The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 100: Dispute about the Family Patriarch

Chapter 100: Dispute about the Family Patriarch

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On the surface, there were two paths. Actually, the Liu Family didn’t have much choice.

There were only this many people left of the Liu Family. Anyhow, the Liu Family used to be the Overlord of the Wu Ling County. How would they be willing to be annexed by others?

The several Patriarchs of the Liu Family had some eye contacts with Patriarch Seven. Patriarch Seven decisively chose to go to a small island so the Liu Family could develop by itself.

If they were to join the Blood Evil Brotherhood, there would be no more Liu Family. In several years and decades of time, the Liu Family disciples would be merged into the Blood Evil Brotherhood completely. The Liu Family would have no opportunity to rise again, let alone seek vengeance on the Yu Family.

Patriarch Seven stated clearly the will of the Liu Family people. Xue Chou didn’t feel even a little bit unhappy. He agreed forthright. Xue Chou also made it clear that he would accompany Patriarch Seven to inspect the nearby islands. Whichever island fit Patriarch Seven’s taste would be given to the Liu Family.

Xue Chou also said that for as long as the Blood Evil Island still belonged to the Blood Evil Brotherhood, the Liu Family never had to pay tribute. Anyone that attacked the Liu Family would be the enemy of the Blood Evil Brotherhood.

Patriarch Seven and the rest were moved. Lu Li nodded secretly. Judging by the looks of it, Xue Chou looked nice. At least he was open in all his actions. He put all the options on the table, and he was not trying any hanky-panky in their back.

What was the Liu Family trying to achieve in the Thousand-island Lake? Wasn’t it trying to find a place to settle down, develop and rise after it had got over with the mishap?

That was the best result now. The Liu Family people bid farewell with satisfaction and went to bed respectively. Xue Chou walked them to the door.

After Patriarch Seven left, Xue Chou’s son, Xue Bugui’s expressions instantly changed. The rest of the Patriarchs of the island also looked at Xue Chou feeling puzzled.

Xue Bugui said unhappily, "Father, why did you give an island to the Liu Family? Does the Liu Family have another way to go apart from affiliating with us in the Thousand-island Lake? The Liu Family doesn’t even have one warrior of the Soul Pond Realm. Why are you treating them so nicely?"

In the eyes of Xue Bugui and the bunch of Patriarchs of the Blood Evil Brotherhood, the Liu Family was just a delicious cake that they could devour with one bite. "The Liu Family is in distress, and they have come here from afar. If we don’t seize the good opportunity now, how long are we going to wait?"

Xue Chou glanced over to Xue Bugui and said, "An oak is not felled at one strike. As long as the Liu Family takes root in the Blood Evil Island, will they fly away in the future? I owe something to Liu Shanhe, and they have come here for help. If I were to annex them immediately, what would the outside world say about me? In the future, will there be anyone else wanting to join us the Blood Evil Brotherhood? We have treated the Liu Family with such respect and politeness. If the story gets out, there will be endless warriors going here for shelter. We need to have visions."

The several Soul Pond Realm Patriarchs thought about it and understood it all. Secretly, they all admired Xue Chou’s vision. Xue Chou was right. As long as the Liu Family stayed near the Blood Evil Island, being annexed was just a matter of time.

Seeing Xue Bugui still having some doubts, Xue Chou snorted and said, "Do you think it’s that easy to stay at the Thousand-island Lake? Without territory, without any resources, how will the Liu Family support its people? How will their warriors cultivate? After some time, they will surrender to us by themselves without us calling on them."

"Oh, I see!"

Xue Bugui finally tumbled to the fact. The more than a dozen islands nearby were small without any lodes, elixirs, or resources. Without the support from the Blood Evil Island, it would be a problem for the Liu Family to eat. They would have to go into the lake and fish…


Xue Chou nodded slightly and warned him, "Restrain yourself lately. Don’t think of making a move on Liu Yi. If you defame my name, I will skin you."

The second day, Xue Chou showed Patriarch Seven and Patriarch Nine nearby islands by himself as he promised. They inspected all the islands nearby, but when Patriarch Seven and Patriarch Nine came back, they didn’t look well.

The more than a dozen islands were about the same with a radius of about five miles. They were just too small. The most important thing was that there were no resources on the islands. They even couldn’t find a fruit tree on them. The number of beasts was small. When the Liu Family people got there, it would be a problem to feed themselves.

Xue Chou offered some explanation. The Blood Evil Island used to be a volcano. All the dirt nearby formed out of lava, unsuitable for growing crops. The crops and rations of the Blood Evil Island were purchased from the outside.

