The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 118: On the Verge of Breaking Out

Chapter 118: On the Verge of Breaking Out

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Ten days later at night, a mysterious man showed up on Blood Dragon Island. He directly found the Bamboo Hill cabin Lu Li was living in.

The man was Chief Steward Bai. In just 10 days’ time, the Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce had delivered the 10 Green Dwarfs. Chief Steward Bai also guaranteed that no information was leaked.

About the fact that Chief Steward Bai found him so easily, Lu Li didn’t find it strange. The Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce belonged to the Bai Family which was the Family of the Old Man of the Heaven Prison. It was easy for the Bai Family to try to find someone in the Thousand-island Lake.

Lu Li had Chief Steward Bai deliver the 10 Green Dwarfs to the Bamboo Hill. After he thanked Chief Steward Bai and sent him off, Lu Li asked Patriarch Seven and the rest to come.

When they heard the news, people gathered around inside the Bamboo Hill. They observed the green-skinned dwarfs against the night sky excitedly.

All the Green Dwarfs had Soul Insects implanted in them and they were all tamed. Chief Steward Bai gave Lu Li 10 jade talismans. When someone dissolved the talismans, the person could become the master of the Green Dwarf, and it would obey orders perfectly.

Lu Li gave the jade talismans to Liu Yi who dissolved them with her Xuan Energy. She controlled one Green Dwarf to fight Patriarch Seven. Patriarch Seven was defeated by the Green Dwarf within one move…

The ways of attack of these Green Dwarfs were simple which entirely relied on lightning speed and their sharp claws. If it were not for the fact that Liu Yi controlled it to stop in time, Patriarch Seven would have been scratched to death by the claws.

After they were clear about the fighting capacity of the Green Dwarfs, the Liu Family people became more excited and felt a rise in their confidence. Patriarch Seven and the rest discussed it and decided to hide the Green Dwarfs first in the Bamboo Hill. At the same time, they would deploy an Inhibition Formation outside of the Bamboo Hill to prevent anyone from getting closer.

If the Green Dwarfs were revealed, the Liu Family could not ask for less attention even if it wanted to. This was the hidden card for the Liu Family. If in a battle the Green Dwarfs were used suddenly, they would be like an army suddenly appearing from nowhere. To reveal them could do nothing but to harm the Liu Family.

Lu Li was not worrying about this. It was not his concern. He just asked Patriarch Seven to build the place for the Green Dwarfs further away from his cabin.

The Liu Family became busy again. They built up three sealed fortresses in the Bamboo Hill and put the Green Dwarfs in them. Some Inhibition formations were built outside the Bamboo Hill. Orders were given saying that this place was for Lu Li to cultivate and that nobody could get closer.

Patriarch Seven and the rest planned to get the growing business into full swing. They found another piece of farm, near the Bamboo Hill and the first valley. The place was still a valley. They were about to grow Blood Caterpillar Fruits in a large quantity.

Patriarch Seven also started visiting the God-down Island frequently and tried to build relationship with some important figures of the God-down Island. He spent Xuan Crystals as if they were worthless and gave out presents. In the end, he managed to make friends with two patriarchs with real power of the Xu Family.

Patriarch Seven’s goal was clear. He didn’t crave help from the Xue Family, just that the Xu Family could take a neutral stance when the Blood Evil Island attacked the Liu Family.

The farm was ready soon. Blood Rhinoceroses were purchased batch by batch. Resources for cultivation were also bought. All the Liu Family members were relocated here. Patriarch Lu drew back some of the Liu Family disciples. The Blood Dragon Island became quite boisterous.

The Blood Evil Island finally detected something was wrong!

The Blood Dragon Island was near the Blood Evil Island. How could the change in the Blood Dragon Island escape the attention of the scouts of the Blood Evil Island? Particularly, the more than dozens of Blood Rhinoceroses were too obvious. There was no way to hide them.

Patriarch Seven could chat with Xue Chou from time to time saying that he was trying to persuade Liu Yi to get her to marry Xue Bugui. But it had been a month since Xue Bugui broke his leg. Liu Yi was still considering?

A large quantity of high quality Blood Caterpillar Fruits of the Liu Family flooded the market. There were only so few places that produce Blood Caterpillar Fruits. The Liu Family inevitably impacted the Blood Evil Island. The Xuan Crystal revenue of the Blood Evil Island in the recent month went down several times.

