The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 119: Mighty Heaven Halberd

Chapter 119: Mighty Heaven Halberd

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Inside a tasteful small side chamber in the Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce.

Madam Yan was reading some materials when Chief Steward Bai entered in a hurry and whispered to her, "Madam, information came from the God-down Island that Blood Evil Island is going to attack Blood Dragon Island."

"Okay, I see."

Madam Yan continued to read without even raising her head. Chief Steward Bai frowned. He looked at Madam Yan for a bit and asked in a soft voice again, "Madam, should we send someone to oversee the matter?"

Madam Yan looked up, glared at Chief Steward Bai and scolded him, "Have you forgotten the rule set down by our Forefather? The Bai Family cannot interfere in any conflicts between forces in the Thousand-island Lake. We cannot meddle unless there is a slaughtering of civilians."

Chief Steward Bai touched his nose embarrassedly and muttered, "Didn’t you say Lu Li was the disciple of the Lu Family? I am worried that if Lu Li died at the Thousand-island Lake, the Lu Family would turn here into a bloodbath if they knew…"

Chief Steward Bai’s concern was not irrational. If Lu Li really was the disciple of the immediate Lu Family and he died at the Thousand-island Lake, the place would be wiped out by the Lu Family once they knew, and the Bai Family would be in trouble as well.

Madam Yan waved her hand and said, "Rules are rules. No matter how powerful the Lu Family is, they must listen to reasons. Are there any words on Lu Li’s head saying he is a disciple of the Lu Family? Also… when did I say for sure that he is a disciple of the Lu Family? There are many doubtful things to be proven."

Lu Li went to the Temple but failed to awaken the Bloodline of the Lu Family. That was the most uncertain point. If Lu Renhuang was that one of the Lu Family in the Central Plains, how could Lu Li not awaken the King Kong Bloodline?

Chief Steward Bai nodded then tried to ask, "Then, we will leave it alone?"

Madam Yan lowered her head to read and did not answer. After a moment, she threw a copy of a file to Chief Steward Bai and said, "Contact this person. Have someone send him a message that Lu Li is Lu Renhuang’s son."

Chief Steward Bai took the file over and browsed through. He said with a trace of astonishment in his eyes, "Him? That’s not right… Madam, didn’t you say Lu Li’s identity was not certain yet? Plus, is there any significance of telling this man?"

"Tell him and we can find out if Lu Li is Lu Renhuang’s son."

Madam Yan smiled mysteriously. She waved her hand and said, "You don’t have to worry about anything else. Just let me know when the war breaks out."

"That man is stubborn and intractable. He comes and goes freely. He has both good and evil sides in him. Will he mind this matter?"

Chief Steward Bai wanted to ask something more, but seeing Madam Yan was reading the files, he decided to leave it alone. Madam Yan was the most prestigious figure in the younger generation of the Bai Family. She naturally had reasons for doing this. Chief Steward Bai only had to implement.

As soon as the announcement of the Blood Evil Island came out, the Blood Evil Island was filled with an atmosphere of war. Disciples of the Liu Family were stressed.

The war was inevitable. Even if the Liu Family were to leave the Blood Dragon Island now, they would still be hunted down. The reason was that it was not the Blood Dragon Island that the Blood Evil Island sought after, but Liu Family’s secret prescription of growing Blood Caterpillar Fruits.

If the Liu Family could win this, it could finally gain a firm foothold at the Thousand-island Lake. With their Blood Caterpillar Fruits, the Liu Family could develop and become stronger soon and restore their past glory.

If, however, the Liu Family lost, there could only be two results, either the Liu Family would be annexed by the Blood Evil Island or they would suffer complete destruction. Whichever it was, there would be no more Liu Family. The fate awaiting Lu Li and Liu Yi would be miserable.

Therefore, Patriarch Seven and the rest had been actively preparing for the war. Patriarch Seven went to the God-down Island in person and brought with him 30,000 Xuan Crystals in one trip to give to two Patriarchs of the Xu Family. He wanted to try to persuade the Xu Family to offer some help, or at least, take a neutral stance.

Patriarch Nine also went to the God-down Island with tens of thousands of Xuan Crystals to buy various pellets. He planned to purchase some special pellets which could be of surprising use in the battle. He also planned to buy some special Inhibition Formations to assist them in the war.

Lu Li and Liu Yi also came secretly. Lu Li had made it to the middle stage of the Spirit Sea Realm at the cost of dozens of precious Heaven Xuan Pellet, though.

