The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 117: A Favor from Lu Li

Chapter 117: A Favor from Lu Li



"That is true…"

Lu Li touched his nose. Maybe not even the three Fifth-rank Royal Families had the audacity to default the Xuan Crystals they owed the Old Man of Heaven Prison’s Family.


Lu Li clinched his teeth and said, "Thank you Madam Yan. Later, when we grow more Blood Caterpillar Fruits, we will pay the Xuan Crystals back in installments. You calculate the interest and we will pay that back as well. I will write you a pledge now."

With the ten Green Dwarfs, the Blood Evil Island was not a formidable threat anymore. As long as the God-down Island didn’t attack them, the Liu Family could have absolute power to protect themselves in that area.


Seeing that Lu Li was going to stand up and write a pledge, Madam Yan put on a solemn and respectful expression. She looked at Lu Li seriously and said, "There is no need for interest or written pledge. But in the future, if I want some favor from you, Brother Lu, don’t turn me down."

"Of course not," Lu Li stood up and said, "The goodwill of Madam Yan, I will pay back in the future."

"Good. If you have time, come here and enjoy. We welcome you here at all times."

Madam Yan stood up to bid farewell. Lu Li, however, was dumbfounded. How highly did Madam Yan think of him? For his possible favor, she loaned him several hundreds of thousands of Xuan Crystals. Was his favor so valuable?

After Madam Yan retreated to her own small chamber, Chief Steward Bai came in. His sparse eyebrows were knitted. He said worryingly, "Madam, are you thinking too much of him? You loaned him 400,000 Xuan Crystals? If this were known by our family, they wouldn’t leave it alone."

Chief Steward Bai already asked others to investigate information of Lu Li and the Liu Family. He had a relatively complete picture, and even knew clearly about the matter in Wu Ling County. Even though Lu Li had risen quite fast, Chief Steward Bai still didn’t think he was worth this scale of investment from the Bai Family.

"What do you know?"

Madam Yan shook her head and looked through the window, "If Lu Li dares to ask me for 400,000 Xuan Crystals, I will give him, let alone loaning him. If he really is that man’s son, I will give him whatever he wants."

"That man? You mean… Lu Renhuang?"

Chief Steward Bai didn’t understand. Lu Li’s parents went missing when he was young. In the information Chief Steward Bai gathered, there was not much about his parents. He only knew that Lu Renhuang came from the outside and that he was a strong warrior.


Madam Yan nodded and said, "If Lu Renhuang is the one in Central Plains, then Lu Li’s identity is extraordinary. Have you heard about the strongest Bloodline of the Lu Family?"


Chief Steward Bai, an elder, trembled. He asked with disbelief, "You mean—Lu Li is a disciple of the Lu Family? How is that possible?"

"I am not sure, either!"

Madam Yan’s pretty eyebrows knitted. She continued with some doubt, "Lu Li went to the Temple for awakening Bloodline but he failed to awaken the King Kong Bloodline. I am confused about this. If he is a disciple of the immediate Lu Family, how did he fail in awakening King Kong Bloodline? But his sister is of Fire Phoenix Birth? I don’t understand. I cannot get it…"

Chief Steward Bai was even more bewildered. He kept silent for a while and asked, "If he is a disciple of the immediate Lu Family, how come he has led a wandering life in poverty outside for so many years? Lu Li’s father has gone missing for many years, so the Lu Family must have sent someone to look for him. Even if they just randomly asked around, they could know about Lu Li and his sister."

"I also can’t figure this out."

Madam Yan thought for a bit and waved her hand, saying, "Don’t mind it. They have the ability to pay the 400,000 Xuan Crystals back. Do it as a favor to him. Should he really be a disciple of the Lu Family, we can make friends with him."

Chief Steward Bai nodded. He understood what Madam Yan was getting at. It was better killing 1000 people wrongly than miss out one by accident. Loaning Lu Li several hundreds of thousands of Xuan Crystals was nothing for Madam Yan. Plus, it was within Lu Li’s capacity to repay. Should he really be a disciple of the immediate Lu Family, the favor would be worth much more.

