The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 127: Taking Pellets

Chapter 127: Taking Pellets

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Chief Steward Bai looked to the east and south, faintly seeing some ripples on the water. He hesitated and said, "Should… I go and stop these from the three islands?"

"Stop what?"

Madam Yan looked at him coldly and said, "I just told you the other day. The Bai Family cannot get in the middle of the disputes of the Thousand-island Lake. This is a rule set by our Forefather."

Chief Steward Bai of course knew this. He secretly glanced to Madam Yan and mumbled, "Madam you are here to observe so I thought you wanted to help Lu Li out."

"You are wrong!"

Madam Yan stuck out a finger and waved it. "I will not help anyone. I am only here to seek confirmation."

"Oh, I see! Madam you want to know if Lu Li is the disciple of the Lu Family, right?" Chief Steward Bai nodded and then asked a follow-up question, "What if Lu Li is? What do we do then?"

"We don’t do anything!"

Madam Yan patted the pet in her arms and shook her head. "Bai Fu, you must remember one thing. Rules are rules. Under no circumstance can the Bai Family disciples break the rules. Only our Forefather can break them."

"Swish, swish!"

Down below at the Blood Evil Island, a group of people just made it to the main road on the island. Numerous crossbow arrows shot out from the woods on both sides of the road. The few Liu Family disciples at the front were shot at immediately.


Patriarch Seven and the rest jumped up and wielded their weapons in hand, trying to knock away the crossbow arrows. They knew that there were many hidden Inhibition Formations on the Blood Evil Island. What they didn’t know was how good those were.

The crossbow arrows ceased after a while, but more than 20 were dead on the Liu Family’s side and more than 10 were wounded. Patriarch Seven sent the wounded back with a grim face. This time, he had the patriarchs took the lead or else all the Liu Family disciples would be dead.

As he expected!

Another more than 800 feet in, dense smoke suddenly rose from the road ahead. Nothing could be seen through the smoke. The smoke was colorful so it must be highly toxic.

Another more than 800 feet in and they would reach the Blood Evil Fortress. The road was cut off and reinforcements could arrive at any minute now. Patriarch Seven looked around. He said, clenching his teeth, "We will take a detour."

On both sides of the road were dense and ghastly woods, with trees covering up the sky and thistles and thorns around. Who knew how many Inhibition Formations were in there and how many enemies were hiding?

There was no other alternative. Patriarch Seven took the lead and cut and chopped with his sharp Earth Grade Xuan Artifact while moving forward fast along the way. All the patriarchs fanned out to protect the Xuan Wu Realm warriors following them.


One patriarch triggered an Inhibition Formation. A bolt of lightning was stricken from the sky. The patriarch was hit and smoke came out of him. Fortunately, the patriarch dodged in time so his head was not hit on. Otherwise, he would die instantly.

All the patriarchs of the Liu Family were at the Spirit Sea Realm. None of them was at the Soul Pond Realm so their ability of perception was not strong. Many hidden Inhibition Formations could not be detected.

Seeing some Liu Family disciples thrown into confusion trying to give healing pellets to the Patriarch, the rest of the disciples were stuck with terror. Lu Li sighed helplessly and said lightly, "Little White, go and explore the road ahead."


Little White sneaked out of Lu Li’s sleeve and he followed it. Lu Li looked to Patriarch Seven and the rest and said, "Follow me."

"You can discover the Inhibition Formations?"

Patriarch Seven and the others looked at Lu Li suspiciously. Lu Li walked on without saying anything. He could not discover the Inhibition Formations for sure, but he believed in Little White.

There was a reason for that. Little White would wander around the Bamboo Hill on Blood Dragon Island all day long. But not once did it trigger the Inhibition Formations outside the Bamboo Hill.

Lu Li did not know how Little White did it or whether it could avoid all the Inhibition Formations nearby. But what else could he do? If all the Liu Family warriors died before they even reached the Blood Evil Fortress, what was left there to fight?

