The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 120: Sucker

Chapter 120: Sucker

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A halberd was actually a combination of dagger-axe and spear, with both horizontal and vertical blades forming a shape of a cross like "+" or "├". Therefore, a halberd’s lethality surpassed that of dagger-ax and spear greatly as halberd was multi-functioned in hooking, pecking, piercing and cutting.

If it were regular halberd, Lu Li would feel that it wasn’t handy nor would he like it. For this halberd, however, Lu Li grew fond of it from the moment he saw it.

Regular halberd resembled the appearance of a spear. This one looked more like a broadsword, a dueling sword. The halberd was about 6.5 feet long, and didn’t have the usual horizontal blade cross with a vertical one. It only had a single blade like a sword but had a flat top with a width of more than one foot. The blade was heavy and thick. The entire halberd was casted with a black extraordinary cold iron with beautiful patterns which made it quite elegant.

To put it more vividly, the halberd was more like an iron ruler with two sharp edges and a 1.6 feet long hilt…

Lu Li walked over and grabbed the hilt of the Mighty Heaven Halberd with one hand. His eyes glowed again as he lifted it up slowly. The halberd was really heavy, at least 11,000 pounds.


Lu Li poured his Xuan Energy into it. The entire halberd glowed in a dark light. The patterns seemed to be moving and flowing on it, very gorgeous and magnificent.

"Whoosh, whoosh~"

Lu Li casually wielded the halberd and a piercing sound came out. The halberd morphed into a shadow and turned blurry. Lu Li said with astonishment, "The Mighty Heaven Halberd is…"


The shopkeeper said with a smile, "This halberd is a favorite work of one of the Xuan Artifact Cabinet’s Artifact Refiner Masters. Even though it is only of Third-rank of the Earth Grade, but he believed the value of the weapon should be higher than Fifth-rank of the Earth Grade. There is a very profound Inhibition Formation built in the halberd. With the help of wind, the halberd’s speed of attack can be faster!"


Lu Li’s doubt was resolved. He just randomly waved it, but the speed was incredibly fast. He looked excited. The halberd was no saber but was enough for him to put all his fighting capacity into full play. This was by far the most suitable weapon he had seen.

Seeing the enthusiasm in Lu Li’s eyes, the shopkeeper continued to explain, "The Halberd weighed nearly 20,000 pound, made completely of Big Dipper Iron. Other than Heaven Grade Xuan Artifacts, other Earth Grade Xuan Artifacts cannot break the Mighty Heaven Halberd. The Halberd is actually our shop treasure. We will not take it out if it were not for you."

Obviously, the latter part was just nonsense. The shopkeeper saw Lu Li liked it and was ready to lift the price. Liu Yi saw through the shop keeper. But since Lu Li did love it, so she just asked directly without further ado, "State your price."

The shopkeeper quit saying nonsense and made an offer, "100,000 Xuan Crystals."


Lu Li and Liu Yi gasped. The offer by the shopkeeper was so high? The weapon could get them two Green Dwarfs.

Lu Li understood the shopkeeper tried to rip them off. He put the Mighty Heaven Halberd down and said, "I cannot afford it. Goodbye."

The fact that he liked the halberd did not mean that he could be ripped off like an idiot. The Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce had a branch at the God-down Island where he could go and take a look.

"Brother, no rush. That is the price we offer to the outside!"

The shopkeeper stood up hurriedly and said with a smile, "Swords go along with heroes. The halberd is liked by you. This is its blessing. Brother, you have reached the middle stage of the Spirit Sea Realm at such a young age. You must have a promising future ahead of you. The Xuan Artifact Cabinet wants to make a friend with you. One time offer, 50,000 Xuan Crystals."

The price was halved. Lu Li and Liu Yi didn’t know what to say. They looked at each other and Lu Li made a counter offer, "20,000 Xuan Crystals. If you ask for any more, I will leave."

