The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 129: Nicely Done

Chapter 129: Nicely Done

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Charge forward or not?

That was the decision to make. Even Patriarch Seven was badly injured in just one move. Lu Li’s reaction was much slower than Patriarch Seven’s. He would be smacked away if he launched forward. Whether he would still be alive was not sure.

Lu Li paused for the time for just one breath before he decided to charge on. This time, the situation was not leaning favorably towards the Liu Family, but Lu Li had never thought about fleeing.

He knew now he was tied to the same chariot as the Liu Family. Without the Liu Family, Lu Li was like duckweed without roots. It would be hard for Lu Li to make it on his own in the Thousand-island Lake.

He was comfortable staying at the Liu Family. Nobody dared to anger him. He helped the Liu Family to get Xuan Crystals, and the Liu Family bought him countless pellets and resources and provided him with a quiet environment for cultivation which was what he preciously needed.

He actually had considered about running away and going to Madam Yan or shelter. However, he did not believe in Madam Yan. His father Lu Renhuang had an enemy at the Northern Desert. What if the enemy was the Bai Family? Madam Yan was too kind to him that he was concerned about it. Subconsciously, he wanted to stay away from her.

Lu Li had to risk his life then. The reinforcements were about to get here. If he didn’t fight, the Green Dwarfs would not be able to kill the Chief Patriarch of the Blood Evil Island. Then they would lose this fight. With the Liu Family under destruction, there wasn’t a living chance for him either.

He quickly took a Wind Pellet and a Power Pellet. Then he dashed towards Chief Patriarch like a palm civet. The pellets melted in his mouth instantly. A surge of power ran through his body as his body became lighter as well, and his speed became as fast as wind.


Chief Patriarch of the Blood Evil Island smacked an approaching Green Dwarf away with his iron rod. Then he swung his more than three-foot long rod towards another Green Dwarf at his left. Lu Li’s eyes lit up. He sped up and smacked at the backside of the Chief Patriarch’s head with his Heavenly Halberd.


Chief Patriarch of the Blood Evil Island didn’t see Lu Li but it was as if he had eyes on the back of his head. Chief Patriarch moved to the side. His iron rod kept hitting at the Green Dwarf which was knocked away. He didn’t pause for a single moment. The iron rod swept at Lu Li along an arcing trajectory like a piece of wicker.

"His reaction is so fast!"

Lu Li had thought he could hit the Chief Patriarch with his halberd, but the latter easily dodged. The halberd didn’t even touch him, yet his iron rod was approaching so fast that Lu Li couldn’t dodge.

Lu Li was about to be hit. He thought quickly and experienced internal struggle. Right now, he had two choices, either he used his halberd to fend off or he could attack Chief Patriarch with his halberd without tending to the iron rod coming at him so destruction could be caused to both sides.


Lu Li had no idea of how much strength a warrior at the middle stage of the Soul Pond Realm had. Also, his opponent was fast in changing his moves. Even if he could defend successfully, Lu Li could still be hit by the Chief Patriarch’s following attacks.

Lu Li clenched his teeth and minded the Chief Patriarch’s attacks no more. He swung his Heavenly Halberd and swept at the Chief Patriarch’s body. Lu Li had chosen to fight at the risk of his life.


A trace of mocking appeared in Chief Patriarch’s eyes. Lu Li wanted to inflict wound to him at the same time? He was sure that he could injure Lu Li severely with his iron rod and even more likely to kill him.

How could Lu Li wound Chief Patriarch with his halberd? Chief Patriarch was wearing an armor of the Eighth-rank of the Earth Grade. Perhaps Lu Li couldn’t kill him even if he were to stand there still waiting for Lu Li’s attack?

Chief Patriarch thought about it and decided to keep on attacking Lu Li since these Green Dwarfs were controlled by him. As long as Lu Li could be killed, the Green Dwarfs would have no one to control them. They could win for sure.


Several phantom shadows morphed out of the iron rod and smacked forcefully towards Lu Li’s head. Lu Li was about to get hit. He was wearing armor but without a helmet. As long as this attack was successful, his brains would spill out.

At this critical moment of life and death, Lu Li stretched out his other arm to defend above his head. At the same time, he turned his head sideways. He knew that the bones in his arm would be broken into pieces, but at least his head wouldn’t be crushed…



Bones in Lu Li’s arm were shattered as fresh blood was streamed out. The huge iron rod smacked at his shoulder due to the momentum. He managed to move his head away after taking this chance. The iron rod landed heavily on his left shoulder. The collarbone on his left shoulder was broken.


