The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 121: All Must Die

Chapter 121: All Must Die

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It couldn’t be easier to search for scouts with Little White’s help.

Little White was fast and small so it could sneak into any place. Plus, it had a strong sense of smell. Soon, it discovered more than a dozen scouts.

Lu Li followed Little White closely. He would kill anyone that did not belong to the Liu Family. He used these scouts as subjects for him to practice using the 6.5-feet long Mighty Heaven Halberd. Later, when he ran into other scouts, he wouldn’t kill them immediately but chop them to death after he wielded his Mighty Heaven Halberd for several times.

After several hours, it was already night time. Lu Li went back with a blood-dripping halberd in his hand.

Patriarch Nine started his move with his guys. They built many Magic Circles and Inhibition Formations to prepare for the big war. Patriarch Lu commenced deploying some invisible sentries to keep an eye on every move happening outside the island.

Patriarch Seven and Liu Yi had all the Liu Family females and children and other members relocated to the Bamboo Hill where the Green Dwarfs lived. Outside of the Bamboo Hill, many Inhibition Formations were established. The Bamboo Hill now was the most secure place on the Blood Dragon Island.

Patriarch Nine and his men were busy all night. The Inhibition Formations and Magic Circles surrounding the island were ready. On the second day, they started working on those outside of the Bamboo Hill. The war was crucial to the Liu Family. They had to spare no pains.

All the Blood Caterpillar Grasses in the two valleys were destroyed and the blood in the ponds were drained. The Liu Family members and disciples all went inside the Bamboo Hill. In the belly of the Bamboo Hill, a huge cave was dug out. All the Liu Family members were hiding in the cave.

Lu Li sat by himself in the cabin with his legs crossed. After he stored several hundred strands of Xuan Power in his Spirit Sea, he practiced waving his halberd in front of his cabin, trying to get more familiar with it.

Liu Yi was standing next to him. She had 10 jade talismans in her hand. The 10 Green Dwarfs were all controlled by her. Patriarch Seven and Patriarch Nine had to go out to the fight, so they couldn’t spare time to control the Green Dwarfs. Liu Yi was nervous.

Seeing Lu Li leisurely swinging his halberd around, Liu Yi somehow felt assured. It seemed that with Lu Li’s presence, she didn’t have to worry about anything.

"Lu Li."

Liu Yi was wearing a pink dress today with little pink flowers embroidered on them. She combed her hair into a Chinese rose-like bun, like a floral fairy.

Standing for a moment, Liu Yi still couldn’t help but say, "If… the Liu Family was defeated, you just escape by yourself."

Lu Li put away his Mighty Heaven Halberd. He looked at Liu Yi and said, "How come you don’t have confidence now?"

Liu Yi replied while biting her teeth, "The Blood Evil Island has been running this place for more than 10 years now. I am worried. I mean, if something is off, you run away by yourself. You have helped the Liu Family enough. You still need to find your sister."

"Ha, ha!"

Lu Li smiled gently. He averted his looks to the southeast. After he looked far into the distance for a while, he said, "Liu Yi, don’t overthink this. Anything in front of us to be dealt with, we will give it our full efforts. The result is not important. If the Liu Family is destroyed this time and we all die, it would be just god’s intention. No hard feelings about it. My sister once said, once you enter the road toward Wu Dao, either you rise up rapidly and stand proudly at the peak, or face death, our ultimate destination."

"Your sister’s attitude is so good."

Liu Yi walked over and stood shoulder to shoulder with Lu Li. She remembered the night at the Wu Ling County and how calm Lu Ling’s face was all along. She recalled the scene when Lu Ling was burned into carbon coke. She exclaimed with emotions, "Your sister is marvelous. Don’t worry too much. Maybe your sister soon will become an important person at the Place of Goddess. Then you don’t have to go find her. She will come back to you."

The mentioning of Lu Ling put a slight smile on Lu Li’s face naturally. He nodded heavily and said, "My sister is definitely trying to find a way back to me. As long as I live on, I will try my best to find my sister. She has suffered so much for me. I will become a powerful warrior. Anyone that wrongs her will die in my hands!"