Little White was not too fast. Its small nose twitched and its eyes looked around. It moved forward along a zigzag line. But… it had made hundreds of feet without triggering any Inhibition Formations.


Patriarch Seven and the others felt relieved. These men followed Lu Li closely and walked forward.

Miraculous things happened. Little White didn’t stop. It went on for more than 1000 feet without touching any Inhibition Formation. People walking behind it were safe and secure.

Another more than 1000 feet ahead, there was some faint light. They were uplifted. At the same time, all held on tightly to their weapons. Their Xuan Energy glistened as they were ready to attack.

Sure enough, they advanced for another more than 1000 feet and saw an open space through the dense woods. They seemed to see some fortresses as well. The Liu Family warriors had successfully gone through the forest and reached the Blood Evil Fortress.

"Little White, come back. Family Patriarch, follow me closely later!"

Lu Li had Little White got back into his sleeve and he slowed down to speak to Liu Yi. Liu Yi’s fighting capacity was not good. Even though she had three Green Dwarfs following her, she could still die easily. It was precisely because she controlled three Green Dwarfs that she would become an easy target for the enemy.

Liu Yi nodded. Patriarch Seven and Patriarch Nine already rushed out. Lu Li released his glistening Xuan Energy and rushed out treading on their heels as well.

The open land outside the woods was filled with people. At the front were groups of Xuan Wu Realm warriors and more than dozens of Spirit Sea Realm warriors. Xue Chou, an old man and a middle-aged man were standing behind ready to take actions.

"Brother Shanhe, what is the meaning of this?"

Xue Chou had a huge ax in his hands. He shouted, with a clear intention for killing on his face. Patriarch Seven said nothing. He waved the saber in his hands and angrily shouted, "Charge!"

When it had come down to a moment like this, nonsense was unnecessary. Those morally just things were meaningless now. Winners took all.

Nearly 100 people shot out like sharp swords, all filled with a strong desire for murder. This fight was a matter of life and death for the Liu Family. They must exert all their efforts.


Xue Chou waved his hand. More than 2000 warriors at the front drew their weapons and circled around. Xue Chou and the two men with him didn’t move. Their target was the eight Green Dwarfs. Their strategy was clear: have the more than 2000 warriors to surround Liu Family and then they would find a chance to kill the Green Dwarfs. Even without the reinforcement, Xue Chou still could win.


Lu Li and Liu Yi at once sent out the eight Green Dwarfs. Otherwise, before they could kill Xue Chou and his men, all the Liu Family warriors would have fought to their deaths.

As soon as the Green Dwarfs started off, the sound of saber-rattling got louder, and the smell of blood also got thicker. Everywhere the Green Dwarfs went, not even one could survive any of their moves. The Green Dwarfs moved so fast and their claws were so sharp. Usually, before the enemies could do anything, they were already corpses.

Xue Chou and the others were stunned still. Originally, they wanted to find a chance to attack the Green Dwarfs. At this moment, however, the Green Dwarfs were rushing back and forth among their guys and killing randomly. Unless Xue Chou wanted to kill his own men as well, he couldn’t lay a finger on the Green Dwarfs.


Lu Li swung his Mighty Heaven Halberd and advanced irresistibly. He released his Bloodline Skill at once. With his horrible strength and his sharp weapon, he swung his halberd as if it was dancing in the air. Anyone hit by him was either wounded badly or smacked to death.

Similarly, Patriarch Seven and Patriarch Nine were also vigorous. Patriarch Seven, to people’s surprise, chopped a warrior of the latter stage of the Spirit Sea Realm to death with one swing of his saber. Lu Li was shocked as well. Then he saw many Patriarchs secretly taking pellets constantly. He understood all.

These Patriarchs were taking so many pellets, not a single kind, but various sorts. Their speed and strength were enhanced markedly…

This fight was significant to the Liu Family. The Liu Family had spent all the Xuan Crystals and bought many pellets. They wanted to use them all.

Of course… if they didn’t use the pellets now, they might have no further chance.

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