The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 142: Nine-tentacle Octopus

Chapter 142: Nine-tentacle Octopus

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"Third-rank Xuan Beast?"

Lu Li’s heart skipped a beat. Powerful Xuan Beast really came out. Third-rank Xuan Beast was not bad, but if a Fourth-rank Xuan Beast came out, it would be fatal.


The Liu Family now was the master of the Blood Evil Island. It was their obligation to protect the Blood Evil Island and nearby islands, and the responsibility to protect all the people were dependent on them. With Hunchback Tian and the Green Dwarfs there, to kill a Third-rank Xuan Beast was not difficult. But if a Fourth-rank Xuan Beast showed up, Lu Li would be helpless.

The group of people ran at the top of their speed towards the depth of the island. The island was small. In just the time for half an incense stick to burn, they had arrived at the scene.

A big mess!

Water was everywhere. Displaced people were escaping in disorder. Washed away stone forts and attics scattered around. Bodies were floating in some places. Liu Yi had good eyes. She saw five guardsmen of the Blood Evil Island fighting the low rank Xuan Beasts in the water.

Patriarch Nine had arrived earlier with someone. In the distance, there were constant noises of shouting, crying and roaring of beasts. All this showed that the Third-rank Xuan Beast was still incurring harm.

"Hunchback Tian!’

Lu Li yelled angrily. It was Hunchback Tian’s unshrinkable duty. Powerful qi and energy emitted from him. He rushed towards the distance like a sharp sword.

"Family Patriarch, you tend to the wounded and arrange for the tribe people to evacuate."

Lu Li carried the Mighty Heaven Halberd and ran forward with all the Green Dwarfs. Liu Yi’s fighting capacity was not good enough. Lu Li sent her to the rear.

This was a low-lying area. Water was above people’s head. Lu Li and the Green Dwarfs were powerful enough to rush forward by bouncing off the trees and stone forts.

The battlefield was just in front of them. Lu Li could see from the distance that a group of man were fighting more than a dozen Xuan Beasts. These Xuan Beasts were aquatic, but they were just as ferocious on land. Bodies of the Blood Evil Island guardsmen were lying around.

These guardsmen were trained by the Liu Family recently. They all could reach the middle or latter stage of the Xuan Wu Realm, but among the more than 10 Xuan Beasts, there were several of the Second Rank, so it was not a surprise that so many men were dead.

"You two, stay behind and kill the Xuan Beasts."

Lu Li left two Green Dwarfs behind to help fight against the Xuan Beasts. He brought the rest five Green Dwarfs and ran forward. He could hear muffled roaring coming from a level ground in the distance. He also heard Hunchback Tian’s shouts. The Third-rank Xuan Beast must be over there.

With the assistance of the two Green Dwarfs, the Blood Evil Island’s troops were emboldened. Green Dwarfs had fighting capacities almost as good as Soul Pond Realm warriors. It was not a problem to kill those Xuan Beasts now.

"Such powerful qi and energy!"

Lu Li could feel a strong surge of blood tumbling qi and energy even before he approached the level ground. He also saw several huge bullwhip-like tentacles waving in the air.

After Lu Li mounted a small hill, he finally had a good look at the Nine-tentacle Octopus. It was not a level ground in front of him actually, but a valley, a valley full of water now. A huge thing had half of its body in the water. Several of its tentacles with thorns on them were waving constantly, attacking the Green Dwarfs and Hunchback Tian.

Patriarch Nine was hiding behind another hill. He also brought several Green Dwarfs with him. If it were not for these Green Dwarfs, there would be no living man on the island now.

"So powerful!"

Lu Li felt surprised secretly after he observed for a while. The body of the Nine-tentacle Octopus was so large that it was bigger than two elephants. The nine tentacles had a length of several dozen feet with thorns like sawtooth on them. It was a horrifying scene.


One of the tentacle cut at the hill Lu Li was on. The hill quaked, and a deep gully immediately emerged on the hill. Lu Li was shocked by the sight. The strength of the Nine-tentacle Octopus was terrible. If Lu Li was cut at, he would be turned into minced flesh.

"Kill the Xuan Beast."

