The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 101: Over-boasted

Chapter 101: Over-boasted

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Liu Yi’s life experience was poor. Her father passed away when she was only three years old, and her mother died of illness when she was six. The only one who showed her tender love was her grandfather who often stayed in closed-door cultivation to try to reach the Fate Wheel Realm.

Therefore, Liu Yi lacked care from others since she was young. Even though she was the No. 1 Young Lady of the Liu Family, but all those surrounding her were trying to butter her up. Nobody really cared about her.

Liu Rufeng was the Family Patriarch. He had fought to his death. If there were still powerful warriors of the Soul Pond Realm left, then that warrior would definitely be the Family Patriarch without a question.

There was no warrior of the Soul Pond Realm now. All the Patriarchs that had higher rankings all fought to their deaths. Actually, Patriarch Seven did not have a high status in the Family, nor did he have enough authority.

Immediate family was called the immediate for a reason, and so was the collateral line. A Lady of the immediate family had a much higher status than a Patriarch of the collateral line. If it were not for the relationship between Patriarch Seven and Xue Chou, and the fact that Liu Yi was not powerful enough or old enough, there would be no disputes today.

The only one that gave Lu Li a sense of presence in the Liu Family was Liu Yi. He had saved her before, and she saved him as well.

Lu Li was not fond of Liu Yi in a romantic way. He didn’t have the slightest romantic feelings towards Liu Yi and never thought of her in any sexual way.

He just thought that the only one he had some friendship with was Liu Yi. As a result, he had to help Liu Yi become the Family Patriarch so he could live better on the Blood Dragon Island.

What was more, at that moment, a bunch of old guys were bullying a young girl taking advantage of their seniority. Lu Li could not tolerate anymore.

Lu Li’s banging the table startled many and enraged many as well. Lu Li was just a Guest Warrior. In the old days, he wouldn’t have the qualification to join this high-level meeting of the Liu Family. Besides, he was inevitably looked down upon as he was just a young kid that had just reached the Spirit Sea Realm.

The Liu Family only survived because of Lu Li and his sister. If it were not for this, how would the bunch of old guys allow Lu Li to this meeting? Now, how dare he bang the table and rant?

Patriarch Nine was unhappy. He glanced over to Lu Li and said, "Lu Li, this is a meeting of the Liu Family. Maybe it’s better that you don’t talk."

Patriarch Nine stressed "Liu Family" to indicate that Lu Li was an outsider who didn’t have the right to make indiscreet remarks or criticisms.

Lu Li snorted and replied, "I am the Guest Warrior of the Liu Family. Why can’t I say anything? In the Northern Desert, we respect the powerful. Patriarch Nine, do you want to have some fun with me? If you win, I will shut my mouth. If I win, you shut up. Okay?"

"Lu Li…"

Liu Yi’s expressions suggested that she was moved, but she pulled Lu Li’s clothes to indicate him not to do anything rashly.

Lu Li remained unmoved. He stared at Patriarch Nine, having a strong momentum to fight. There was a huge commotion sweeping through the hall. Patriarch Nine was at the later stage of the Spirit Sea Realm, only slightly weaker than Patriarch Seven in terms of fighting ability. How would Lu Li, a young boy, dare to challenge him?

The fact that Lu Li killed Patriarch Qing of the Zhao Family was unknown to Liu Yi, let alone the rest. Also, when Lu Li killed that bald man at the later stage of the Spirit Sea Realm when they were trying to get to the Thousand-island Lake, nobody else was there to witness. For the rest of the Liu Family, Lu Li was a little bit strange, but it was already unusual for him to defeat a warrior of the middle stage of the Spirit Sea Realm. How was he bold enough to challenge Patriarch Nine?

Patriarch Seven looked awful. He threw a glance to Lu Li and scolded him, "Lu Li, what are you doing? We are all here as one Family. Don’t destroy the harmony between us. Young man, don’t be so impulsive."

Lu Li snorted secretly. Patriarch Seven was taking advantage of his old age again. Lu Li had now become even more determined. Today, if he could not win over these old men by fighting them, in the future, nobody would care about him even if Liu Yi managed to become the Family Patriarch. She would just be a puppet.

Lu Li felt there was a need to remind these old things and let them know that Liu Yi had him on her back so they wouldn’t underestimate her.

Lu Li went outside without saying anything. He stood on the open area outside and said, "Patriarch Nine, please enlighten me."


Patriarch Nine could not hold it in any longer. He was provoked in public by a young boy. If he were not to do anything to teach the young boy a lesson, it might be difficult to get Patriarch Seven to be the Family Patriarch. His own authority would be diminished as well.

Patriarch Nine was also born out of a collateral line of the Liu Family. He was a lot closer to Patriarch Seven in terms of family strains, so he always had a good relationship with Patriarch Seven. Today, he must demonstrate his support for Patriarch Seven.