"Brother, that is such a steep decrease. 20,000, that is even less than the cost?" The shopkeeper had a worried look. Then he waved his hand and said, "Alright… 20,000 it is. We will do it as a way to befriend you."


Lu Li and Liu Yi looked at each other again. They felt like they were tricked. Judging by the behavior of the shop keeper, maybe he would agree to 10,000, let alone 20,000? The two were still too green…

On second thoughts, Lu Li understood. His offer was indeed too high.

The halberd was a Third-rank Earth Grade Xuan Artifact. Usually, people who used Xuan Artifact of this level were Spirit Sea Realm warriors but weapon of this weight was not convenient for those warriors considering their strength. This weapon wouldn’t allow them to use Xuan Skills flexibly. Therefore, the halberd couldn’t be sold. Lu Li was the sucker today.

Liu Yi didn’t care. As long as Lu Li liked it, 20,000 Xuan Crystals was nothing. Since the price was agreed upon, she didn’t want to waste time to bargain any more. She paid the Xuan Crystals and Lu Li carried the iron box and left the Xuan Artifact Cabinet.

"We have finally sold the iron lump."

The shopkeeper gazed after Lu Li as a smile came onto his face. The Mighty Heaven Halberd was really a "shop treasure" as it had been in the store for 10 years and still couldn’t be sold. Today, he could sell it at 5000, not to mention 20,000, Xuan Crystals…

By the afternoon, Lu Li, Liu Yi and the other patriarchs met together. Patriarch Nine had acquired the pellets and the instruments for building Inhibition Formations.

Patriarch Seven’s business didn’t go smoothly. The two Patriarchs of the Xu Family accepted the Xuan Crystals but didn’t give a clear answer. They didn’t even state explicitly that they would remain neutral, let alone help the Liu Family fight.

The God-down Island was the Overlord of the lake area of a 310-mile radius. It was not unusual that they didn’t air their opinions. Since the Xuan Crystals were accepted, the Liu Family was a bit relieved. If the God-down Island participated in the battle, then the others didn’t have to fight. They could just wait for their doom.

Lu Li and the rest took the ship and went back to the Blood Dragon Island. Just as they went ashore, Patriarch Seven looked towards an area of bushes in the island. He looked a bit angry.

Liu Yi and Lu Li looked toward there but didn’t see anything. Liu Yi asked doubtfully, "Grandpa Seven, what is it?"

Patriarch Seven explained in a soft voice, "Scouts of the Blood Evil Island are lurking in that grassland."

Killing intent emerged in Patriarch Nine’s eyes. He said with a murderous look, "Brother Seven. Should I go and take care of it?"

"Never mind!"

Patriarch Seven thought about it and shook his head. "It is not good for us to do it based on our identity. Xue Chou can use it as an excuse."


Lu Li didn’t agree. Why should they think of feelings and personal considerations since the matter had come down to the current stage? Enemy’s scouts were hiding in the island now. If the enemy knew their every single move, how could they fight?

Lu Li opened the iron box and got his Mighty Heaven Halberd out. He mobilized his Xuan Energy and dashed forward like a ferocious tiger. Swing his 6.5-feet long halberd, Lu Li cut forcefully at the grassland.

There indeed was a scout hiding there. At first, he dared not to move. By the time he wanted to move, it was already too late. Lu Li’s halberd as heavy as Reaper's Scythe was swung down like a shadow, and the scout was chopped to death in an instant.

"Little White, get out!"

Lu Li shouted deeply. Little White sneaked out of his sleeve. Lu Li ordered, "Go and look around the island. Find scouts from outside of the island."

Little White vanished into the grasses. Lu Li turned back and said to Patriarch Seven, "If you are at a difficult place to do it, I will do it. I will help you clean all the scouts on the island.

"Okay, Lu Li. Take care!"

Patriarch Seven wanted to clean out the scouts. He had said those words while trying to wait for Lu Li to do it.

In this way, if it was too far gone, he could push all the responsibility to Lu Li and they... could have room for escape…

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