The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 38 - The Gods Will Punish Those Despicable People

Chapter 38: The Gods Will Punish Those Despicable People

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Ji Fengyan’s smile became even colder after she saw the look of rage on Lei Min. She looked past Lei Min and at Su Lingsheng, who was hiding behind him.

“Seems like you do not intend to keep your bet?”

Su Lingsheng said nothing but stood behind Lei Min with an aggrieved look. When no one was noticing her, she lifted her head and shot Ji Fengyan a gloating look.

Country bumpkin, what else could she do even if she was lucky?

Lei Min’s behaviour had decided everything.

Only she was the true winner.

Lei Min did not see the gloating look on Su Lingsheng, he could only see Ji Fengyan’s being overbearing.

“What bet or not? This round of bet is completely meaningless. If you are dissatisfied with anything, you can vent it on me. Why do you have to target Lingsheng? I really cannot believe that your mind had become so vicious.” Lei Min frowned and looked at Ji Fengyan discontentedly, but his heart was feeling a subtle feeling of pleasure.

Ji Fengyan’s actions directed at Su Lingsheng, if he had to guess, wasn’t it because of her jealousy for his kind treatment towards Su Lingsheng?

Despite how Ji Fengyan had pretended to be ‘easy’ on the surface, wasn’t it all because she could not bear to part with him?

Ji Fengyan silently looked at Su Lingsheng and Lei Min—this disgusting couple—and laughed softly. Suddenly, she stood and placed the moonlight stone in her pocket, and smiled fleetingly at the pair of despicable people. “This is the choice you guys have made.”

After saying that, Ji Fengyan turned her back and walked out of the store.

Seeing Ji Fengyan’s back, Su Lingsheng almost could not contain the immense pleasure she felt.

In the end, wasn’t this country bumpkin just scared?

But Su Lingsheng completely did not notice that when she was feeling triumphant, Ji Fengyan, who had already walked into the crowd, quietly moved her fingers and a mist that almost could not be noticed had flown out from her fingers. While everyone was admiring the view of Ji Fengyan’s ‘defeated’ figure, the mist had silently gone through the back of Su Lingsheng’s neck.

“Lingsheng, you have suffered,” Lei Min saw that Ji Fengyan was still considered understanding, and immediately turned to comfort Su Lingsheng. Su Lingsheng, pretending to be weak and delicate, shook her head but her eyes flashed with a smile when she saw Ji Fengyan’s defeated figure.

Just when Ji Fengyan was about to step out of this store’s entrance, there was a sudden ‘plop’ sound behind her!

Ji Fengyan’s lips turned into a grin and she turned her back in this instant.

Everyone in the store was rooted to the ground at this moment, and they looked flabbergasted at Su Lingsheng, who had suddenly knelt on the ground!

What happened?

Everyone was stunned.

Su Lingsheng suddenly knelt with her back straight on the hard ground, and the direction she was kneeling at was directly facing where Ji Fengyan was standing!

“Lingsheng?!” Lei Min widened his eyes in disbelief. Su Lingsheng was still fine just now, so why?

“Su Lingsheng, are you trying to keep to the bet we had?” Ji Fengyan smiled widely at the kneeling Su Lingsheng, and her smiling eyes had actually looked a little pretty.

Su Lingsheng knelt on the ground with her entire body trembling. A cold sweat broke out on her back, she widened her eyes in disbelief and her body trembled uncontrollably.

It was not true!

She completely did not want to keep any bet!


Her legs knelt down without her control!

“Lingsheng what are you doing? Stand up quickly!” Lei Min also snapped out of his shock and immediately extended his hands to pull Su Lingsheng. However, it was as if her knees had been rooted to the ground, no matter how much strength Lei Min used, he was still unable to move her at all!

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