Lu Li waved his hand. The five Green Dwarfs behind him ran forward. They were fast. They got into the valley in a blink of an eye and rushed into the water like sharp swords.

"Hunchback Tian, you stall the Xuan Beast. Let the Green Dwarfs attack it."

Lu Li shouted. Hunchback Tian gave out a mocking smile and said, "Island Owner Lu, the Nine-tentacle Octopus has very powerful defensive abilities. Your Green Dwarfs cannot break through its defense."

Hunchback Tian was holding a golden narrow saber in his hands. He was as fast as wind despite the camel-like hunchback. He morphed into a blur of shadow and darted around the hills. He would cut at the tentacle of the octopus every now and the. Surprisingly, no mark was left on the tentacles.

"Have the Green Dwarfs to stall it. I will attack his body."

Hunchback Tian shouted. Lu Li and Patriarch Nine in the distance gave out orders at once. They had the Green Dwarfs ran about randomly around the hills nearby to attract the Nine-tentacle Octopus’ attention.


Hunchback Tian rushed behind a hill and hid there. When the Nine-tentacle Octopus was distracted by the Green Dwarfs, he secretly rushed into the water in the valley and made his way towards the body of the octopus.


When Hunchback Tian was about the get to the body of the octopus, it was alarmed. Three tentacles smashed into the water. Hunchback Tian shot out of the water quickly, but some green fluids burst out from the dirty water. An area was tainted green.

"Well done!"

Patriarch Nine yelled. The blood of the Nine-tentacle Octopus was green. Hunchback Tian’s sneak attack was successful. As long as Hunchback Tian could successfully make several other moves, the Nine-tentacle Octopus would be dead.


Lu Li finally knew Hunchback Tian’s fighting ability. A warrior at the peak of the Soul Pond Realm was really powerful and fast. If Hunchback Tian were to kill Lu Li, Lu Li would be dead before he even could realize what was happening.

Hunchback Tian rushed out of the water and slashed one of the tentacles of the octopus. With the counteracting force, he rushed downward again and dived into the water. Soon, he emerged from the water. Green fluids surged out of the water below him at once.

Hunchback Tian had lived for more than 100 years. Granted, he had failed in his 80 attempts to reach the Fate Wheel Realm, but he was seasoned in fighting. He jumped around on the tentacles of the octopus and cut at the body every now and then. Clearly, he was ready to torture the octopus Xuan Beast to death.

After the time for half an incense stick to burn, the water in the valley became dark green. The octopus started slowing down in its attack. Lu Li and Patriarch Nine threw each other a glance and they started feeling relieved.


A man flew from the distance. He ran to Patriarch Nine to report something. Patriarch Nine’ expressions changed. He shouted to Lu Li, "Island Owner, more than 10 Second-rank Xuan Beast were erupted from the volcano again. There are more Xuan Beast of the First-rank. Let Hunchback Tian take care of this side. We need to go over there and fight."


Lu Li nodded. After he called the Green Dwarfs back and handed over the matter to Hunchback Tian, he ran towards the mountains at his front-left.

Water raged among the mountains. Glimpse of low rank aquatic animals could be caught in the water. Lu Li was all the more confused.

How could the volcano erupt water instead of lava? This was too weird.

The terrain of the island was not high, but was still above the level of the Thousand-island Lake. Water flows downhill. If the water had come from the Thousand-island Lake, it could not be erupted from the volcano. If so, where did the water originate from?

Lu Li went on for another three miles and saw a volcano that was not exactly high or big. A huge waterspout were coming out of the crater. He could faintly see some Xuan Beasts coming out from the water.

"So much water? Where does it come from?"

This could not be the water from the Thousand-island Lake. There was no mist accompanying the water, so it was not a sign of the volcano eruption. It was not possible to find so much water in a volcano.

Since the water did not belong to the world the Thousand-island Lake was in, could it come from another world?

Lu Li could not figure this out. He didn’t have the luxury of time to ponder about this with so many Xuan Beasts coming out. The Xuan Beasts must be wiped out now. Tribe people on the island were not relocated yet. Once the Xuan Beasts got out, it would be a catastrophe.

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