The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 39 - Trying to Compete With Me? You’re Too Young.

Chapter 39: Trying to Compete With Me? You’re Too Young.

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Lei Min panicked a little. He did not understand what was going on. How would Su Lingsheng, someone who had always thought so highly of herself, agree to kneel in front of someone because of a bet?

Su Lingsheng was even more bewildered than him, her knees hurt so much that it felt like someone had poked them with needles. She had actually wanted to stand but she could not move at all, as every slight movement was accompanied with a heartbreaking pain. In a short time, the cold sweat on her back had already soaked her clothes!

What exactly was happening?!

“Fine, since you are willing to keep to your bet, I shall not decline as well,” Ji Fengyan walked in front of Su Lingsheng step by step. Her originally petite figure became unusually tall in front of Su Lingsheng, who was still kneeling. Her figure perfectly blocked the sunlight entering from the door and surrounded Su Lingsheng in a shadow of darkness.

Su Lingsheng lifted her head uncontrollably and her eyes was full of the reflection of Ji Fengyan’s face that was filled with delight. Unknowingly, in this moment, Ji Fengyan’s face had actually looked really cold.

What was even more unbelievable to Su Lingsheng was that after Ji Fengyan’s voice ended, her hands had actually untied the jade pendant on her waist without her controlling it? Then she solemnly placed the jade pendant in her palms and lifted her hands in front of Ji Fengyan respectfully!

“Wouldn’t it be great if you had done this earlier,” said Ji Fengyan as she looked at Su Lingsheng, smiling.

The store owner and bystanders at the side were all dumbstruck. The sudden changes in front of their eyes had indeed been out of their expectations.

“Lingsheng! You are mad!” Lei Min tried many times, but he still could not pull Su Lingsheng up. After seeing Su Lingsheng hand over the jade pendant, he was completely lost.

No one knew that Su Lingsheng was unable to explain at this moment. She wanted to scream out that she did not want to behave like this at all, she completely did not want to kneel in front of this lowly country bumpkin and more so, she was not willing to hand over her jade pendant to Ji Fengyan, but her feet, her hands were no longer under her own control, and even the words she wanted to say were as if blocked by some stones.

Cold sweat flowed down Su Lingsheng’s forehead continuously and she looked at Ji Fengyan with a pale face, her eyes filled with resistance and hatred, but her actions were completely opposite of her thoughts.

Ji Fengyan slowly reached out her hands towards that piece of jade pendant in front of Su Lingsheng’s horrified eyes.

Lei Min suddenly stretched his hands out and covered the jade pendant on Su Lingsheng’s hands, and said to Ji Fengyan with a stare, “You’ve had enough! Do you really want to leave us with no other way out? This piece of jade pendant was bestowed to Lingsheng by the eldest princess!”

Ji Fengyan looked at Lei Min with ridicule, “Lei Min, you need to be clear that I am not forcing her now, instead it is her who wanted to keep to the bet, unless you want your Lingsheng to carry the accusation title of going back on her words?”

Lei Min was at a loss for words and his hands also stiffened. He looked towards Su Lingsheng, his eyes filled with anticipation, so long as Su Lingsheng shakes her head or say a word of “no”, he can then ask Ji Fengyan to get out.


Su Lingsheng was like what Ji Fengyan had said, unmoving as if she was determined to keep to the bet.

In this case, Lei Min simply had no other choice. Under Ji Fengyan almost smiling gaze, he could only silently grit his teeth and move his hands away as he watched with his own eyes as Ji Fengyan took away that piece of good quality jade pendant from Su Lingsheng’s hands.

“I shall accept this item,” Su Lingsheng smiled as she looked at Su Lingsheng. Her clearly defined white and black portion of her eyes reflected Su Lingsheng’s ghastly pale face.

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