the severity. Once the information was leaked, endless troubles and disasters would fall to the doorstep of the Liu Family.

The harvest was done. The trouble coming next was how to appraise and sell them!

The Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce recently changed their attitude towards the Liu Family greatly. On top of that, there was the incident of Bai Xiashuang. Patriarch Seven was concerned. Eventually, after some discussion with Lu Li and Liu Yi, he decided to take a risk and leave the Thousand-island Lake to do the deal at the Shun Feng City at the south.

Shun Feng City was a Region City of the Heaven Frigid Kingdom. The city was occupied by a Fifth-rank Family of the Heaven Frigid Kingdom. The proximity to Thousand-island Lake made the city quite bustling. Many forces of the Thousand-island Lake would do business with the city off the records.

The Yu Family could not get their tentacles to the Heaven Frigid Kingdom yet. So, if Patriarch Seven were to come back as soon as they finished the deal, the Yu Family would not detect it.

The matter was of utmost importance. Patriarch Seven decided to go there by himself. Once the products could be sold at a high price, the Liu Family would become rich.

Patriarch Seven settled the affairs at the island and had Patriarch Nine to assume personal command. Patriarch Seven left the Blood Evil Island on battleships that very night with Patriarch Lu and two other patriarchs.

Even with four patriarchs away, the Blood Evil Island was still in peace. Hunchback Tian was protecting the island. It would actually be hard for any accidents to happen. Blood Caterpillar Grasses were still growing. Warriors in cultivation continued cultivating, and patrolling forces still were doing their parts.

Lu Li once again went back to closed-door cultivation. Hunchback Tian could protect them even if it were the end of the world. Lu Li was living a quiet life. He had many Heaven Xuan Pellets to squander at will. His cultivation speed was fast. If everything went okay, he would reach the latter stage of the Spirit Sea Realm after several months.

When he managed to reach the latter stage of the Spirit Sea Realm, Lu Li still needed to spend a year before he could reach the peak of the Spirit Sea Realm. Then he could try to get to the Soul Pond Realm. The supply of Heaven Xuan Pellets must not be interrupted.

The Heaven Xuan Pellet was worth 80 Xuan Crystals. Previously, Lu Li would only consume one pellet a day. Gradually, his body became resistant to the pellet. Currently, Lu Li had to consume three pellets everyday when he cultivated. That was equal to 240 Xuan Crystals a day. Maybe he had to consume five Heaven Xuan Pellets a day later or even eight…

One day, 240 Xuan Crystals, that would be more than 80,000 Xuan Crystals for a year. This calculation was based on the current situation. With the elevation of his realm and resistance to the pellets, his demands of Xuan Crystals would be larger. By that time, only his cultivation would cost more than a hundred or even hundreds of thousands of Xuan Crystals a year.

Right now, Lu Li clearly understood the importance of warriors to the Liu Family. No wonder Hunchback Tian was staying put at the Blood Evil Island shamelessly. Without the support of resources, it would be incredibly difficult for a warrior to become a powerhouse. No one could tell how Ming Yu and the other four freaks cultivated.


A shadow fly up from the food of the mountain and into the fortress at the top. Lu Li’s train of thoughts was interrupted.

Average man didn’t have the authority to go to the Dragon Elephant Mountain. Liu Yi would not trouble him if nothing was wrong. Lu Li stood up and went out. It really was Liu Yi outside. She looked concerned. He asked, "What was going on?"

"The Earth Dragon Island."

Liu Yi answered after she took a few deep breaths, "There is something strange going on at the Earth Dragon Island. The volcano at the Earth Dragon Island is erupting water. Two tribes have been flooded…"


Lu Li touched his nose. He thought he had heard her wrong. The only thing came out of volcanoes was lava. Since when did volcanoes erupt water?

Plus, the volcanoes at the Blood Evil Island and the nearby islands hadn’t erupted for hundreds of years. The Earth Dragon Island was close to the Blood Evil Island. Lu Li knew a volcano was there, but it was dormant for hundreds of years.

"Yes, water!"

Liu Yi said with certainty, "I went there myself just now. That small volcano is erupting water. So much of it. There are Xuan Beasts coming out of it as well. There were already two Second-rank Xuan Beasts that were erupted just now. They had killed many people of the tribes."


Lu Li was feeling uneasy. He grabbed his Mighty Heaven Halberd and ran towards the foot of the mountain with the Green Dwarfs that were guarding the fortress.

It was not much a deal if it was only water coming out. They could just dig out a canal and lead the water to the lake. However, it was a big deal if Xuan Beasts were coming out. What if one or two Third-rank or Fourth-rank Xuan Beasts came out. Maybe the Blood Evil Island and nearby islands would be completely exterminated.

After Lu Li rushed to the Blood Evil Fortress, he found Hunchback Tian at once. They made their way towards the Earth Dragon Island with several Green Dwarfs.

As soon as the battleship reached the dock of the Earth Dragon Island, Lu Li heard crying. There were men rushing towards the dock.

Lu Li quickly brought his men and ran to the island. A Liu Family scout happened to run out. When he saw Lu Li and others, he shouted, "Island Owner, Family Patriarch. There is a Third-rank Nine-tentacle Octopus coming out from the volcano. All the people on the island will die if you don’t go there now."

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