Lu Li had thought he had used too many Heaven Xuan Pellets, but on questioning Liu Yi, he realized he didn’t take many. Three Patriarchs had consumed several hundred of Heaven Xuan Pellets each in order to make it to the latter stage of the Spirit Sea Realm…

Last time Lu Li went to the Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce, he brought back more than 100,000 Xuan Crystals. Later, the Liu Family had expanded the farm and harvested another 5000 Blood Caterpillar Fruits. Liu Yi and Patriarch Seven went to the Heaven Prison Island. Madam Yan didn’t deduct any Xuan Crystals and they brought back with them more than 100,000 Xuan Crystals.

In total, there were more than 200,000 Xuan Crystals. More than half were spent. During the trip to God-down Island this time, maybe all would be spent.

Lu Li didn’t come to the God-down Island to wander around. As one of the most powerful warriors in the Liu Family, he must fight this battle. He had come here to buy Xuan Artifact.

The Heaven Kylin Sword was not a Xuan Artifact. It didn’t have much meaning to Lu Li now based on his current fighting capacity. If he could have a good Xuan Artifact, then his fighting competence could be improved greatly. The Liu Family was not lacking in Xuan Crystals, so naturally, he must equip himself with a good piece of Xuan Artifact.

Lu Li and Liu Yi didn’t go to the Chamber of Commerce owned by the Xu Family, nor the Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce branch on the God-down Island. Instead, they went to one called the "Xuan Artifact Cabinet". The Xuan Artifact Cabinet was quite reputable. Not only did it have a Chamber of Commerce in the Thousand-island Lake, but also in the Northern Desert. It was a property of a Super Family.

The rest families of the Northern Desert could not get inside the Thousand-island Lake, but the Xuan Artifact Cabinet was exceptionally adept in trickery. Somehow, they persuaded Old Man of the Heaven Prison and opened a Chamber of Commerce in Thousand-island Lake.

The products sold at the Xuan Artifact Cabinet were naturally Xuan Artifacts. Almost all the top-notch Xuan Artifact came from the Xuan Artifact Cabinet. It was Lu Li’s first choice since he wanted a handy Xuan Artifact.


Lu Li was disappointed after he toured around the big hall of the Xuan Artifact Cabinet. It was not that there were not enough Xuan Artifacts or the quality was not good. There were 10 Earth Grade Xuan Artifacts in the big hall only. Sadly, Lu Li didn’t like any of them. None was suitable.

There were several maids and three shopkeepers in the Xuan Artifact Cabinet. One of them saw Lu Li was disappointed. He smiled and said, "Our distinguished guest, are you not happy with these Xuan Artifact? Can you inform me of your needs?"

Lu Li thought for a bit and said, "These Xuan Artifacts are too light. I need something heavy!"

"Heavy weapon?"

The smile faded out from the shop keeper’s round fat face. He asked seriously, "How heavy is qualified as heavy weapon?"

Lu Li said casually, "At least more than 11,000 pounds? Do you have it? If not, I will try my luck in other places."


The shopkeeper smiled again. But he asked with some confusion, "Many Xuan Artifact can increase strength. Sir, why do you want Xuan Artifact that heavy? You should know that if the Xuan Artifact is too heavy, it is not convenient for you to release your Xuan Skill."

What were the Xuan Skills Lu Li knew? Just the one called Rolling Thunder Xuan Skill. All the Xuan Skill booklets of the Liu Family were lost when they were trying to get inside the Thousand-island Lake. Lu Li once asked Liu Yi about it and never asked again.

Lu Li waved his hands and said, "Don’t you worry about that. If you have it, take it out for me to take a look. If you don’t, then forget it."

"Follow me, please."

The shop keeper made an inviting gesture. He showed Lu Li and Liu Yi to a side chamber. He called upon a servant and said, "Have someone get the Mighty Heaven Halberd for the two honorable guests to examine."


Lu Li frowned lightly. He was used to use sword and saber. Perhaps, he might not get used to using halberd? Since the shopkeeper had asked someone to get it, he couldn’t just leave. He had to take a look first.

After a while, two men carried a giant iron box and walked in. The iron box was about 6.5 feet long and about one foot wide. Lu Li and Liu Yi looked at each other, thinking the weapon was big!

"Open it, let our honorable guests take a look."

The shopkeeper ordered. One man opened the iron box. A black huge halberd showed itself to Lu Li and Liu Yi. Lu Li glanced over and his eyes lit up. He couldn’t help but exclaim in a low voice, "That is a good halberd!"

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