The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 140: Grave Consequences

Chapter 140: Grave Consequences

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Lu Li felt stressed as he sensed the jealous looks thrown at him from the many Young Masters. He forced a smile and walked over. With his hands cupped, he said, "Greetings Lady Shuang. I am so privileged that Lady Shuang has heard about me."


Bai Xiashuang smiled mysteriously. "I have heard about you because you are on somebody’s blacklist…"

With that said, Bai Xiashuang walked directly towards the fortress. Loud guffaw broke out among the Young Masters. They looked at Lu Li not with jealousy or hatred any more, but with ridicule.

Even though Bai Xiashuang didn’t make it clear who that somebody was, but all the people she knew were important figures. How could Lu Li live on comfortably if he was on some big shot’s blacklist?


Lu Li touched his nose. A hint of doubt flashed through his eyes. Could it be because of Ming Yu? Had he become the problem of some big shot of the Bai Family now? Back in the days, Ming Yu kind of led to the death of a Young Lady of the Bai Family. It would be normal that the Bai Family had been holding a grudge.

Lu Li also remembered the cold reception Liu Yi got when she went to the Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce. Now, Lu Li understood how things stood now. That being said, he also knew that if the Bai Family, the No. 1 Family of the Thousand-island Lake, wanted him dead, he would have long lost his life. Big Families had their set of rules. They were not likely do anything impulsively.

The Xu Family people accompanied Bai Xiashuang leading the way and the rest were following them. People filled around the plaza. They all wanted to catch a glimpse of the elegance of the pearl of the Thousand-island Lake.

Banquet was almost ready. Everyone went directly to the main hall. Lu Li finally got to meet Xu Chen, the Island Owner of the God-down Island, and the Family Patriarch of the Xu Family.

Xu Chen seemed to be in his forties, a fine-looking man of both knowledge and charm. He personally greeted everyone outside of the main hall which naturally was for Bai Xiashuang.

God-down Island belonged to this Fourth-rank Family affiliated to the Bai Family. Bai Xiashuang could qualify as half of the Xu Family’s master since she was an offspring valued by Old Man of Heaven Prison. As powerful as Xu Chen was, he still had to show respect to the Old Man of Heaven Prison by coming out to greet her even though Bai Xiashuang was the younger one and it wasn’t entirely necessary for him to do. Nobody thought this was inappropriate.

Since Xu Chen showed enough respect, Bai Xiashuang was even more courteous. Her tone and attitude were humble. She even brought many presents to Xu Chen, quite a face-giving gesture on her part.

Everyone entered the main hall. Not long afterwards, Xu Yaoyang and Xu Fangfei came in with some guests. When Xu Yaoyang saw Bai Xiashuang, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. He was short of breaths.

What came next was mundane. A group of Island Owners surrounded Xu Chen to kiss ass. A group of Young Masters clustered around Bai Xiashuang, and young ladies around Xu Yaoyang…

Lu Li was bored. He sat by himself and drank. Island Owners of the Killers Island, the Devil Island and the Black Fox Island came to toast to Lu Li as an apology though. Xu Sihe came over several times as well. Lu Li drank with them after a fashion. After he toasted to Xu Chen, he went back to eating and drinking by himself.

Bai Xiashuang was born in a powerful Family. She had seen a fair share of this kind of occasions. She could deal with a situation like this with skill and ease. She glanced around the hall and saw Lu Li kept a low key and sat by himself. She thought of something and suddenly said with a clever smile, "Island Owner Lu, I, Xiashuang, propose a toast to you."

"Swish, swish, swish~"

Suddenly, numerous sharp glances like knives were thrown at Lu Li. Xu Yaoyang even had the intention to kill him. Bai Xiashuang today only toasted to Xu Chen once. Xu Yaoyang had proposed several toasts to Bai Xiashuang, but she only had a tiny sip. Now she wanted to toast to Lu Li?

"Damn, this girl is trying to trick me…"

Lu Li swore secretly. Clearly, Bai Xiashuang was of ill intention. She could just leave after the party was over, but Lu Li had to deal with attacks by overt and covert means. Wouldn’t these jealous Young Masters make troubles for him every day?

Lu Li felt angry. An idea came to mind. He made a decision and said, "How do I dare not to turn down a toast by Lady Shuang? However, there is a custom back in my hometown. When young people toast to each other, either they don’t’ drink at all or they drink three cups. Lady Shuang is an extraordinary lady and the pearl of the Thousand-island Lake with power. I don’t suppose three cups will be a problem for you?"


