The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 102: Cul-de-sac

Chapter 102: Cul-de-sac

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When Lu Li turned Patriarch Piao and Patriarch Qi’s weapons in, Patriarch Seven once said Lu Li might have some cards up in his sleeves which could help him kill warriors of higher realms. This moment, the conjecture was proven.

But what people still couldn’t understand was what that card was exactly.

Many people thought of the Bloodline Skill, but there was an issue. When Bloodline Skills were released, there must be Bloodline Mark emerging on the neck. This was acknowledged in the entire Northern Desert.

Bloodline marks could be concealed, but that could only be done by warriors above the Eternal Realm. Even if these warriors hid their marks in the average days, the marks would appear when the Bloodline Skills were released. Ghost Snake Granny was such an instance.

No matter what card Lu Li had, he had subverted people’s perception about him with today’s fight. He was only 15 years old, but he had in him a fighting capacity of the peak of the Spirit Sea Realm. If he could develop for a few more years and be given an enormous amount of resources to train, Lu Li could easily reach the Soul Pond Realm, even Fate Wheel Realm!

On these thoughts, many people’s eyes lit up. Even though Lu Li did not have a strong attachment to the Liu Family, at least he now was the Guest Warrior of the Liu Family. Besides, Lu Li was all by himself and had nowhere to go. If they were to spend enough time together, there could be attachment.

Furthermore, Lu Li came forward for Liu Yi. Did it mean that he had some affection toward her? If he could marry Liu Yi, he would officially be a member of the Liu Family. When he reached the Fate Wheel Realm or even the Eternal Realm, wouldn’t the Liu Family rise up instantly?

The more than a dozen Patriarchs of the Liu Family were clear about the importance of a genius to a Family. Many families had risen because there was a genius in their Family. A powerful warrior of the Fate Wheel Realm could attract many warriors of the Soul Pond Realm to affiliate with them, and a warrior of the Eternal Realm could have many of the Fate Wheel Realm following them.

The younger the warrior was, the faster the cultivation would be. When a warrior had reached a certain age, many bodily functions would weaken, and the mindset wouldn’t be easy to change so there could hardly be any breakthrough in cultivation. The higher the realm was when a warrior was young, the bigger achievement the warrior would get in the future.

Lu Li could not leave!

The several Patriarchs had made up their minds. Patriarch Seven looked at them and showed some helplessness. He soon made a decision and said, "The younger generation will surpass the older. We don’t have to further discuss the matter today. Lu Li must stay at the Liu Family. Liu Yi, you must be our Family Patriarch. Otherwise, I myself will leave the matters of the Liu Family aside and I will leave the Blood Dragon Island tomorrow."

The others all agreed with him. Even Patriarch Nine, who walked over with the help of others, didn’t say anything else. Liu Yi looked towards the stone fort Lu Li lived in and said, biting her teeth, "To refuse would be impolite. From now on, Grandpa Seven, Grandpa Nine, please support me and give me directions."

"Greetings, Family Patriarch!"

Patriarch Seven took the lead and got down on one knee. The others all knelt down and saluted. Even Patriarch Nine got on his knee as well. At this moment, Liu Yi did not feel joyful. Instead, she felt there was a huge intangible burden on her shoulder, making it difficult for her to breathe.

On the second day, Patriarch Seven called on all warriors of the Liu Family and officially recognized Liu Yi as the Family Patriarch.

Since all the patriarchs didn’t have any complaint, the regular disciples naturally dared not to have any as well. Of course, some were worried secretly. Would the Liu Family head towards doom under the leadership of such a young lady?

As a matter of fact!

It was not so significant whether Liu Yi was the Family Patriarch or not because the family matters were dealt with after discussions among the several Patriarchs. On that same day, the Patriarchs gathered together for a whole day’s meeting. Liu Yi hardly said anything. Patriarch Seven was the one who kept talking…

Several guidelines were made clear during this meeting. First, some would be sent out to get the children and other family members here secretly.

These family members were their relatives. Many were children who were the future hope of the Liu Family. In particular, one of the children who awakened a Raging Flame Bloodline Skill.

Now that the Yu Family knew they had fled to the Thousand-island Lake, they would certainly stop pursuing. If the family members in the valley were not killed, they could be relocated here easily.

The matter was assigned to Patriarch Lu who was a top-level scout. He wouldn’t be discovered easily when he sneaked back. He had many means to employ. Without any surprise, it should be done easily.

After the meeting, Patriarch Seven left with seven or eight people. Time was pressing. The sooner he could get back with the family members, the more relieved people could be.