They had to live on no matter how difficult it was going to be.

After some discussions, they finally chose an island south to the Blood Evil Island, the Blood Dragon Island. That island was relatively big, not too far away nor too close to the Blood Evil Island. If something happened, they could flee to the Blood Evil Island as soon as possible.

Xue Chou didn’t ask them to move there immediately. He entertained the Liu Family in the Blood Evil Fortress for two more days. Parties were held all day long. Xue Chou was showing such hospitality that nobody could find any faults.

On the third day, Xue Chou escorted the Liu Family to the Blood Dragon Island in person. He also had someone sent over provisions, wine and meat. He also gave the two battleships they took to the Liu Family.

After everyone went ashore, they discovered that there were more than a score of newly-built stone forts. Patriarch Seven and the rest were so moved that they expressed their appreciation again and again.

The number of residents on the island was not big, only a few thousand divided into five tribes. Xue Chou called on all chiefs and patriarchs of the tribes and declared publicly that the Blood Dragon Island would be given to the Liu Family from then on, and that they were all subjects of the Liu Family and they had to obey Liu Family’s orders.

After all these were done, Xue Chou left amidst the grateful stares of Patriarch Seven and the rest. The disciples of the Liu Family became pleased secretly. They wandered around the island to explore the territory that now belonged to the Liu Family.

Lu Li and Liu Yi also took a tour around. When they got back, however, they looked dispirited.

The Blood Dragon Island was beautiful for sure, but the two did not find any crop or fruit or large beast on the island. Only some small bamboo rats were there. There was no lobe or elixirs either.

The residents on the island would support themselves by fishing in the lake, collecting pearls and corals.

To raise oneself was easy. But what were needed for a family to develop and to evolve were not crops. It was resources, Xuan Crystals, Mystical Grass, pellets, Xuan Artifacts, Xuan Skills and Mystical Materials…

Without these resources, it would be insanely hard for a warrior to cultivate. For example, with the help of advanced pellets, the breakthrough to the Spirit Sea Realm would be times easier. The pellets needed for a warrior to make it to the Soul Pond Realm were even more priceless. The Mystical Materials required for Fate Wheel Realm would be of a whopping price…

Why did warriors all want to join Big Families? That was because Big Families had resources that could assist the warrior in making breakthroughs. Now, the disciples of the Liu Family didn’t even have resources for cultivation, let alone providing for outside warriors. No warrior would come to the Liu Family as a result. If so, how would the Liu Family develop and get stronger?

After the night fell, the first high-level meeting was convened after the Liu Family got to the Thousand-island Lake.

Lu Li was the Guest Warrior of the Liu Family and a warrior of the Spirit Sea Realm, so he was qualified to take part in the meeting. Originally, he didn’t want to get in the middle of the family stuff of the Liu Family, but as of this moment, he would sink or swim with the Liu Family together. If the Liu Family were wiped out, Lu Li would either join another family or wander off like a homeless dog…

The first topic on the agenda was to recommend a new Family Patriarch. A family without a Family Patriarch was like a kingdom without a king. It would descend into chaos and without a backbone.

There was a problem!

It was just the first topic and great divergence had appeared.

Patriarch Nine and several other Patriarchs recommended Patriarch Seven to be the new Family Patriarch since he was the most powerful one, and the Liu Family managed to stay at the Blood Dragon Island because of him.

A couple other Patriarchs disagreed. They elected Liu Yi as the Family Patriarch. Liu Yi was the granddaughter of Liu Rufeng, a disciple of the immediate Liu Family. Patriarch Seven was born out of a collateral line. In the old days, his family status was not higher than Liu Yi…

Patriarch Seven was modest. He refused to be the Family Patriarch with determination and recommended Liu Yi. Of course, he was just saying this. If it were really against his will to be the Family Patriarch, why would Patriarch Nine recommend him with such zest?

Liu Yi didn’t say anything. Based on her identity, status and the rules of the Liu Family, she was supposed to be the Family Patriarch.

However, she was young. Neither was she powerful. It would be difficult to convince all. Once Patriarch Seven and Patriarch Nine had other thoughts, the future road of the Liu Family would be even more difficult.

After arguing for more than two hours, the matter remained unsettled. Seeing Patriarch Seven constantly saying he was lacking of authority and Patriarch Nine so aggressive, Lu Li couldn’t take it anymore.

Lu Li pounded the table, stood up and said, "What is there to argue about? According to the rules of the Liu Family, Lady Yi should be the Family Patriarch. Now that Patriarch Seven doesn’t think he has enough authority and qualification, we can make the decision now. If you are not convinced, try to pass the test of my broadsword."

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