Lu Li’s halberd also smacked forcefully at the Chief Patriarch’s waist, and a surge of terrifying strength passed on. A trace of surprise and pain emerged in the Chief Patriarch’s eyes as he was knocked into flying. He never expected Lu Li’s strength to be so incredible!


Lu Li and Chief Patriarch were both smacked away by each other. There was a difference though. Lu Li’s hand, his left shoulder and collarbone were shattered. Chief Patriarch was just smashed away with a crack on his chin and some injury on his internal organs because of the shock.


From the distance came a roar. Patriarch Seven with half of his body covered in fresh blood dashed forward like a ferocious tiger. He swung his saber to stab at Chief Patriarch who fell to the ground. At the same time, the several Green Dwarfs ran towards Chief Patriarch like bolts of lightning.


Even though Chief Patriarch was wounded and he was still lying on the ground, he was still rather brave. He wielded his iron rod with great force at Patriarch Seven who was jumping down at him from midair. Patriarch Seven was once again smashed away.


That being said, Patriarch Seven had gained his end. The four Green Dwarfs swarmed in. Three Green Dwarf’s claws scratched on Chief Patriarch with one of them on his arm, and two on his thighs.

The Chief Patriarch’s armor could only protect his upper body, but not his arms or legs. How sharp were the claws of the Green Dwarfs? In one move, one of Chief Patriarch’s arms and his two legs were broken. Bones were crushed…


Patriarch Seven was smacked away and blood spilled out of his mouth. He crawled up. Seeing that the Chief Patriarch of the Blood Evil Island was rolling around on the ground under excruciating pain, Patriarch Seven became overjoyed. He spit out some blood and laughed. "Lu Li, nicely done. Are you okay?"

Lu Li was also sent into flying, and blood covered half of his body. He couldn’t feel his left arm. Because of the pain, muscles on his face were twitching. But on seeing Chief Patriarch rolling around on the ground, Lu Li forced a smile and fulminated, "Mind this old man no more. Go and kill the other two!"

With both of his legs broken, Chief Patriarch was not so much a threat anymore. As long as they could kill Xue Chou and Patriarch Four, the Liu Family still could have a slight chance at winning.

Four Green Dwarfs were injured. One of them had its leg broken. Nevertheless, on hearing Lu Li’s order, they dashed towards Xue Chou and the other man without hesitation.

Xue Chou and Patriarch Four groaned inwardly. With Patriarch Nine running towards them, their pressure was up already. Now, their situation was even more troubling with the four Green Dwarfs coming at them.

Swish, swish, swish~

However, a second later, teams after teams of warriors came rushing on. Xue Chou and Patriarch Four’s eyes were glowing. Their reinforcements had finally arrived.

On the road leading to the inside of the island, hundreds men were swarming in. They obviously were from three different forces as they were wearing armors of different colors and staying in three battle arrays.

"Three Soul Pond Realm warriors?"

Liu Yi looked back at them and her expressions changed greatly. There were three warriors of the Soul Pond Realm and nearly 100 at the Spirit Sea Realm. With so few people in the Liu Family, how could they contend against them?

Of the three teams, one was wearing blue armors, one in blacks and another in purple ones. The team leaders were three warriors of the Soul Pond Realm. They ran down the situation of the battlefield and were shocked. They all knew that the Blood Evil Island was fighting with an affiliated Second-rank Family the Liu Family. They didn’t expect, however, such a horrifying battle.

"Xue Chou, your Blood Evil Island is this useless?"

The team leader of the purple-armored force, a middle-aged warrior of the Soul Pond Realm laughed mockingly, "You are so badly beaten up by your own affiliated family. What the hell have you been doing wasting all those years?"

There were some warriors of the Blood Evil Island in these three teams, including Xue Bugui. Xue Bugui was not on the island just now because he had gone out to seek help.

Hearing the middle-aged man’s mocking words, Xue Bugui’s face looked grim. He said with dissatisfaction, "Madman Lyu, we asked you to come here to help, not to fleer. Move now. We will give you the things we promised you as soon as the battle is over."

As soon as Xue Bugui said those things, the purple-armored Soul Pond Realm warrior became displeased. "Xue Bugui, who the hell are you? How dare you speak to me in this matter? Your Madman grandpa today is in a bad mood. I will… not help you."

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