The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 128: The Impressive Power of Soul Pond Realm

Chapter 128: The Impressive Power of Soul Pond Realm

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Xue Chou and his men were dumbfounded seeing their warriors getting slaughtered out there. They thought there was no doubt for winning this time, but little did they expect that the situation would turn out this way.

The Blood Evil Island had Xuan Crystals. The thing was they never considered buying combat-enhancing type pellets. Every one of the Liu Family was taking pellets so their combat abilities were greatly improved. Patriarch Seven and Patriarch Nine could even compete with warriors of the Soul Pond Realm. It was so easy for them to kill those at the Spirit Sea Realm now. With a couple of moves, they could finish one.

The most important thing was the eight Green Dwarfs were full of valor and vigor. In the time it took for merely half an incense stick to burn, at least 300 or 400 were dead in the claws of the Green Dwarfs…

"Lu Li, catch this!"

Liu Yi had been following Lu Li closely. She threw him a bottle and told him in a low voice, "There are three Power Pellets in there that can increase your strength by half and three Wind Pellets that can double your speed. You take them as you deem fit. But the efficacy of one pellet can only last for the time of one incense stick to burn…"

"Good stuff!"

Lu Li exclaimed secretly. These pellets must be very expensive. The Liu Family had spent a huge amount this time. Lu Li did not need these pellets at this moment since no one can survive the Heavenly Halberd.

"Island Owner!"

The Chief Patriarch and Patriarch Four of the Blood Evil Island were going crazy seeing man after man being killed. They looked at Xue Chou anxiously, waiting for his decision.

More than 500 or even 600 had been dead or wounded, yet only more than a dozen were killed on the Liu Family’s side. Xue Chou clenched his teeth in hatred and said, "Wait. Back-up is almost here!"

The Green Dwarfs were so mighty. Once Xue Chou rushed over there, he would be surrounded and killed by the Green Dwarfs. By that time, it would be pointless even with the reinforcements here. It didn’t matter that some warriors of the Blood Evil Island were killed. So long as they could win this, everything else was fine.

Xue Chou stayed put. Lu Li and some warriors were stuck in encirclement that they could not break out in a short time, so naturally, they couldn’t attack Xue Chou and the two men at his side.

Xue Chou and his two men remained in combat readiness. If Lu Li controlled the Green Dwarfs to attack them, one or two of the Green Dwarfs could easily be killed which would turn to be a big problem.

Therefore, even though Lu Li and Patriarch Seven were secretly anxious, they still had to slaughter other warriors of the Blood Evil Island first.

Blood was spilling all over the place and severed limbs were flying around. Seriously wounded men were rolling and howling on the ground. The outside of the Blood Evil Island had become hell. The scene was shocking and unbearable to the sight.

Time pressed on. During the time for every breath, there were men dying. Men after men of the Blood Evil Island were slaughtered out there. The number of casualties started growing. More than half of their warriors of the Xuan Wu Realm were dead. Four Spirit Sea Realm Patriarchs passed away, and only seven remained alive.

"Bang, bang, bang~"

Suddenly, some suppressed sounds of people running over came from behind. Clearly, countless men were running towards the battlefield. Patriarch Seven and other’s expressions changed greatly. Light glowed in Xue Chou and his two men’s eyes. Xue Chou roared, "Our back-up is here, kill—"

"Lu Li! Family Patriarch!"

Patriarch Seven shouted as he cut one to death. Lu Li and Liu Yi understood what Patriarch Seven wanted. Lu Li yelled and controlled the five Green Dwarfs to break out of the encirclement from the front. Liu Yi controlled the other three and followed him closely.

At the same time, Patriarch Seven, Patriarch Nine and several other Spirit Sea Realm warriors started leading people to get out of the encirclement and rush towards Xue Chou and his two men directly.

Reinforcements had arrived. If they still couldn’t kill the three men including Xue Chou, the Liu Family would be doomed eternally. Everyone would be left here at the Blood Evil Island.


The three men including Xue Chou didn’t have any hesitation now. Since the reinforcements were here, they were ready to do it. Their reinforcement wouldn’t go into the fight unless Xue Chou did.

Xue Chou and his men had observed for a while so they were familiar with the attacks of the Green Dwarfs. They were not so afraid now.

Granted, the combat ability of Green Dwarfs could be similar to that of the Soul Pond Realm, but there was still a gap. What was more, Xue Chou and Patriarch Four had entered the Soul Pond Realm for many years and Chief Patriarch was at the middle stage of the Soul Pond Realm.