Lu Li got his more than 100,000 Xuan Crystals and settled all matters with Chief Steward Bai. He bought some more Heaven Xuan Pellets and went back to the tavern. After he told Liu Yi about what happened, she instantly looked better.

However, it was just a moment of happy surprise. Liu Yi soon looked upset again. She looked at Lu Li and said, "Lu Li, do you think Madam Yan likes you? Otherwise, why would she do you such a big favor?"

Lu Li rolled his eyes, feeling hard to locate his words. "What the rubbish are you talking about? Madam Yan is a noblewoman of Super Family. Who am I? Why would she like me?"

Liu Yi thought about it and believed it made sense. She was happier at once. On the thought that in some time, Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce will deliver the 10 Green Dwarfs to the Blood Dragon Island secretly, her face blushed, as if she could see a powerful Liu Family rise up quickly.

The two stayed at the tavern for a day and teleported back to the God-down Island around midnight. They cultivated through the night and went out of the City in a hurry at daybreak. Like the last time, Patriarch Nine brought somebody with him and caught up with Lu Li and Liu Yi before they got to the dock. When they knew that the Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce had allowed the Liu Family to get 10 Green Dwarfs on credit, Patriarch Nine and the rest almost burst into tears.

The Liu Family at its most powerful times only had three powerful warriors of the Soul Pond Realm. They fled to the Thousand-island Lake after going through trauma, and in such a short period of time, the Liu Family owned 10 fighters of the Soul Pond Realm? It was like a dream for Patriarch Nine and the rest, so unreal.

The way people looked at Lu Li was totally different now. Even Patriarch Nine talked to Lu Li with more respect. Even though Lu Li remained the Guest Warrior of the Liu Family, he was more crucial than the Family Patriarch Liu Yi at this moment.

When they got back to the Blood Dragon Island, the news was passed onto Patriarch Seven and others. The Patriarchs were overjoyed. Granted, raising Green Dwarfs demand a large quantity of Xuan Crystals. As long as the Blood Dragon Island could be protected, the Liu Family could get endless Xuan Crystals relying on Blood Caterpillar Fruits. The Liu Family could get stronger, and they could restore their glory in no time.

Lu Li left the Meeting Room and asked Liu Yi to buy him some pellets for reaching the middle stage of Spirit Sea. Then he went directly back to his attic in Bamboo Hill to cultivate.

As far as Lu Li was concerned, even purchasing 100 Green Dwarfs had nothing to do with him. His own power was the key.

A hundred Green Dwarfs still meant a Third-rank force. If the God-down Island were to launch assault, one Fate Wheel Realm warrior could destroy them all. There was not too much meaning.

Without enough power in himself, he could bring 1000 Green Dwarfs to a Fifth-rank Family and still couldn’t become their Guest Warrior. Then he would not be able to use the Teleportation Formation to Central Plains to save his parents.

Lu Li had asked to buy pellets. Now, Patriarch Seven and the rest, not to mention Liu Yi, wouldn’t disagree. Soon, she arranged someone to buy a large amount of pellets from the God-down Island for Lu Li’s cultivation.

Of course, they also bought a lot of Mystical Materials kind of reluctantly to feed the Green Dwarfs.

These alien-races didn’t eat crops, only Mystical Materials. One Green Dwarf would eat Mystical Materials worth 30 Xuan Crystals per day. That would be 300 every day for 10 Green Dwarfs, 3000 for ten days, and nearly 10,000 for a month, even more than 100,000 for a year…

Xue Bugui’s leg was broken by Lu Li and was wounded badly.

Xue Bugui would not be willing to let it go. This time, Lu Li and Liu Yi had brought 6000 Blood Caterpillar Fruits to the Heaven Prison City, which must form an impact on the ones sold by the Blood Evil Island. The conflict between the Liu Family and the Blood Evil Island could not be reconciled. The big war might break out at any time.

For people’s puny lives, Patriarch Seven and the rest had to make up their mind and prepare to raise the 10 Green Dwarfs. They must see to it that the safety of the Blood Dragon Island was ensured before gradually moving forward.

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