The rest all rolled their eyes. Xu Yaoyang was furious. How ungrateful Lu Li was? Who was Bai Xiashuang? Who dared to force her to drink three cups? Ladies of Big Families took serious notice of their appearances and manners outside. If she got drunk at such occasions, it would be the Bai Family that would be shamed.

Lu Li took no notice of people’s looks. He stared at Bai Xiashuang. He raised the corners of his mouth to show provocation. Since Bai Xiashuang tried to trick him, he would do the same to her. It was only fair.

One could be austere if he had no selfish desires!

Lu Li had no romantic feelings towards any pretty women. He would not go so far as to daydream that he could gain the attention from such a beautiful girl. As far as he was concerned, Bai Xiashuang was no different from an average girl.

As for offending the Bai Family? If the Bai Family would make a fuss about such a small matter, the Bai Family wouldn’t be the No. 1 Family of the Thousand-island Lake. Years back, Ming Yu led to the death of one of their ladies and wasn’t he still fine?

Bai Xiashuang’s expressions changed a bit. She felt indignation. She had lived for so many years without a single person daring to force her like this.

How could this insignificant Island Owner of a Third-rank force behave so inappropriately and be so petty? Wasn’t he afraid that in a fit of rage, she could make it very hard for him to survive at the Thousand-island Lake?

"What? Are you scared?"

Lu Li would not let her go. He looked at Bai Xiashuang with keen, sparkling eyes. Since she wanted to mess with him, he would take her on right to the end. Offending Bai Xiashuang? It had been done anyways. There was already a person of the Bai Family holding a grudge against him. What was one more?

All eyes centered on Bai Xiashuang. She proposed the toast first so how could she back off now? She clenched her white teeth and said, "Okay, I will drink. Who cares?"

Lu Li grinned and drank up his goblet of wine. The he poured another two goblets and finished them off as well. Afterwards, he stared at Bai Xiashuang with a smile.

With the ardent looks of many on her, Bai Xiashuang also drank three goblets. Her pretty face blushed at once. Her eyes were misty. She looked at Lu Li angrily and left in a hurry after she apologized to Xu Chen.

It was not proper for Xu Chen to interfere with the quarrel among the young people. He waved his hands to have Xu Yaoyang to see Bai Xiashuang off to the Teleportation Formation.

After Xu Yaoyang left with Bai Xiashuang, Xue Chen looked at Lu Li and said with a spurious smile, "Lu Li, you are bold, you. You have offended the girl Shuang. You will taste the bitter pill of it later."


Lu Li smiled, not giving it a damn. He replied, "If the Lady of the Bai Family is so petty, how could the Bai Family dominate the Thousand-island Lake?"

"Smart move!"

Xu Chen and others praised secretly. Lu Li deliberately said this out loud. If the words got to the Bai Family, the Bai Family actually wouldn’t do anything against Lu Li publicly. Otherwise, the forces of the Thousand-island Lake would think the Bai Family was petty.

On the other side, Bai Xiashuang walked into the Teleportation Formation in strides without saying a single word to Xu Yaoyang behind her. She glanced over to the warriors of the Xu Family that were guarding the Teleportation Formation and coldly said, "Activate the Teleportation Formation."

Xu Yaoyang waved his hand to have the warriors do so. Then he asked with care, "Lady Bai, are you alright? How about…I accompany you back."

"I’m fine. No need to."

Bai Xiashuang waved her hand. The Teleportation Formation lit up and she vanished in the God-down City. After a while, a Teleportation Formation at the Heaven Prison City glowed and Bai Xiashuang appeared.


Bai Xiashuang looked bad. As soon as she was teleported back, she bent down to vomit. She threw everything she ate at the banquet up. Her white dress was stained…

"Lady Shuang, are you okay?"

The man guarding the Teleportation Formation was a deacon of the Bai Family. He walked over in a hurry to support Bai Xiashuang with his arms. Numerous men nearby looked over.

Bai Xiashuang held back the feeling of vomit with great efforts. She used her Xuan Energy and rushed towards the Bai Family courtyard quickly. Since she was little, she barely had any drinks. She would only take tiny sips. Today, she had three goblets in a row and she couldn’t force the wine out with her Xuan Energy in front of everyone. On top of that, she had spun around in the Teleportation Formation. Naturally, she would throw up.

Feeling the uncomfortable stares, Bai Xiashuang felt too ashamed to show her face. She rushed back to the Bai Family courtyard and shouted in a low voice with her teeth clenched out of hatred, "Lu Li, you are doomed! The consequences of angering me… is very serious!"

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