Blood Caterpillar Fruits were the livelihood for the Blood Evil Island!

They could neither sell their Blood Caterpillar Fruits nor sell at a high price. Patriarchs of the Blood Evil Island were getting worried and anxious. Once the Xuan Crystals revenue went down markedly, the result would be fatal for the Blood Evil Island.

Xue Chou sent out many people to investigate. Soon, the reason was detected. They realized that large amount of high quality Blood Caterpillar Fruits had gotten into the market.

Their scouts probed around the other four places that grow Blood Caterpillar Fruits, only to find that these places were having a harder time since they could hardly sell their Blood Caterpillar Fruits…

The Blood Evil Brotherhood people were not idiots. They connected the dots between Liu Family buying so many Blood Rhinoceroses and the Liu Family disciples seemed to be enjoying an ever more comfortable life. Two patriarchs of them unexpectedly break through to the later stage of the Spirit Sea Realm? Xue Chou couldn’t believe that there was no dirty trick here.

Without a huge amount of resources, patriarchs such as those in the Liu Family could not make breakthroughs any more since they were advanced in ages. The only way to achieve breakthrough was with many resources.

The resources accumulated by the Liu Family over so many years were spoiled because of the war in Wu Ling County. Where did the Liu Family Patriarch get so many Xuan Crystals to buy high-rank pellets to break through to new realms?

"Get to the bottom of it!"

Xue Chou gave out orders angrily. He mobilized all the top level scouts to look into the Liu Family. Soon, more doubtful points emerged. The Blood Dragon Island had many Inhibition Formations in three places. The scouts could not get close. The indigenous people of the island also said nobody could approach those places.


The Liu Family often drained blood from the Blood Rhinoceroses and deliver the blood to two valleys. What was the use of the blood of Blood Rhinoceroses? Growing Blood Caterpillar Fruits, of course.

Everything was clear now. The high level Blood Caterpillar Fruits that flowed into the market were grown by the Liu Family.

Xue Chou and all the Patriarchs flew into a great rage. Many Patriarchs at once claimed that they should destroy the Liu Family. To Xue Chou, the Liu Family was ungrateful. He had taken the Liu Family in, but the Liu Family had cut off their livelihood unexpected.

"Someone, come here and spread my command. Ask Liu Shanhe and Liu Yi to come here. Just say that I have something to discuss with them."

Xue Chou thought for a while and decided to have someone to pass the message along to Liu Yi and Patriarch Seven. Who would know that Liu Yi and Liu Shanhe declined politely, stating that they have too many things on their plate and that they would pay a visit in a couple of days.

Liu Yi and Patriarch Seven were not stupid. The Liu Family had discovered for a long time that scouts of the Blood Evil Island had paid frequent visits to the Blood Evil Island.

They were aware that the cat was out of the bag. The Blood Evil Island was going to take actions against the Liu Family. How would they hurl oneself willingly into the trap?

The Patriarchs of the Blood Evil Island again burst into anger. They demanded that troops be mobilized now and fight their way into the Blood Dragon Island. Xue Chou, however, was worried about his reputation. He was afraid that someone would say him requiting kindness with enmity. He sent someone to give his message again: if Liu Yi and Patriarch Seven didn’t come, he would take the Blood Dragon Island back.

Liu Yi and Patriarch Seven still didn’t go. They just sent back a message saying that they were willing to buy the Blood Dragon Island with Xuan Crystals and pay 10,000 Xuan Crystals as tribute to the Blood Evil Island every month from now on.

Ten thousand Xuan Crystals was not a small amount for the Blood Evil Island. Given a different situation, Xue Chou wouldn’t choose to go to war.

However, the Liu Family had cut off their lifeline and their way of making money. This was a conflict that could not be settled. Also, Xue Chou wished to get the secret prescription of growing Blood Caterpillar Fruits from the Liu Family badly.

Xue Chou at once made an announcement, the Liu Family must leave the Blood Dragon Island in three days or else the Blood Evil Brotherhood will take the Blood Dragon Island back with force.

Xue Chou also claimed publicly that the Liu Family, an affiliated force of the Blood Evil Brotherhood, didn’t obey their deployment. The Liu Family killed scouts of the Blood Evil Brotherhood and badly wounded Xue Bugui. Xue Chou was going on a punitive expedition because he had no choice.

The war... was on the verge of breaking out!

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