Patriarch Nine stood up majestically and went outside. Without holding a single weapon, he said bare-handedly, "You want to exchange experience, I will keep you company. But let us not use weapons in case we may hold a grudge."

"Not a problem!"

Lu Li threw the Heaven Kylin Sword to the side and snorted secretly. Patriarch Nine had over-boasted. Not using any Xuan Artifact or releasing Xuan Skills was just giving Lu Li the advantage.

Patriarch Nine stood on the ground in front of Lu Li and said with a hint of arrogance, "Come on. I will allow you to make three moves first. If you can knock me to the ground, you win!"

"Ha, ha, ha!"

Lu Li laughed and launched forth while mobilizing his Xuan Energy. Since Patriarch Nine liked to brag so much, then Lu Li would turn him into a poo bag.

Lu Li jumped up to mid-air and the glow lit up on his back. In a second, his eyes shone in silver light as a horrifying qi and energy emitted from him. In the meanwhile, his muscles swelled up and he had inexhaustible strength.

As soon as he made his move, Lu Li exerted his full strength. He mustered more than a dozen strands of Xuan Power from his Spirit Sea to his right leg. Lu Li would fight the swaggering old man into a stupid man.


People inside had their expressions changed. Even though they were at a distance, they could feel the powerful qi and energy coming from Lu Li. The qi and energy made them feel suppressed as if… they were faced with a warrior of the Soul Pond Realm.

"What is happening?"

Patriarch Seven and the several other Patriarchs looked at each other, confused. It was clear that Lu Li had just reached the Spirit Sea Realm. How come he had such powerful qi and energy?

They didn’t see Lu Li take any pellets. There was not even a Bloodline mark on his neck which meant that he was not a Bloodline Warrior. If so, for what reason did his strength enhance greatly so unexpectedly?

Lu Li had truly improved his strength. Judging by Lu Li’s kick, many could tell that Lu Li was very fast in his attacks, faster than most people present here.

Patriarch Nine was so surprised that he looked dumb. Lu Li released his Bloodline Skill in midair which increased the speed of his attacks by such a large margin that Patriarch Nine had no time to react. Patriarch Nine had only two options, either confronting the tough with toughness, or rolling around to dodge this kick!

All the powerful warriors of the Family were here. How would Patriarch Nine roll around on the ground? He didn’t have the heart to be disgraced. So, Patriarch Nine clenched his teeth and kicked back with his legs, sucking down his body and releasing his glaring Xuan Energy. He used his full strength in his fist, trying to smash Lu Li away.


A muffled sound came out. Amidst the surprised looks, Patriarch Nine flew back for more than 30 feet, with blood covering his right hand which was even deformed for a bit. He looked miserable and awful. Clearly, his right hand was broken.

Defeated in one move!

Lu Li landed on the ground and glanced over to the people in the stone fort coldly. He said lightly, "Are anyone of you not convinced yet?"

Silence. Even Patriarch Seven dared not to utter a word. Patriarch Nine was one of the strongest in terms of fighting capacity among them all, just a tad weaker than Patriarch Seven. Patriarch Nine had his hand broken by Lu Li within one move. Who else had the courage to go out there and ask for the insult?

The several patriarchs that supported Liu Yi had their eyes lit up. One of them was pretty excited. He asked in curiosity, "Lu Li, how can you have such powerful fighting ability? Did you take any pellets?"

Lu Li smiled gently and said, "I have grown in the Di Long Tribe. After I left there, I joined the Liu Family. Where would I get this kind of pellet? Are there any pellets of this kind in the Liu Family?"

"Then, then?" The Patriarch questioned closely, "How can you improve so greatly?"

"I have my means."

Lu Li naturally would not tell them. He just said coldly, "I can tell you clearly that there are almost 10 warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm that died in my hands, including two at the latter stage of the Spirit Sea Realm. Lady Yi should be pretty clear about this."

People made a loud noise after hearing this. They heard some stories about Lu Li killing warriors, but they didn’t know that he had killed two at the latter stage of the Spirit Sea Realm. So, it could be said that Lu Li’s comprehensive fighting capacity had reached the peak of the Spirit Sea Ream?

"I don’t have strong feelings toward you, the Liu Family. I don’t owe you anything. On the contrary, you owe me and my sister a great deal."

Lu Li paused and continued bluntly, "Liu Family once went against me. Patriarch Seven, you must be clear. The only friend I have in the Liu Family is Lady Yi. If I cannot help her become the Family Patriarch, I will leave the Liu Family tomorrow and the Blood Dragon Island as well. I have said my piece. You can think about it."

With that said, Lu Li walked to his own stone fort in strides without looking at them again. He had said what was on his mind. As for how they would choose was dependent on the groups of Patriarchs of the Liu Family.

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