Looking at Lu Li’s profile with unswerving determination, Liu Yi’s heart was throbbing for no reason. At this moment, she was envious of Lu Ling. If Lu Li could treat her as he did Lu Ling, how happy would that make her.

The night came ever so slowly.

The Blood Evil Island had given them three days. Tonight, none of the warriors of the Liu Family dared to fall asleep as the night was the optimal time for secret attacks.

Lu Li didn’t sleep either. He sat with his legs crossed and kept cultivating through the night. Before dawn, Patriarch Lu rushed back. He shouted loudly and sharply from a distance.

"They are here!"

Patriarch Lu was the Patriarch of the Hall of Scouts of the Liu Family. His shouting message was clear. The enemies had come.

A powerful man would go all out even when fighting a small enemy or tackling a minor problem!

The Blood Evil Brotherhood could remain in the Thousand-island Lake like a giant. Naturally, their warriors were not useless people good only for feasting and drinking. They didn’t underestimate their enemy. The reason that they had chosen to initiate the attack before dawn was they wanted to take the Liu Family at minimal expense.

Outside of the Blood Dragon Island, 10 battleships were approaching quietly. Onboard every ship were hundreds of people. Apart from one Patriarch and 500 people who stayed behind to guard the Blood Evil Island, they turned out in full strength. Three thousand people came.

The 10 battleships didn’t advance anything rashly. They spread out and secretly surrounded the Blood Dragon Island under the cover of the darkness. Four warriors of the Soul Pond Realm assumed personal command in four directions in case Liu Family warriors would break out and run off.

On a battleship in the east, Xue Chou was there. He was wearing golden armor and an eye patch. Murderous intent was getting strong in his only eye. When their scouts made sure that all the battleships were in place, he waved his hand and said, "Send my message. Stick to the plan."

Scouts quickly went to report. Five hundred people disembarked from the three battleships here. They sneaked onto the island under the cover of the darkness. From the battleships of the other three directions, 500 went ashore from each direction. Altogether, 2000 people made their moves.

Xue Chou himself didn’t do anything. One of the three warriors of the Soul Pond Realm went into the fight. The other two remained on board. As far as Xue Chou was concerned, the Liu Family had no warriors of the Soul Pond Realm and only more than a dozen at the Spirit Sea Realm. One warrior of the Soul Pond Realm and 2000 warriors were enough to take the Liu Family down.

They had sent so many warriors because they wanted no one from the Liu Family to escape. They must obtain the secret prescription of growing Blood Caterpillar Fruits, otherwise, two warriors of the Soul Pond Realm were more than enough to sweep the Liu Family away.

Xue Chou watched teams of teams of warriors swarming towards the Blood Dragon Island. A trace of brutality emerged around the corner of Xue Chou’s mouth as excitement showed in his only eye. When they got the secret prescription of the Liu Family in growing Blood Caterpillar Fruits, the Blood Evil Brotherhood would rise rapidly. Maybe in a few years’ time, they could become a Fourth-rank force.


Sounds of miserable cries shattered the night. Xue Chou’s smile froze. He shouted in rage, "What is happening?"


A scout rushed over and reported, "Island Owner, there are many Inhibition Formations on the Blood Dragon Island. It should be the Noxious Dragon Formation. Dozens of people died on our side and more than a hundred are wounded."


Xue Chou’s mouth corners twitched. He was in distress. There was Inhibition Formation on this side so there must be more on other sides as well. More than dozens would die on each side. That would be one or two hundred deaths from all sides.

"Give my orders, retreat first!"

Xue Chou waved his hand and the scouts quickly went to spread the message. They thought sneak raid was easy at night. They didn’t expect that the Liu Family had made arrangements. If they could not successfully attack secretly, then they would take the Liu Family by storm.

It was too dim now. Many Inhibition Formations could not be discovered. They had to wait till the day to come to make a move. The Blood Dragon Island was surrounded anyways. No one of the Liu Family could get out.

When the warriors at the frontline retreated, Xue Chou gave out another order after some deliberation, "After the day comes, ask Patriarch Two to do it himself as well. All must die apart from Liu Yi and Liu Shanhe. Leave nobody alive."

For discretion’s sake, Xue Chou decided to send out another powerful warrior of the Soul Pond Realm.

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