For the same reason!

Even though Patriarch Seven and Patriarch Nine had taken pellets which had bettered their combat abilities in a short time, when compared with real Soul Pond Realm warriors, there was still a great discrepancy. Xue Chou and his two men weren’t worried.

"Whoosh, whoosh~"

The three men simultaneously released their Xuan Energy externally, like rays of light. Their Xuan Energy flew out like three streaks of rays and wind blades. They tore open the space with a shrill noise, very horrifying.

The three streaks of rays were not targeting at the Green Dwarfs, but Lu Li, Liu Yi and Patriarch Seven respectively. Xue Chou already saw it through. Lu Li and Liu Yi were controlling the Green Dwarfs. As long as those two were killed, then there would be nobody to control the Green Dwarfs which consequently would guarantee their safety.

It would be perfect if the jade talismans in Lu Li and Liu Yi’s hands could be destroyed. Without the jade talismans, the Green Dwarfs would be out of control. They would either flee or kill at will, even attacking Lu Li and Liu Yi.


When Xue Chou had his eyes locked on Lu Li, Lu Li became alerted at once. He quickly took a Wind Pellet from the bottle in his robe and swallowed it. The pellet melted and transformed into a stream of warmth spreading around his body. Lu Li felt his entire body becoming lighter. He kicked backwards with one leg and dodged to the side as quick as a gust of wind.

Liu Yi didn’t take any pellet. She just controlled a Green Dwarf to stand in front of her to bear this hit for her. Patriarch Seven had been taking pellets so he reacted fast. He managed to avoid the attack at once.

"Boom, boom, boom!"

All the three rays from the external release of Xuan Energy hit the Green Dwarfs. Green scale shells appeared on their bodies. The scale shells were hit by the rays, so they burst and green blood spilled everywhere. The Green Dwarfs retreated for dozens feet and then charged forward again despite the wounds they sustained. These Green Dwarfs all had Soul Insects implanted in them and tamed. They would still charge desperately even if they were badly injured.

The Green Dwarfs at the front already rushed forward. Xue Chou and the other two men had no chance to release their Xuan Energy anymore. They picked up their weapons and started fighting the cruel battle.

Liu Yi dared not to move closer. Patriarch Seven and Lu Li, on the other hand, rushed forward, planning to find a chance for a secret attack. The eight Green Dwarfs were divided into three teams. Lu Li controlled four Green Dwarfs to attack the most powerful Chief Patriarch. Xue Chou and Patriarch Four both had two Green Dwarfs attacking them.


Needless to say, the Chief Patriarch of the Blood Evil Island was strong. The weapon he held was a black iron rod. Whenever he saw an enemy, he would swing his iron rod. One Green Dwarf would be smacked away just like that. He then turned around and another one was knocked into flying.

The reaction and perception of a warrior at the Soul Pond Realm was so powerful. Before the Green Dwarfs could even reach him, the Chief Patriarch would have figured out their attacking path. He could make a move in advance and smack away the Green Dwarfs relying on his incredible strength.

Xue Chou and Patriarch Four were a tad weaker. They were faced with the attacks from two Green Dwarfs respectively. They would dodge to the sides while fighting back. They could deal with it with efforts, but they couldn’t win in a short time.


Lu Li and Patriarch Seven looked at each other and ran towards the Chief Patriarch of the Blood Evil Island in concert without previous arrangement. If they didn’t move, the Green Dwarfs wouldn’t have a chance to kill the Chief Patriarch. Should the Chief Patriarch kill several Green Dwarfs, the Liu Family would see total failure.

Patriarch Nine also ran over with three warriors. The three warriors threw pellets into their mouths without a second of hesitation. They four formed groups of two and ran towards Xue Chou and Patriarch Four respectively. Their thoughts were similar to Lu Li and Patriarch Seven’s. They strove to distract Xue Chou and Patriarch Four for a while so the Green Dwarfs would have a chance to kill them.


They were so naïve. Patriarch Seven had just ran over and tried to sneak attack when he was hit by the Chief Patriarch with a backhand move with his iron rod. Patriarch Seven was smacked away. His left shoulder was bleeding. In an instant, his left arm was broken…

"So violent?"

Lu Li who had just rushed over secretly felt shocked. With all those pellets, Patriarch Seven now could match a warrior of the Soul Pond Realm after some fashion. Now, he was wounded so badly in just one move. Would Lu Li die at once if he approached the Chief Patriarch?

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