The second matter was how to raise all the Liu Family people and how to get resources. There were so many people. They couldn’t just sit there idly and eat till everything was used up. Without stable source of resources, the ending waiting for the Liu Family would be merging with the Blood Evil Island, and the Liu Family would take the initiative to do that…

Patriarch Seven would have someone with him to sort this out. He was going to take a visit to the Blood Evil Island and tour around nearby islands to gather information from all parties and find a way out.

The third thing was to get the rest of the patriarchs to get some intelligence on the tribes on the Blood Dragon Island. At the same time, some people would be organized to fish in the lake and get some aquatic products to have some food in reserve…

Still, others were going to build up all kinds of traps and invisible sentries. Someone was sent to cordon off an area and guard at a selected place. All these were to make sure that no one from the outside would sneak onto the island.

The last thing was about food. They had just entered the island, so Patriarch Seven ordered that nobody could disturb people in the tribes. They wouldn’t allow anything to go wrong before the Liu Family could gain a firm foothold in the island. Even cooking was done by members of the Liu Family…

Liu Yi was getting busy. She didn’t have to attend to anything in the old days, but not now. She could not speak during meetings, but she had to spring into actions. After all was said and done, she was the Family Patriarch, so she must lead by example.

Lu Li, on the other hand, minded nothing. He kept cultivating in his own room. Every now and then, he would think about the Rolling Thunder Xuan Skill. He could only release five strands of Xuan Power now, but he hadn’t reached the peak where he could release nine strands. Now, his strength was not doubled yet, only raised by one and half times.

The Blood Dragon Island was affiliated to the Blood Evil Island. As long as Xue Chou was here, nobody dared to make a fuss. Of the people in the tribes on the island, even the number of warriors of the Xuan Wu Realm was not big, maybe only several dozens. They, of course, were afraid to make trouble.

Patriarch Seven came back after two days but looked depressed. He had figured out how the Blood Evil Brotherhood and the Sundown Island managed to raise their people, via a way that was hard to copy.

Take the Sundown Island as an instance. They were breeding a strange kind of silkworm. The silk produced by those silkworms could be woven into clothes that could compete with Earth Grade Xuan Artifact. Those clothes were loved by the women of the Thousand-island Lake. Supply almost always fell short of demand. The price of one silk dress would be several thousands of Xuan Crystals. When the Sundown Island had made enough Xuan Crystals, they would buy pellets, Xuan Artifacts and Xuan Skills needed for cultivation…

There was a problem!

The leaves eaten by the silkworms were special. The worms were fed with secretly-made herbs as well. How would the Sundown Island people let this formula out? Perhaps only the high-level officials knew this. The only way to know then was to destroy the Sundown Island.

The Island Owner of the Sundown Island was the brother-in-law of the God-down Island Owner, Xue Chen. Who dared to act recklessly?

The source of Blood Evil Island’s Xuan Crystals were not varied either. They grew this rare Mystical Grass on the island, the Blood Caterpillar Grass. This Mystical Grass was one of the main ingredients of making the Earth Grade pellet Spirit Concentration Pellet. Over the years, the Blood Evil Brotherhood had been relying on planting Blood Caterpillar Grass to earn Xuan Crystals.

Lu Li knew the Spirit Concentration Pellet. That was a kind of Earth Grade Pellet used in helping condensing Spirit Sea, which was very valuable. Also, the demand of this pellet was huge. Many families would purchase this.

Blood Caterpillar was not specific to the Blood Evil Brotherhood. There were five islands at the Thousand-island Lake that could grow it, but the efficacy of the ones grown at the Blood Evil Island was the strongest.

To grow the Blood Caterpillar Grass was easy. It wasn’t even a secret at the Thousand-island Lake. However, Blood Caterpillar Grass couldn’t be cultivated anywhere. They require dirt formed of lava.

The Blood Evil Island was such a place, one of the best in the Thousand-island Lake. Of course, because of this, no crops could be cultivated here.

The more than dozen islands nearby including the Blood Dragon Islands were of lava dirt. However, Xue Chou once sent some to test, and the growth on these islands was much worse. The Blood Caterpillar Grass quality was not good. No good money could be made out of it.

There were no lobes, no ability to grow Mystical Grass or breed Mystical Insects, and there were not many Xuan Beasts in the lake nearby.

Someone was sent to examine the bottom of the lake long ago. No elixir of any kind was found at all. The Liu Family seemed to be stuck in a cul-de-sac.

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